What Are Female Parrots Called? (Answered!)

It’s always such a fun day and life to come home and spend some quality time with your parrot.

Parrots are magnificent creatures that add a ton of happiness to any person’s life who takes the time necessary to raise and care for them.

Plus, most parrot owners tend to give their parrot fun names, making it even better as they start to learn their name and respond to it.

However, there are also two broad names used when referring to a male and female parrot.

With this in mind, what are female parrots called?

To answer this question…female parrots are called hens, similar to how practically every other female bird is referred to as a hen. The area is an interesting area to highlight since not a lot of people know about the technical name for a female parrot. However, realize this doesn’t mean you need to go out of your way to refer to your female parrot as a hen.

Although knowledge like this isn’t as valuable as other areas of concern, it’s still a tremendous amount of information that can be useful to know down the line.

Plus, the more information you know about your parrot, the more educated you’ll be regarding the species entirely.

Nevertheless, down below, we’re going to quickly discuss why female parrots are called hens, if they’re all called hens, and if it relates to their personality.

Let’s get started!


Why are female parrots called hens?

As you can imagine, with the natural pre-determined femininity of a female parrot, this is generally where their name derives from.

However, it’s also useful to know about a male parrot and their relation to a female parrot.

For those who don’t know, a male parrot is referred to as a cock.

As humorous as the name might sound, it does explain why female parrots are referred to as hens since both names represent a bit of mating relations between the two.

Nevertheless, it’s worth knowing since it’s useful information in this particular area of concern.

Are all female parrots called hens?

Generally speaking, yes, all female parrots fall under the umbrella of the hen term.

However, be mindful that some parrot owners may not use the phrase at all.

For the most part, it’s very uncommon for anyone to use it that much anyway.

It’s mostly a phrase that’s used by experts in the field, but still, even then, they might not use it that much.

It’s just a name that’s associated with female parrots since it’s so common in the bird world when referring to female birds.

Do female parrots’ names relate to their personality?

Considering the term hen doesn’t have any real relation to a personality-trait, there isn’t any actual correlation between the phrase and the personality of a female parrot.

Basically, it’s just a simple phrase used when discussing female parrots in a professional manner.

Plus, even if it had some sort of relation to their personality, it wouldn’t matter all that much since every parrot is so different from one another.

As we all know, they’re lovely little creatures and if you’re interested in adopting a parrot, be sure to check online for options near you!

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