What Is A Fid?

Parrots are some of the most immaculate and joy-filled creatures in the entire world. It’s no secret that adopting a parrot can do such magnificent wonders to a person’s life.

Considering the vast majority of humans are looking to add a pet to their household, many should look into adopting a parrot. If a person ends up adopting a parrot, they’ll be introduced to the parrot community, which is one of the most loving communities with some of the most exciting lingo regarding parrots. With this in mind, what is a fid?

To answer this question…a fid is a feathered kid and is a term used by parrot owners to describe their parrot. If you’re around proud parrot owners and they throw the word fid around you, realize it just means a young parrot. It’s a play on the word kid, as it combines the f from feathered to the actual word kid. It’s useful to know while searching for a parrot.

Although the word fid might seem odd to an outsider, it’s actually much more common than most people realize. Seeing as parrots aren’t deemed children too long in the parrot world, it’s straightforward to address them in that age range with fid. However, some parrot owners will use the phrase forever, as it’s a way to address their parrot as their child. Similar to how a parent might call their child a kid for their entire life.

Regardless, we’re going to discuss everything there is to know about fids and what makes a parrot a fid. We’ll discuss how old a fid is, if all parrot kids are fids, how famous the phrase is, and much more. By the end of it, you’ll have a solid list of information regarding fids and what it means. Let’s take a look!

How Old is a Fid?

Although the phrase fid refers to a feathered kid, it actually doesn’t have a designated age range to it. You might think it represents parrots that are below maturity at six months to six-year depending on the species, but this isn’t the case. Maturity doesn’t necessarily get rid of the phrase.

Fid is a simple phrase regarding a person’s parrot. Similar to how a parent will call their child a kid, no matter how old they might get. If a person is striking up a conversation with another person, they might bring up the phrase fid when discussing their parrots together. It’s nothing overly complicated that stewards a specific age.

Are All Parrot Kids Fids?

Yes, technically speaking, all non-mature parrots are fids. However, this phrase doesn’t just apply to any parrot that hasn’t reached maturity. If a person adopts ten different parrots at ten different ages, all ten of those parrots can be deemed that person’s fid. Similar to how people can be referred to as a kid by their parent.

It can seem confusing since the phrase kid tends to be a notion of representing youth, but this isn’t always the case with parrots. It’s merely a fun gesture to say this is my parrot child. Try not to overthink it. You’ll get the hang of it once you’re around more parrot owners, and they use the phrase around you.

How Popular is the Word Fid?

Believe it or not, the phrase is relatively popular in the parrot world. Although not every parrot parent will say it, it tends to pop-up in conversations and on blog forums, leading it to grow from person to person. As for you, you don’t have to worry about saying if you don’t want to. It’s not a required saying in the parrot species.

Still, it’s useful to know what it’s used for and why so many parrot parents say it. You’ll mainly see it on blog forums as it’s a common way for parrot parents to refer to their parrot even if it has nothing to do with the phrase itself. Don’t be ashamed for reading what it means since it’s not entirely known outside of the parrot community.

Why Do Parrot Owners Call Parrots Fids?

If a person calls a parrot a fid, usually that means that parrot is their own. Again, think of it with respect to the word kid. If you hear a person say the word kid, such as “my kid” or “I don’t know what my kid was doing,” etc., you obviously know what that person is referring to their child.

Yet, if a person says, “there was this kid on the street,” then you know they’re talking about someone else entirely that isn’t their own kid. The same rules apply to fid, seeing as it literally means a feathered kid. Obviously, a person isn’t going to refer to a wild parrot as a fid, but you never know.

Do All Parrot Owners Say Fid?

Although the word fid is relatively popular amongst parrot owners, realize not every parrot owner says it. Seeing as it’s not a required part of the parrot community, not every parrot owner feels obliged to use the phrase when discussing their parrots.

It’s not like fid is as required in the parrot world as it is to get them the right avian vet. When it comes to a subject like this, realize it’s completely optional. It’s only useful to know if you hear the phrase and are wondering what it means. Outside of that, try not to worry about it all that.

Does Fid Refer to Any Other Species?

Since fid refers to a feathered kid, it can technically be used by people that own other birds. However, it’s much more prevalent in the parrot community than anything else. It didn’t catch on as it did in the parrot community for whatever reason.

Thus, if you happen to hear the word or stumble upon it on a forum, it more than likely is someone posting about their own parrot. Outside of that, there really is no use for the word all that much. Feel free to use it if you want or don’t! It’s entirely up to you!

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