Can Cockatiels Eat Noodles? (Revealed!)

I was making a stir fry the other night for the first time in ages.

I love Asian food, but I don’t get the chance to cook it enough because my family don’t like it.

This night, though, I had the house to myself so I decided I would cook up a storm.

The only person joining me was my cockatiel.

He did, however, seem very interested in the noodles I had waiting to be cooked—much more than the rest of my family would.

I wanted to share them with him but I wasn’t sure it was safe, so I decided to look into it.

So, can cockatiels eat noodles?

In very small amounts, noodles are fine for cockatiels, but the honest answer is there’s no real reason to feed them noodles. Noodles are essentially pure carbohydrates, which your cockatiel can get in the concentrations it needs elsewhere in its diet. There’s no reason to feed your cockatiel noodles.

So, while your cockatiel wouldn’t be in any danger from eating a small amount of noodles, it wouldn’t be getting a great deal of benefit from it, either.

A cockatiel’s diet is a very delicate balance, and any number of processed foods like noodles can interrupt that.

Let’s look further into this.


Are noodles good for cockatiels?

Not really, is the simple answer.

A cockatiel’s diet should consist of mostly their regular seed food, with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as treats.

That’s about all they need to have a balanced diet.

Some would say that noodles are a good source of carbohydrates for your cocaktiel, but the fact is, again, they will get all the carbs they need from the fresh fruit in their diet.

We tend not to think of them as carbs, but any plant food like fruits or vegetables are complex carbohydrates.

Noodles have no particular benefit for your cockatiel, then.

The main thing they are good as is a source of carbohydrates for us, but cockatiels do not need carbs in the same concentrations we do.

They will get everything they need from fruit and veg.

So, no, noodles are not good for cockatiels.

There is nothing in any kind of noodle that your cockatiel will not get elsewhere.

Whether it’s ramen, fresh egg noodles or rice noodles, they will be able to get the carbs from the fruit and veg in their diets.

But are they in any way actively bad?


Are noodles bad for cockatiels?

Noodles are not going to be an immediate problem or danger for your cockatiel, as long as it only eats a very small amount.

It may enjoy chewing on a noodle a little bit, and one thing is for sure—they are always interested in whatever you are eating.

But if they eat too much, it can quickly become a problem.

This depends heavily on the kind of noodles we are talking about.

Instant noodles, like ramen, are the worst, as they contain large quantities of salt and other preservatives that are very bad for your cockatiel.

Even fresh noodles you made yourself would still not be great for a cockatiel in anything more than a tiny amount.

They may find it hard to digest, and it will end up sitting undigested in their gut—this will cause great discomfort.

So, avoid any chance of this happening—just don’t give your cockatiels noodles.


Can cockatiels eat raw noodles?

If you do really want to share just a little bit of noodle with your cockatiel, then raw is almost certainly the better way—again, depending on the kind of noodle.

They won’t have any added ingredients that have been used in cooking which may be bad for your cockatiel.

Rice noodles are probably best, as they are softer and will be easier to chew and digest.

Again, though, my advice would be to avoid feeding them noodles at all.


Can cockatiels eat cooked noodles?

A simple no, would be my answer.

Cooked noodles are not inherently more dangerous than raw, but you would need to know everything that they have been cooked in—otherwise your cockatiel will be at risk.

Just use your judgement—if your cockatiel is very interested in the food you eat, give it something to keep it occupied while you eat.

This way, it will stop pestering you, and won’t have to endure eating noodles.


However you look at it, then, there just isn’t much sense in feeding your cockatiel processed foods like noodles.

They will much prefer and be much healthier for fresh snacks like fruit and vegetables, and leaving out the processed foods.

Any processed food runs the risk of containing large amounts of salt, preservatives or other ingredients not palatable to a cockatiel.

Leave the noodles out of their diet.

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