Parrots For Sale In California

If you currently live in the great state of California or have plans to move there soon, you should consider adopting a parrot!

Considering you’re on a website dedicated to everything regarding parrots, you more than likely have an interest in the species already.

With this in mind, we’re going to discuss several parrots for sale in California, highlighting breeders and pet shops!

Keep in mind; these aren’t the only places you can adopt a parrot; it’s just a solid list to get you started.

Let’s take a look!

Parrot Breeders in California

L&L Exotics

L&L Exotics has been in the parrot breeding game for several years now and has the reviews to back it up.

The breeders specialize in Australian parakeets and mutations, scarlet chested, bourkes, princess of wales, and eastern rosellas.


Phone Number: 909-810-9475

Address: Yucaipa, CA 92399


Parrots Unlimited

Like L&L Exotics, Parrots Unlimited is a fantastic breeding option that offers the finest exotic baby birds raised in their home for your home.

They currently offer Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, African Greys, Conures, Senegals, Eclectus parrots, and more.


Phone Number: 619-944-7356

Address: San Diego, CA 91977


Ara Aviaries California

Ara Aviaries California is a bird breeder that specializes in Macaws and Amazons in their extensive breeding program.

In their small bird breeding program, they offer Rainbow lorikeets and Green cheek conures, as well as other types of birds.

How cool is that?


Phone Number: 805-338-3549

Address: 28115 Dorothy dr. Agoura Hills Los Angeles, CA 91301


My Parrot Depot

My Parrot Depot has been a part of the parrot breeding world since 2011.

As far as popular and reputable breeders go, you can’t go wrong with reaching out to My Parrot Depot.

The breeder is located in Northern California and specializes in Sun Conures and White Bellied Caiques.


Phone Number: 562-243-9119

Address: Sacramento, CA 95815


Parrot Pet Shops in California

Tropic Island Bird and Supply

Tropic Island Bird and Supply has been open since 2014 and is a temporary home to just about everything you need parrot-wise.

In fact, they carry over 20 different species of birds (including parrots) and has the largest selection of cages in the San Diego County.

What more could you want?


Phone Number: (619) 447-4171

Address: 4760 Voltaire St, San Diego, CA 92107


Canoga Discount Birds

Canoga Discount Birds carries everything from finches to macaws and has a large selection of cages and food, including custom seed-free blends and Leach.

The bird shop is an excellent place to go if you’re looking for a solid shop that also has a wide selection of parrots.

Check it out!


Phone Number: (818) 883-3007

Address: 21731 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA 91303


Omars Exotic Birds

Omars Exotic Birds is run by Omar Gonzalez, who has sold thousands of birds over the years and has maintained a loyal customer base for nearly three decades.

The entire business is dedicated to selling healthy birds and quality products—an all-around excellent place to check out.


Phone Number: (714) 572-8353

Address: 903 E Imperial Hwy, Brea, CA 92821


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