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Raising a parrot can come with a monumental level of responsibility, but finding the right parrot for you can relieve the many stresses that plague people who don’t find the right parrot. To help find the best parrot for you, it’s best to read profile articles on various species of parrots (hence this article).

With the subject at hand, kea parrots are not your traditional looking parrot, but can still make for an excellent parrot due to their high intelligence and curiosity level. Their light brown body with rainbow-colored under-wings makes them a contradiction of colors that’s very eye-grabbing upon first sight.

Besides their compelling physical appearance, many people consider adopting a kea parrot because of their great personality. After all, personality is vital for adopting any pet, as you want to make sure they have the right personality for you.

People tend to neglect the personality area and seek out a parrot that looks cool. As simple and straightforward as this might seem, they may run into some issues down the line if their parrot is too demanding, not demanding enough, or isn’t a good match for them as a parrot owner.

Nevertheless, down below, we’re going to take an in-depth look at our kea parrot profile. We’re going to go over their personality, native region, and caring requirements. From there, we’ll go over plenty of other information related to the subject that’ll be worth highlighting for you. Let’s get started!

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Personality and Behavior Of A Kea Parrot

As touched upon briefly above, it’s always a vital area of concern for a specific parrot’s personality and behavior. The personality and behavior of a parrot is where you’ll find out if they’re an excellent parrot for you or not.

Although every parrot can find the right home, every person is different and might not raise a specific parrot for whatever reason. This is the unfortunate reality people have a challenging time following since most people think they can raise any parrot.

Still, be mindful of taking a close examination at this section to see how a kea parrot generally is. Keep in mind, this a rough outline of how a kea parrot typically is, but realize, your kea parrot may be significantly different depending on how they were raised.

Nevertheless, here is a quick list of the personality and behavior of a kea parrot:



Intelligence tends to always be closely aligned with parrots since so many people note them as one of the world’s most intelligent beings. As much of an exaggeration as this might seem, it’s actually perfectly accurate and should be worth highlighting.

With this in mind, kea parrots fall under that category as they’re knowledgeable and smart creatures. If you can adopt a kea parrot at a young age, you’ll be able to teach them a lot, including tricks that are fun to guide to parrots.



Boldness can be seen as a positive and negative when it comes to a parrot, but kea parrots are undoubtedly bold. Although their complexion might make them seem like they’re very timid, make no mistake, if a kea parrot is interested in something, they’ll do some investigating.

It’s always the right area of concern to highlight since a parrot’s boldness plays a significant role in how they are with their surroundings. Basically, make sure they’re locked up tight when they need to be since they’ll find a way to get out.



Right next to being bold is the natural inquiry of curiosity. Kea parrots tend to use their fearlessness and boldness toward areas they’re interested in. Although you might not think anything is interesting in your house, your kea parrot may disagree.


Whether you’re cooking, playing music, or merely watching a movie, your kea parrot will more than likely want to know what’s going on. If this happens to be the case, don’t be afraid to show them around, so they know precisely what’s happening.



Generally speaking, when people adopt a parrot, they tend to forget how dependent they are with being raised. However, a kea parrot is one of the more independent parrots, meaning they won’t need constant attention like some species of parrots.


Still, make sure you don’t neglect your kea parrot, as this will potentially give them several negative traits. However, if you can manage to take the time necessary to adequately raise and care for your parrot, the two of you will have a great relationship that doesn’t require constant attention.



As we mentioned above, kea parrots are very bold, which makes them very demanding parrots. Although this can be seen as a negative, it’s also a positive since they tend to communicate whenever they want something.


If your kea parrot is hungry, rather than sit around and starve, they will more than likely cause a small scene to ensure they get fed on time. If you’re a person who has a hard time remembering things like this, it’s certainly beneficial to have a more demanding parrot.

Native Region Of A Kea Parrot

Now that we’ve discussed the overall personality and behavior pertaining to a kea parrot, you more than likely want to know some background information with them. Usually, whenever someone wonders about a parrot’s history, it tends to be regarding their native region.

Nevertheless, a kea parrot is native to New Zealand and is typically found in the forested and alpine regions of the South Island of New Zealand. You don’t see a massive number of parrots from New Zealand, and that might be why a kea parrot is such a compelling parrot to consider adopting.

Although there are kea parrots available for adoption, expect them to be awfully expensive since only 1,000 to 5,000 kea parrots are left in the world. Plus, this population’s significant chunk is in the wild, making them a somewhat rare parrot to adopt.

Still, it’s worth highlighting where a kea parrot is from and how much of their population is left, so you’re aware of why the cost is how it is associated with them. No matter the situation, they’re immaculate parrots and should be worth checking out by every person interested in adopting a parrot.

Caring For A Kea Parrot

Like any other parrot species, there’s a large number of caring requirements associated with raising a kea parrot properly. This is an essential list since it’ll give you a general idea of what you need to do while raising a kea parrot.

Keep in mind, these aren’t the only caring requirements you’ll need to do since you’ll still need to get them a vet, a healthy supply of food, and plenty of other areas. Still, definitely make a note of these examples so you have a general list of what you’ll need to do for a kea parrot.

Nevertheless, here a few caring requirements to keep in mind for kea parrots:


Large Enough Cage


Although we haven’t discussed their physical size yet, kea parrots are huge parrots, meaning you’ll need to make sure you have an exceptionally large cage for them to chill out in. Considering parrots spend a great deal of their time in a cage, you want to make sure they’re comfortable in it.

On top of their cage, make sure their room or wherever they’re allowed to roam around is large enough for them to hang in and have fun. Always do what you can to ensure your parrot is as comfortable as they can; otherwise, you might cause some issues.


Left Alone When They Want to Be


As touched upon earlier, kea parrots are reasonably independent creatures, meaning they might want quiet time compared to other parrots. As long as you’re willing to allow them to relax and have some time alone, you should be fine in this regard.

If you’re a reasonably introverted individual, you get the notion and importance of having some quality alone time. Obviously, don’t ignore them quietly, but be mindful of when they want to chill out and relax instead of when they want to play.


Have Enough Cleaning Supplies


It can’t be said enough that parrots are very messy creatures, especially when it comes to larger parrots like kea parrots. As a result, always have an abundance of cleaning supplies available so you can clean up after them whenever a mess pops-up.


Feeding Requirements For Kea Parrots


Usually, whenever someone brings up an animal they want to raise, they tend to bring up their feeding requirements. Kea parrots can eat a lot of food we already eat but make sure they have parrot designated food as well. Always double-check whatever you feed them is okay for them to eat and make sure they get at least ¼ to ½ of their body weight in food a day.

Size, Health Issues, and Lifespan Of Kea Parrots


Kea parrots are large parrots, being around 20 inches in length and having a weight of 2 pounds or so. As for health-issues, kea parrots have several common parrot infections and illnesses that plague all parrots. In the wild, kea parrots have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years but can live significantly longer in captivity.

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