Can Parakeets Eat Broccoli? (Revealed!)

Broccoli is a staple of our dinner tables.

It’s one of the most ubiquitous vegetables, and even if you hated it as a kid, I’d bet you’ve probably come around on it in your adult life.

Given that it’s so universally loved among us, it’s natural to wonder if we can share it with our feathered friends—so can parakeets eat broccoli?

Yes, parakeets can eat broccoli. It’s a tasty and healthy addition to their diet which they’re almost certain to love. However, as with any nutritionally rich and complex food like broccoli, it’s important that they only get moderate amounts as a treat. Don’t overfeed them on it.

Broccoli can have a really important place in your parakeet’s diet, but it’s still important to moderate that and get the quantities right.

A parakeet’s diet is a simple but still rather sensitive thing, so being careful with the amounts they get is really important.

Let’s look further into this.


Is broccoli good for parakeets?

Yes, it is, in many ways.

Broccoli will almost certainly go down really well with your parakeets, and they will love eating it.

This is one of the most important points to make—a good variety of interesting and different snacks will be great for your parakeet’s mood.

Beyond that, though, there are tons of nutritional benefits to speak of in broccoli.

They are really rich in fiber, which is great for your parakeet’s overall digestive health.

Any herbivorous animal should be getting plenty of fiber, and broccoli is great for this.

Broccoli also contains a great deal of many different vitamins necessary for the everyday diet.

Vitamin C, for instance, which is a powerful antioxidant preventing the formation of free radicals in the body’s cells, is present in broccoli.

There is also large quantities of vitamins A, K, and B9.

These are all great for your parakeet’s health.

Broccoli is also rich in a number of important minerals, like potassium, phosphorous, and selenium.

Minerals serve many functions in your parakeet’s body, from regulating blood pressure to the fluid inside cells, and many other central bodily functions.

So, as you can plainly see, broccoli is incredibly good for your parakeets—but this doesn’t mean they should eat nothing else.

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Is broccoli bad for parakeets?

Broccoli, on its own, is not bad for parakeets.

It’s perfectly safe and won’t cause them any immediate harm when they eat it.

However, the very fact that it is so rich in so many nutrients should give you pause.

A small animal like a parakeet really only needs to eat a small amount before it has gotten all the benefits it can handle.

If you overfeed them with something like broccoli, then digestive troubles are likely to occur.

They can become full very quickly and end up with more nutrition than their body can metabolize.

At most, you should give them small amounts of broccoli once or twice a week.

See it as an occasional snack. Be sure to swap it out with other foods during the rest of the week, like other fruits and vegetables.

This will keep them from getting bored of the same old snacks and give them the best variety of nutrients.


Can parakeets eat broccoli stalks?

Parakeets can eat any part of the broccoli plant, but they will get the most benefit from eating heads of broccoli.

The stalks are very tough and do not contain as much nutrition as the rest of the plant does—though they are still highly beneficial in many ways.

So, if you’re planning to feed your parakeets broccoli, don’t just give them the bottom part of the stalks.

They are more likely to ignore this part, if only because it is so tough.

The heads are much better, softer, and more nutritious.

But does it need to be cooked?


Can parakeets eat raw broccoli?

Yes, parakeets can eat raw broccoli, and this is generally the best way to feed them broccoli—and indeed virtually any vegetable.

You should always be striving to give them the best simulation of a wild diet which, naturally, would not include any cooked vegetables.

Raw broccoli will taste the best to them, and it also tends to lose some of its nutritional value in the cooking process.

Remember, a parakeet’s digestive system is very different to your own.

But can they eat cooked broccoli?  


Can parakeets eat cooked broccoli?

They can, but they probably shouldn’t.

As I said, it probably won’t be as attractive to them in the first place.

You’ll also likely lose some of the nutritional value in the cooking process, however you do cook it.

But the bigger problems will arise from any ingredients you might have cooked it in.

Oils, or spices, for example, can be problematic for your parakeet, and so you should definitely avoid feeding any broccoli that’s been roasted in oil and spices.

If it’s just boiled without any seasoning then this might be a bit better but, again, there’s no advantage of this over just feeding them raw broccoli.

So, yes, broccoli is a great and healthy part of a parakeet’s feed.

They will love it and get a great deal of benefit out of it. Just remember that as great as it is, too much can quickly become a problem for a variety of reasons.

Keep them fed with good balance, and make sure they are getting a good range of foods, including broccoli.

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