Are Amazon Parrots Cuddly? (Answered!)

My friends and I were having a discussion about the different temperaments of all our parrots the other day, and comparing how affectionate or standoffish each of them was.

It was an interesting point of comparison since many of us had the same species but reported their temperaments were very different.

I’ve been thinking about adding a new parrot to my flock recently, and one I’d never had was an Amazon parrot—luckily, one of my friends had one, and could tell me about his disposition.

So, are Amazon parrots cuddly?

In general, yes, Amazon parrots are cuddly. They are affectionate parrots that form deep bonds with their owners, and love to express that through physical interaction. Parrots are highly intelligent, though, so the fact is that individuals can have vastly different temperaments.  In general, though, they are cuddly.

Amazon parrots, as a rule of thumb, are cuddly, then.

You will need to take the time to build the relationship, though.

Again, parrots are highly intelligent and complex creatures, and while they form deep bonds, it can take a while for these bonds to properly take hold.

Let’s look further into this.


Do Amazon parrots like to cuddle?

They do like to cuddle, yes.

Assuming you have already formed a deep bond with the parrot, they will love to be near you, nuzzle you, even groom you and clean you.

They may even perch and sleep on you.

Of course, the important thing to say is that these interactions will always have to be on their terms.

Your Amazon may be generally cuddly, but its mood can be different on different days.

If it doesn’t seem to want to cuddle, leave it alone and let it recuperate its mood.

That said, this won’t often be the case, and in general, you’ll have a very cuddly parrot in your Amazon.

Larger parrots, for whatever reason, do often tend to be less affectionate than others, but Amazon parrots appear to be the exception to this rule.

They are great for anyone who wants a larger parrot without the added maintenance of a macaw or African grey.

The final thing to mention is that, as with any parrot, individuals can vary a lot.

Some individual Amazons may be much cuddlier than others.

So, how affectionate are Amazons in general?


Are Amazon parrots affectionate?

Yes, is the simple answer.

All parrots are affectionate to some degree and in their own way, but Amazons are indeed particularly so.

As I said, larger parrots tend to be more independent, but not so with the Amazon.

The thing to mention is how deep the bonds they will form with you are.

In the wild, most species of parrots tend to form deep bonds with their mates and may even bond for life.

This isn’t always the case, and in fact male Amazons often feed multiple females.

Nonetheless, when they have no other parrots around, they will focus all of their attention on you, and the bond will be formed very deeply.

Again, they will then in turn express this physically, by preening, grooming you, displaying their feathers—in many ways.

Let’s look further at how exactly Amazon parrots show affection.


How do Amazon parrots show affection?

The best time to look out for affection from your parrot is when you get back after an absence.

They will often be uncontrollably excited to see you, making lots of chirping and singing noises, puffing out their feathers, even flapping their wings.

Shortly after this excitement has subsided, they will want to be near you, to again groom and preen you.

Don’t be disheartened if your Amazon doesn’t show these behaviors, though.

Again, you’ve got to take the time to get to know them—and at the end of the day, yours might just express itself differently.


Can I hold my Amazon parrot?

You can, and they will often be keen to be held, but the important thing is that this is always on their own terms.

No matter how long you’ve known them or how deep your bond is, don’t force an interaction that they don’t want.

This could have a lasting impact on your relationship.

Amazon parrots are cuddly, but they need their own space as much as anyone does.

Most of the time, your Amazon will love being held—saving the handling for these times.


The simple answer seems to be yes, then.

Amazon parrots are cuddly, affectionate, they form deep bonds with their owners, and they love to interact with you physically.

The only caveats are, firstly, that you will need to be prepared to build up that relationship.

Even the most affectionate parrot species will not become affectionate and cuddly overnight.

Secondly, know that because parrots in general are so intelligent, they can have vastly different personalities.

Your Amazon may be less or cuddlier than others.

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