Are Cockatiels Good Pets For Beginners? 

Recently I was considering how cockatiels are classed as a pet breed and a companion, and whether this classes them as a good pet for beginners.

Are you looking for your first bird as a pet?

Wondering what species is best as a pet for a beginner?

You have probably come across cockatiels.

Are these species of parrot good pets for beginners?

Known for their gentle and easy-going nature, cockatiels are generally well renowned for being the top best pets for beginners.

In what ways are they suitable for beginners?


Is a cockatiel a good first bird? 

Cockatiels are gentle and affectionate birds, making them good pets, especially for a first timer.

They can adapt in small homes and are normally allowed in apartments and are suited to a family with children.

Like many parrots, they enjoy being entertained.

A cockatiel can easily fit into any kind of lifestyle and would be happy to ride along your shoulder.

They enjoy the company and will relish spending time with their owner.

They are one of the most popular pets in the market.

Although, for a beginner, it would be best to purchase a female cockatiel.

Male cockatiels can generally be more possessive of people and objects.

Overall, cockatiels are perfect for beginners.

So here is what you need to know!



Cockatiels are from Australia and part of the cockatoo family.

They are the smallest of the cockatoo family measuring 12-13 inches making them small pets, that can be best for beginners.

They are yellow and gray with orange cheeks.

The male normally has a yellow or white face, whereas a female cockatiel has a gray face.

They are sociable and intelligent birds and are expressive, making it feel like there is another member of your family or household.

Although, they can be high maintenance so need an owner who will be dedicated to their care.



Cockatiels are known for being small, well-mannered, gentle birds.

They will form a strong bond with their human companion, and they are especially affectionate to those they are close to.

They like to be petted and held but are not big fans of cuddling.

Cockatiels are outgoing and funny.

They are amazing whistlers and male cockatiels are renowned for their whistle serenades which are often directed to their favorite companion or belonging.

So, if you buy a cockatiel your household will most likely be filled with whistles, chirps, tweets, and serenades.

They are fairly playful birds as they like playing with various toys and male cockatiels enjoy mirrors.

To be happy they have to be entertained.

Their day-to-day behavior normally revolves around grooming and playing.

A cockatiel’s crest feathers can normally tell you it’s mood, meaning you can easily communicate and read the emotions of your companion.

Their behavior can be a massive indicator of their mood or conditions.

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Is a cockatiel easy to take care of? 

Like any pet, cockatiels require time, energy, and plenty of care.

When buying a cockatiel, you need to consider how willing you are to devote your free time to them.

Taking care of a cockatiel involves some iteration to your life but for a beginner who is well researched it can be a breeze.

There are several questions you need to ask yourself before buying a cockatiel, to make sure you will be a suitable owner for your companion.


Are cockatiels expensive? 

Of course, the beginning costs of a cockatiel can be fairly expensive.

The one-off payment of buying a cockatiel should cost between $75 to $250, depending upon the mutation of the cockatiel you buy.

A large cage is required for them to move about freely without restriction.

A cockatiel will come with the monthly cost of food, vet bills, and any additional costs.

So, you must be prepared for the monthly and annual payments that your cockatiel will require.


How much time do I have to spend with my cockatiel? 

On a daily basis, a cockatiel requires handling and out-of-cage time.

They are a highly intelligent breed and need stimulus to keep them happy and entertained.

All you need is to dedicate two to three hours a day at least to playtime.

You can leave your house for a few hours, if needed, as long as you leave your cockatiel in a comfortable situation in their cage with provisions.


How long am I prepared to take care of a pet? 

With proper care, a cockatiel can live up to a total of 20 years!

So, they are a massive responsibility to take on, as you are adopting another member to your family.

They are a dedication that you need to keep to.


Can a cockatiel live on its own? 

Unlike other birds, cockatiels can live on their own but if they do, they will need extra time and attention from their owner.

They can definitely feel the effects of loneliness which can then impact the rest of their mood.

They do not like being separated from their companion, so if you are a person that needs to be out fairly often it may be best to consider buying another cockatiel for companionship.

A cockatiel requires a dedicated and affectionate owner who is dedicated to the responsibility that is required for owning a cockatiel.

However, they are the perfect pet for a beginner who wants to own a bird as they will bring a whole new personality into your household.

Especially as they can easily adapt to a number of lifestyles as long as you afford them the time and comfort they need.

Although, before buying your feathered friend you will have to consider commitment, safety, other pets, space, noise, and money.

For beginners, cockatiels are an amazing breed for those looking to purchase their first bird, as long as enough research has been done.

Every pet and bird require a large amount of dedication and care, and therefore require an owner that will be devoted to providing that.

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