What Do You Do With A Dead Parrot?

Last week one of my readers got in touch about their beloved parrot who had sadly died.

As a first-time parrot owner, they weren’t sure what they should do after their parrot passed away.

I came to realize it may not be common knowledge knowing how to handle the death of a loved parrot and decided it may be helpful to many bird owners how to deal with the death of a pet parrot.

Let’s answer the question; What do you do with a dead parrot?

It is safe to bury your cherished parrot in an outside space. It is relatively easy to bury your parrot, and in doing so, it may help come to terms with their passing. It is perfectly acceptable to hold a service or funeral to memorizes them.

In light of this topic, if you find yourself here and in the grief of a much-loved pet, I’d like to take a moment to offer some support and hope the information you find here today may bring some comfort to a difficult time.

This article will discuss how to deal with a dead parrot’s disposal, how to deal with and accept the grief of losing a pet parrot, and how to memorize your beloved parrot friend, and more.

Without further ado, let’s look into all the options of dealing with the death of a parrot.

Can I bury a dead parrot?

Yes, you can bury a dead parrot. Commonly people will bury their parrots in their garden. It is advised not to bury your parrot in a public space as it can be illegal depending on local legislation, which could cause you a lot of upset.

The legislation about burying birds in public spaces varies due to the risk of infection and diseases a dead bird can carry. There is a risk of infecting other animals and people, which is why it is frowned upon.

Burying a parrot in a public space also runs the risk of wild animals thinking it is prey and dig up the body, again being very traumatic for a pet owner.

Can I cremate my dead parrot?

It is common for dead parrots to be cremated. If you require a cremation, contact your preferred veterinary practice, and they will advise of the arrangements for you.  They can cremate the parrot individually so your beloved pet’s ashes can be returned to you.

You can spread the ashes of your parrot as a symbol of everlasting freedom; You can do this in your back garden or at a favorite walking spot. The decision is entirely yours.

Burial or cremation is a very personal choice. Either is acceptable, and your choice is perfectly valid.


How can I memorize my dead parrot?

There are many options available for you. Let’s list some of these options here, and you can decide what would be best for you.

Memorials can include plinths or plaques with an engraving of your parrot’s name and a small message dedicated to your much-loved pet.  Commonly placed over a burial site or placed in a calming area of a garden as a way of remembrance.

Urns can be a decorative pot for ashes, or some people prefer a picture in a frame of their parrot, and both can include a personalized message.

Caskets vary in size due to your parrot’s requirements. Often used for a burial but can also contain ashes if that is your preferred choice. A small plaque can be attached to the box with a memorial message as a fond remembrance.

Footprint kits are typically made of clay, and you would place the parrot’s foot lightly into the clay to leave a fond reminder of your feathered friend. You can display this fondly in your home.

Jewelry creates a fond item you can carry with you. You can place some of the ashes into an item of jewelry to keep your beloved parrot with you at any time. It is normal to only have a small amount of the ashes in jewelry, so you may need to think about the remaining ashes and what you wish to do with them.

Keepsakes items can be things like a memory box, a remembrance teddy, embroidered cushion, or a heart-shaped pot to contain ashes. Keepsakes can have personalized messages added to them as well to give a personal touch.  


How do I bury my parrot safely?

Burying your parrot is many people’s way of accepting and symbolizing their deceased parrot. Here are the steps to perform a thoughtful and safe burial.

Choosing a burial plot.

It is advised to bury a deceased parrot on your own land due to legislation complications in public areas. Avoid spaces like your local park or woodland. You should avoid burying a parrot near any vegetable garden and choose a spot where it is safe from other animals disturbing the ground after the burial.

Choose if you want your deceased parrot in a casket.

A casket doesn’t have to be a traditional casket. You can choose a box if you prefer or choose no casket at all; this is your preference. It is advised to use a bio-degradable casket and not bury the bird in any form of plastic.

Digging the grave.

It is advised to dig at least a 2-foot deep grave to avoid scavenging animals from disturbing the grave after the burial. Once you place the parrot into the grave, cover it with the remaining dirt from the grave and place stones or paving slabs over the grave to protect it. You can do this decoratively and place any memorial items over the grave.

It is best to wear gloves during the burial process or thoroughly wash your hands after your bird is at rest. This is to avoid any spread of disease and keep yourself and others safe.

How do I deal with grief after my parrot died?

Many of us will suffer grief after the loss of a pet parrot; there is no right or wrong way to feel when your bird dies.  

Performing a ceremony, whether you choose to do this as an organized event or privately, can give closure and give a fond memory of your parrot’s life. If you have children, this may be the first time they have dealt with bereavement. Acknowledging grief can go through many stages. It can take time to accept a pet’s loss and not to pressure yourself out of these feelings.

Allow yourself to grief, and no matter what way you wish to remember your parrot, it is a personal journey and may take some time. It will eventually get easier, and when the grief feels a little less overwhelming, you may even consider giving another parrot a new home.

I hope this article has given you some comfort in knowing how to deal with the death of a parrot, as well as some emotional support and guidance through a difficult time.  

Sadly, one of the inevitable sorrows of owning a pet that one day we will lose them but take in the comfort that your parrot was much loved and cared for by you during its lifetime.

If you ever feel unsure how to deal with the death of your parrot, you can seek advice from professional charities for your own well-being or veterinary advice for your parrot.

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