Best Parrot Cages 2022 (Buyers Guide)

Picking a cage for your parrot buddy is certainly an exciting time and choosing the best parrot cage is important but it probably won’t be as simple as you thought.

There are a lot of interesting factors to consider in order to ensure that your bird’s living quarters is as comfortable as it ought to be.

With all the various colors, materials, sizes, and styles that are being implemented in different parrot cage models, it can be very difficult to decide.

If you need a hand choosing then look no further because in this guide you’ll get a in depth look into what cages are the best.


Our Award Name Image Check Price
Best Cage For Small Parrots YAHEETECH 55-inch Rolling Standing Triple Roof Top Medium Parrot Cage

Best Cage For Medium Parrots YAHEETECH 61/69 inch Playtop Wrought Iron Large Parrot Cage with Rolling Stand

Best Cage For Large Parrots Prevue Pet Products Empire Bird Cage, X-Large, Black Hammertone


Best Cage For Small Parrots

As a small pet-bird owner, you might find yourself in a situation where bigger isn’t always better.

This could be because of so many reasons.

Maybe you don’t have enough space in your house, or maybe you’re just trying to save some money.

Whatever reason it might be, you don’t really have to buy a gigantic fort for your little feathery buddy to enjoy his life, especially if you own tiny parrots such as budgies, cockatiels or parakeets.

If you’re looking for a perfect small size bird cage, look no further.

YAHEETECH 55-inch Rolling Standing Triple Roof Top Medium Parrot Cage

We chose this 55-inch mid-sized parrot cage from Yaheetech for your small parrots.

It is the perfect home for your little feathery buddy to say the least.

It has pretty much anything your bird needs; from the beautiful and efficient compact architecture to the huge room and flying space.

It is also so practical for owners themselves as it is incredibly easy to clean and move thanks to the slide out tray and the 360° swivel smooth-rolling casters.

Features and benefits

  • A genius compact construction with a triple roof design which not only gives your parrot more space but also gives the cage itself an artistic look.
  • It comes with a slide-out base which makes cleaning pretty easy.
  • The 4x 360° swivel smooth-rolling wheels with a locking feature on two wheels makes moving the cage way more convenient and safer.
  • The metal construction is coated with non-toxic powered finish which makes the cage sturdy and more durable while being a safe shelter for your feathery pal.
  • Easy to clean and move.
  • A sturdy and durable construction.
  • A beautiful compact design.
  • Easy assembly with clear instructions.

  • Food doors and front door latches are reported to be “hard to open” by some cage owners.
  • Pets like cats can still climb the 18.4’’ stand.

Product Details

  • Size: 23.4 x 23.4 x 55’’
  • Bar spacing: 0.6”
  • Brand: YAHEETECH

Overall this Yaheetech piece of art is a perfect cage for small parrots. We highly recommend it without a doubt as it will provide your feathery pal with everything he needs as well as being so practical and sensible user-wise.


Best Cage For Medium Parrots

Medium-sized cages have and will always be the industry’s bestsellers and that is for quite a good reason.

These cages combine the compact and beautiful design of a small cage and the spacious room of a large one.

Without a doubt, they also make a perfect enclosure for small parrots and large juvenile ones.

These cages often have a sturdy and durable compact design that won’t be an eye-sore nor attract too much attention.

They also provide your parrot with heaps of space to fly around and climb comfortably thanks to their dome-top or play-top features.

Due to their fame, medium-sized cages are dominating the markets with plenty of different models and names that sometimes, it gets too tricky to pick the perfect one for your feathery pal.

However, we’ve already done it for you.

YAHEETECH 61/69 inch Playtop Wrought Iron Large Parrot Cage with Rolling Stand

Without a doubt, Yaheetech is also dominating the mid-sized bird cage category with its incredibly heavy-duty 69” bird cage.

It is the product to consider if you own an Amazon parrot or an African grey. It has everything your parrot asks for from a spacious and secure room to a huge heavenly birds’ playground.

It is a solid metal cage that would ensure that strong beaked parrots won’t be able to escape nor hurt themselves in the process.

The play top consist of a ladder, a wooden perch and also two stainless steel feeders which gives owners the ability to interact with their parrots in a safe and joyful environment.

Features and benefits

  • A huge birds’ playground that offers you a better interaction with your feathery pal while keeping him mentally stimulated.
  • A spacious inner room that offers your bird enough flying space and the ability to climb without any hazards.
  • A slide-out tray that will ease cleaning and keep your bird’s cage clean and fresh.
  • A sturdy metal construction coated with non-toxic hammertone paint, which ensures your bird’s safety all the time and prevents any attempts of escape.
  • 4x Industrial Casters with a 360° degree rotation ability that will ease movement from room to room inside the house.
  • Super sturdy and reliable.
  • Full of perches and toys
  • A top playing area
  • Easy to move and look after.
  • A safe construction for your feathery pal.

  • The caster wheels are not a standardized size and are only made by distinct companies.
  • Some missing screws that make the cage hard to assemble.
  • It is hard for some parrots to climb.

