Can Parrots Drink Coffee?

Pet parrots are naturally inquisitive and will want to get their beak into anything you’re consuming.

Especially if it’s something tasty looking to eat or drink.

But responsible pet parrot owners know that it’s always best to check what your parrot can and can’t consume safely, before offering something new to them.

Pet parrots like to drink what we like to drink, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for them.

Let’s face it – who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning?

But is it wise, or even safe to let your parrot drink coffee?

Let’s get straight to the point here: parrots can quite literally drink whatever liquid they have access to, but that doesn’t mean they should. You’ve guessed it: it’s a resounding no to coffee – parrots should not be drinking coffee. You shouldn’t ever offer your parrot coffee or let them sip from your cup of coffee – no matter how tempting it is to share your caffeine fix. That’s because coffee is toxic for parrots.

Of course, given half the chance, your parrot friend will be delighted to try a slurp of your coffee, because parrots are naturally inquisitive, and they like to try whatever you are consuming.

Coffee with added sugar can also smell, look and taste yummy!

Parrots are also super smart, so if they’ve had a hit of caffeine once, they’ll no doubt be keen for more.


Is coffee harmful to parrots?

Caffeine is poisonous to birds and so your parrot should never drink caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee.

Even in small doses, coffee can lead to aggressive behaviour in parrots.

In fact, drinking caffeinated coffee is so toxic for birds that drinking too much of it could potentially kill your pet parrot, so it’s not worth the risk to your feathered friend.

If you’ve ever seen a riled-up cockatoo then you’ll know that it’s not a good idea to let your parrot sip even a little bit of a caffeinated drink like coffee, in case the caffeine turns them aggressive or sends them crazy.

On top of that, too much caffeine is extremely hazardous for parrots and can cause shaking, seizures or even heart attack and death.

Can coffee be fatal for parrots?

Sadly, yes, coffee can be fatal for parrots.

This is due to the caffeine in coffee which is toxic for birds.

Drinking coffee could cause series side effects in your parrot like hyperactivity, irritability, and an erratic heartbeat, resulting in their death.

That’s because the caffeine found in coffee can cause cardiac malfunctions in birds which can cause cardiac arrest and death.

Can parrots drink decaffeinated coffee?

It may seem tempting to offer your feathered friend a decaffeinated version of whatever you are drinking – like decaffeinated tea or coffee.

But it’s still not a good idea.

That’s because these drinks (despite their name) are still not entirely caffeine-free.

Yes, the decaffeinating process does remove the majority of the caffeine present in tea or coffee, but there is still a residual amount of caffeine that remains.

So it’s really not worth taking the risk of offering your parrot decaffeinated versions of tea or coffee, in case it caused them harm.

Is black or white coffee better for parrots?

It’s best not to offer your pet parrot black or white coffee, because they both contain caffeine.

You may think that adding milk to the coffee might somehow dilute it and make it safer or healthier for your parrot, but adding milk will not reduce the amount of caffeine in the coffee itself.

As caffeine is toxic for birds, it’s best for your parrot’s health that they steer clear of coffee altogether.

What is the best type of coffee for parrots?

Humans tend to have a favourite coffee brand and a favourite type of coffee – but whether yours is an espresso, flat white, cappuccino or latte, it’s still not a good idea to share it with your pet parrot.

There is no best type of coffee for pet parrots because all coffee is toxic to birds.

So it really is best for your parrot to skip any coffee – simply offer them a healthy drink or treat instead.

What is a healthy alternative drink to coffee, for my pet parrot?

When it comes to offering your pet parrot a tasty drink to slurp on, it’s better to be on the safe side and only offer them suitable drinks for birds.

Water is hands down the healthiest option for the parrot in your life.

If you’d really like to treat them, then you could consider offering them a small amount of milk occasionally – as milk on its own isn’t toxic for parrots to drink.

However, milk is considered unhealthy for parrots, so you should only be drunk by your parrot in very small quantities and only very occasionally.

It’s better in fact, to offer your feathered friend a healthy option like water to drink, or a juicy bit of healthy fruit like watermelon to snack on.

Alternatively, you could press some fresh fruit, add water and share a small amount of natural juice with your feathered friend.

Can parrots eat coffee beans?

Can Parrots Drink Coffee?

Parrots can pick up and eat pretty much anything they take a fancy to.

So, if you leave coffee beans lying around your house or garden, then yes, it’s likely that your pet parrot will try eating them.

However, eating coffee beans is not a good idea for parrots.

Packed full of caffeine, eating coffee beans is going to have detrimental effects on your parrot’s health.

At best they will fast become a caffeine-addict with a bellyache, at worst they could potentially have a heart attack or die because the caffeine in coffee is hazardous and potentially deadly for parrots.

What is the best time of day for parrots to drink coffee?

Seriously, there is no good time of day for a parrot to be drinking coffee, having a lick of your latte, or getting their beak into your cappuccino.

What is the best age for parrots to start drinking coffee?

On average people don’t start drinking coffee until they reach adulthood, or are at least well into their late teens.

You wouldn’t offer coffee to a child and likewise, you shouldn’t even consider offering coffee to a baby or young parrot.

In fact, the same goes for adult parrots too – because even a small amount of caffeine slurped from a coffee, can make parrots very sick or even cause their death.

So, keep your coffee firmly out of reach of your parrot.

How do I stop my parrot from drinking my coffee?

Sometimes, even with the greatest will in the world, your parrot will still be keen to try your coffee when you know it’s not good for them.

Your curious feathered friend no doubt would like to try a sip of your drink, but you should discourage or distract them by whatever means possible.

Parrots love to share with their friends.

Perhaps they want to feel part of your special daily morning ritual.

But there are ways you could get them involved in your coffee break without harming their health.

For example, by offering your parrot a healthy tasty treat for them to eat to keep them busy while you’re imbibing your coffee of the day.

Or try distracting them with a fresh glass of water to dip their beak into.

What is the best drink to offer my parrot?

The healthiest drink to offer your feathered friend is water.

Parrots will often appreciate a fresh drink of water.

Whether they are your pet parrot or a visiting parrot in your garden.

In drought-stricken countries, putting out fresh drinking water for any local visiting birds is always appreciated.

Water is always the healthiest drink option for parrots.

Some pet parrots really like to feel extra special and will enjoy being offered a drink of water from their favourite mug or beaker.

Giving you the chance to enjoy your coffee uninterrupted.


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