Parrots For Sale In New Jersey

The North East of the United States is a fascinating place to live since there are so many nearby cities and things to do.

New Jersey is an excellent state in that regard since there’s such a massive slew of cities people can easily travel to.

Not to mention how fun it can be to raise a parrot in such a state!

Although it seems like an odd jump, you’re on a parrot website, so what do you expect?

With this in mind, we’re going to discuss several excellent parrot breeders and parrot pet shops for you to consider in the great state of New Jersey.

Keep in mind, these aren’t the only places you can adopt a parrot; it’s just a solid list for you to remember.

Let’s take a look!

Parrot Breeders in New Jersey

Parrot Addiction Aviary, LLC

Parrot Addiction Aviary is a family-owned and operated breeder with all breeding pairs living on-premises.

The breeder also offers shipping and DNA testing.

All parrot babies are their hatches unless otherwise noted.

They also quarantine and disease test all new additions, so definitely check them out!


Phone Number: 862-324-4528 

Address: Flanders, NJ 07836


Todd Marcus Birds Exotic

Todd Marcus Birds Exotic prides itself with the healthiest birds, cleanest environment, and quality cages, toys, and commodities.

What more could you want?

Their goal is to remain humble, sell healthy birds, make their customers feel like part of the family.

They breed amazons, caiques, cockatiels, cockatoos, conures, and much more.


Phone Number: 856-764-2473 

Address: 1060 S. Chester Ave. Delran, NJ 08075


World of Birds

World of Birds is a fantastic breeding option to consider for a multitude of reasons.

Since establishing in 1972, World of Birds is a family-owned business that offers birds and an extensive inventory of toys, cages, perches, and tree stands, all types of foods, pellets and healthy treats.


Phone Number: 908-879-2291

Address: 15 Perry Street Chester, NJ 07930

Birds By Joe

Birds By Joe is an excellent breeder that prides itself on quality and delivering the best parrot to you.

Some of their breeds include African Greys, Amazons, Cape, Jardine, Senegals, Red Bellies, Meyers, Caiques, Canaries, Tiels, Cockatoos, Conures, Finches, Macaws, and much more.


Phone Number: 732-764-2473

Address: 265 Highway 22 E. Green Brook, NJ 08812


Parrot Pet Shops in New Jersey

Paterson Bird Store

Paterson Bird Store strives to provide a one-of-a-kind experience that ensures you leave the store feeling like you are part of the family.

Besides offering a wide range of parrots, the store has just about everything you could need or want for your parrot and more.


Phone Number: (973) 785-0096

Address: 13 Furler St # 1, Totowa, NJ 07512


Bird Paradise

Bird Paradise is a must-visit for all of your parrot needs and wants.

The store has been in business for over 35 years and has over 20,000 toys, 150 bulk food items, and 10,000 cages in its massive store.

Not to mention the number of parrots they have up for adoption!


Phone Number: (609) 747-7777

Address: 551 Route 130 South, Burlington, NJ 08016

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