Product Details

  • Size: 32.1 x 30.3 x 68.5
  • Bar spacing: 0.6”
  • Brand: YAHEETECH

Overall, this is a perfect cage for medium-sized parrots and we highly recommend it. Your feathery pal would definitely enjoy his stay. It provides the bird with as much comfort as it is easy to clean and look out after.

Best Cage For Large Parrots

Many people assume that a vertical high cage is the perfect and most suitable home for their large feathery pals.

However, parrots don’t fly up and down like helicopters.

With that being said, a large parrot cage should be a combination of so many things such as a spacious room, a lot of perches, a perfect horizontal bar spacing to ease climbing, and finally, a lot of toys to keep your feathery pal mentally stimulated.

Prevue Pet Products Empire Bird Cage, X-Large, Black Hammertone

This Prevue Pet Products Empire Bird Cage is not to be missed. It is one of the largest cages available in the market. It would provide your large parrot with a much needed spacious room to play and fly around comfortably.

This is definitely not your typical, cheap, run of the mill cage. It is well built, sturdy and durable. It has a great combination of well-spaced vertical and horizontal bars for a better climbing experience.

The cage might be heavy however moving it from room to room is almost effortless thanks to its easy rolling base on casters. The cage also comes with a seed guard and a slide-out bottom tray to keep your floor clean and make cleaning an easy daily task.

The cage is designed specifically for large parrots and would never house smaller species due to its big bar-spacing. Te bars are also sure to withstand almost any beak attack which makes the cage a top choice for strong Macaws and Cockatoos.


Features and benefits

  • A perfect combination of evenly spaced vertical and horizontal bars to give your parrot a unique climbing experience.
  • A durable construction with super sturdy bars that will surely endure your large parrot’s bites for years.
  • Flathead hex bolts cannot be un-screwed by birds in order to prevent any escapes.
  • Easy-rolling casters which makes moving the cage almost effortless.
  • A slide-out bottom tray and a seed guard for an easy cleaning.
  • Amazingly massive
  • A sturdy, non-toxic, construction.
  • Easy to move considering its weight.
  • Easy to clean and look after.

  • Hard to assemble on your own due to its huge size.
  • The metal wires are somehow very thin.

Product Details

  • Size: 46 x 36 x 78.2 inches
  • Bar spacing: 11/8”
  • Brand: Prevue Pet Products


Overall, this is a perfect cage for large parrots. Made from super sturdy material that will endure the toughest bites. Practical and massively spacious, it is a place that your bird would definitely appreciate.

Considerations when choosing a parrot cage


Location and Placement

The first rule is deciding where the cage will be placed, and find a cage that will work with the space you have set aside for your parrot.

Not all places are suitable for parrot cages. So avoid windows and drafts, but select a location that is a little active.

You don’t want to place your parrot where it can get bored. Also, placing his cage in an active area of the room will encourage his social development.


This is one of the most important considerations. The size of the cage is directly related to the size of your parrot.

Small birds can live in larger cages, but large birds cannot live in small cages.

When it comes to the size of the cage, you should go for as large as you can. Remember that keeping your parrot in small confinements can lead to the development of undesirable traits like biting, screaming, feather plucking, and psychological disorders.

The size of the cage will also be influenced by the space that will be lost when you add such things as food bowls, toys, and perches to the cage.

Bar Spacing

When buying a birdcage, bar spacing should be the first factor to consider and that’s for a good reason.

The last thing you want to happen is to find that your little feathery pal has squeezed through the bars or got stuck. The same applies to bigger parrots. The spacing between bars ought to be appropriate to your bird’s size.

Another consideration that is also related to the bars is their thickness. Bars should be thin enough so that your feathery pal could grab them and climb on them, however they also need to be strong enough so that your parrot can’t bend or break them. Tricky right?

Also parrots are escape artists by nature, lock them in the wrong cage and they will vanish.

Shape and Style

The shape and style of the cage can affect your parrot psychologically according to veterinarians.

Round cages have been found to have negative effects, so you should go for angled cages instead.

Horizontal Bars or Vertical Bars

The direction of the bars is as important as their spacing and thickness. This feature isn’t necessarily about preventing your feathery friend from escaping however it is more about providing safety.

Just think about the number of hours that you spend outside and your pet bird is not allowed to leave the cage, it’s an average of 8 hours. Most of our feathery pals can’t stand but to fly inside their cages.

The more horizontal bars in the cage, the more contact will be made with the parrot’s wings that could eventually lead to injuries.

However, you might have noticed that some birds like to climb rather than fly around. In that case, horizontal bars are more convenient as they make climbing way easier. It is also a good option for pet birds that are suffering from disabilities and can’t fly.

To conclude, it is advised to go with vertical bars for birds that spend most of their time flying and horizontal bars for birds that like climbing or suffer from disabilities.


When parrots are not busy flying, they don’t sit nor lay down. They just stand on horizontal perches. Therefore it is quite important to have the appropriate perch in your feathery pal’s cage as he can use it for all sorts of things; sleeping, grooming, and even chewing.

All cages come with standard wooden perches. However, perches are meant to be disposable. You can save the standard wooden perch for travelling and start making your own perches with different materials that you can find anywhere; natural branches, ropes and even ceramic.

However, don’t rely too much on ceramic and cement as they can cause excessive wearing of the beak when used too frequently.

When you decide to make your own perches, opt for things that are non-toxic, and provide a good grip.

Also, pick a diameter that is appropriate to your parrot’s size. Your parrot should be able to wrap about two-thirds of his feet around the perch.

Removable Trays

Keeping your bird’s cage clean is a daily battle. Parrots can be quite messy especially with all their molted feathers, droppings, chewed-up toys, empty seed hulls etc… This is why it advisable to look for a birdcage with removable trays to contain such a mess.

A fully removable tray is easy to clean and can be washed on a regular basis. Make sure to cover the bottom with fresh wood-shavings every time you clean it.

However, if you’re the lazy kind of pet owner, “The roll and go” technique was invented for you.

Just stack up a few layers of newspapers in the bottom and all you have to do is to remove the top spoiled one and dispose of it properly.

In a nutshell, you’re left with a clean layer and you’re good to go.


Just like their owners, parrots trust their cages not to collapse. Solid pillars are what stop our homes from collapsing and in the parrot’s case, it’s the professional construction.

Opt for cages that are made from precisely configured mesh. Check all sides and connections and make sure that the panels are evenly spaced and meet precisely at the edges.

Try to identify anything that may cause potential hazard to your parrot. Things like sharp edges and gaps.

That’s why it is always advised to buy your birdcage from trustworthy manufacturers as they only use certified materials and run a lot of checkups.


A parrot cage would probably be the most expensive thing you spend upfront on your lovely feathery buddy. On the off chance that you decide to skimp on quality just to save a couple of bucks, you’re just throwing money away.

Opt for cages that are made from durable non-toxic materials like stainless steel or powder-coated iron.

Powder-coated cages are less expensive however stainless steel is more durable and easier to clean.

They’re both good options for parrots with stronger beaks.

The main function of a parrot cage is to offer protection, so make sure it does not pose threats to the health as well as the wellbeing of your bird.


They are usually a set of 4 caster wheels that can fit into a cavity molded into the bottom of your cage’s corners to facilitate maneuvering it anywhere.

Casters are designed for heavier cages that in other cases would require a whole team to lift it off the ground.

Unless you have a heavy cage, you don’t have to worry about the casters. However, if you do, there are a couple of things that you need to look for:

Starting with the solid construction; these wheels will be holding up a great deal of weight therefore they must be constructed out of solid material such as heavy-duty rubber. Rubber can definitely last longer and perform better with heavier weights.

Getting casters with the 360° swivel ability would add a greater bit of ease when manoeuvring inside small rooms. It is also advised that all 4 wheels have this ability in order to avoid any restrictions as to the direction you can move your feathery pal’s cage.

Finally, the last and most important feature would be the locking mechanism. It is a safety feature that prevents any sort of accidents related to inadvertent movements. Thanks to the locking mechanism, you can now lean on the cage and clean it without the risk of stumbling and falling.

Feeding Bowls

All cages come with feeding bowls however if you think all of them would do the job then you’re wrong.

Nothing can suppress a bird’s appetite like a poorly made plastic or Ceramic feeding bowl.

In fact plastic is the worst material you could select. It has been proven that some types of plastic hold chemicals that mimic hormones.

When ingested, these chemicals can cause a hormonal imbalance and lead to several health issues among parrots. In addition to that, it’s nearly impossible to clean them properly since bacteria can accumulate in their deep scratches.

Ceramic itself isn’t a good option either as it is way heavier and less durable.

If you’re looking for the right feeding bowl, go with stainless steel. It is the best overall option for pet birds. It is lighter, easier to clean and carry.

However, there are several types of stainless steel and you need to be wise while choosing an appropriate one for your feathery pal.

Always know your manufacturer and try to choose one that actually cares about your pet’s safety.

Avoid feeding bowls that aren’t dishwasher safe or have the “For pet use only” sign as it is a clear confession of inferior materials being used.


Playtops are more like a luxurious addition that your bird doesn’t necessarily need to have.

However, if you’re willing to share an additional small amount of space with your parrot, then there’s no harm.

A play top surface gives your feathery pal the ability to enjoy his time, play, and even eat in a safe environment outside of his cage.

The only thing that might make you reconsider this option is the amount of cleaning you need to do.

The play top surface is high above the cage and reaching it might be quite a struggle. Yet, removable trays can save the day.

The trays in the Playtop cages are specially designed to catch the waste and food when your parrot is using the upper surface.


Final Thoughts

There you go! A comprehensive guide to parrot cages.

The list features the best cages on the market today, and we have ranked them according to quality, functionality, ease of use, and longevity.

Our top pick, Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage is number one because of its overall features including, push-button door lock, solid frame, spacious and many more.

If you still feel we have not exhausted everything about parrot cages, just send us a message and we will be glad to help you!

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