Is Dettol Safe for Parrots? (Answered!)

If you’ve raised or are currently raising parrots, then you most likely have a good understanding of how messy they can be.

As great as it is to raise a parrot, it’s no secret that they’re some of the most bedraggled creatures in the world.

As a result, we’re always searching for new ways to clean up after our parrot that are effective and safe.

With this in mind, is Dettol safe for parrots?

To answer this question…no, Dettol isn’t safe for parrots as it has been shown to cause toxicity and various other issues if it’s around them a long time. Dettol itself claims their product can be safe around parrots if you properly rinse it off once you’re done cleaning. Still, this can be a burdensome thing to do, and if done wrong, you can severely injure your parrot.

It’s a complicated subject as we need to clean-up after our parrots, but so many disinfectants can be hazardous for parrots.

The same thing can be said with humans as it’s been shown that high-toxicity disinfectant isn’t good for us to be around.

Even if it does an excellent job at cleaning, the components used to clean end up doing more harm than good.

With this in mind, we’re going to cover everything you’ll need to know about Dettol and how it is around parrots.

We’ll discuss what disinfectants are safe for parrots, if Dettol is safe for other pets, if you can use it for bathing your parrot, and much more.

By the end, you’ll be an expert on the subject of Dettol and its use regarding parrots.

Let’s take a look!


What disinfectant is safe for parrots?

Unfortunately, a lot of disinfectants release toxic fumes that can be extremely dangerous for parrots.

Thus, it’s needed for parrot owners to take the time necessary to see which disinfectants are actually safe for parrots.

As a good rule of thumb, try to avoid household disinfectants like bleach.

There are plenty of disinfectants made to clean up after parrots, so definitely search for those specific products.

All you have to do is search online by looking for parrot disinfectant, or you can ask their vet or a pet store for tips.

Typically go to experts before you look online as they’ll help you find the perfect solution.

No matter what product you end up using, make sure your parrot isn’t near you as you’re cleaning.

Also, wear a mask while you do it, as just about every cleaning product unleashes some sort of toxic fumes you shouldn’t be around.

Once done, wipe it down thoroughly and went a bit before allowing your parrot back around it.


Is Dettol safe for other pets?

Although Dettol isn’t a good idea to be used for parrots, you might be wondering if it’s okay for other pets.

If this is the case, realize Dettol has the same adverse effects with any pet, let alone a parrot.

Thus, you need to be really careful with using it, even if it’s somewhere your pets don’t usually go.

It’s a shame too, since Dettol works beautifully at what it’s supposed to do.

Unfortunately, usually the best disinfectants mean they have the most harmful chemicals.

Don’t take this as a warning for Dettol, as you can still use it; just make sure you follow their instructions correctly for once you’re done cleaning.

Lastly, if you happen to see your parrot or any other pet licking Dettol by mistake, make sure you bring them to seek help immediately.

We’ll discuss this more in-depth later in the article, but never wait when it comes to an accidental issue like that.

It can be a matter of life and death.


Can I bathe my parrot with Dettol?

For whatever reason, some people get the idea that they can bathe their pets with Dettol and water.

Even if this sounds like a good idea to you, don’t.

This is a perilous combination as the Dettol can harm a parrot’s delicate feathers and skin.

Instead, only ever bathe your parrot in warm water.

Trying to implement disinfectants in the process tends to not work out and usually ends up doing more harm than good.

Plus, warm water should more than suffice in the process, making it a reasonable subject to utilize.

If you used Dettol on your bath, make sure you give it a few days before giving your parrot a bath.

Dettol and various other disinfectants tend to linger a lot longer than most people realize.

Although your parrot should be fair, you don’t want to risk it with things like this, so wait a bit.


Can I apply Dettol directly on Parrots?

Similar to the notion of giving your parrot a bath with Dettol, many owners come up with the idea of applying Dettol directly on parrots.

Even if you’re careful and they don’t necessarily consume it, realize this is still horribly bad for them and should always be avoided.

Just like Dettol would affect their feathers and skin in a bathing situation, the same thing occurs if you apply it directly to them.

In fact, it’s much worse in this instance as there isn’t any water to help neutralize the process.

Either way, don’t think about doing it.

Even if you’ve done it before and your parrot appeared fine, it’s not worth risking again.

Just because your parrot was fine that one time, you never know what might end up happening later on.

Be mindful of what’s going on, and realize there are plenty of other safe ways to clean your parrot.


Is Dettol poisonous to parrots?

If you haven’t caught on by now, Dettol is technically poisonous to parrots.

Although it won’t kill them instantly if they’re just near it, it can be devastating if they eat it or are around it too long.

The same thing applies to humans, as it can kill us if we consume it.

Dettol is made up of three main components with pine oil, castor oil, and chloroxylenol.

Although pine oil and castor oil aren’t deadly, chloroxylenol is extremely dangerous for any animal, as it immediately kills fish once it’s dumped in their water.

With this knowledge alone, you should know it’s not an excellent product to be around.

Still, the positive of Dettol is it does an excellent job at deep-cleaning, primarily due to how it will kill any bacteria it touches.

Thus, if you can manage to be careful with it and don’t use it around your parrot, you’ll find it to be instrumental.

Just make sure you take your time and don’t rush it.


What happens if a parrot swallows Dettol?

As you can imagine, it’s ubiquitous for a parrot to accidentally swallow Dettol since so many people use it.

If you’re someone who uses Dettol and that also has a parrot, just make sure you’re careful with it around them.

There are three different scenarios in which your parrot accidentally consumes Dettol.

The first is the most common way where you use Dettol, and your parrot breathes in the toxic fumes afterward.

To avoid this, always clean it up very well and try to not let your parrot around the area until a few days have gone by.

Second, your parrot may lick the Dettol directly while you’re using it.

With this in mind, make sure you take the time necessary to ensure your parrot isn’t near you while you’re using Dettol.

Lastly, your parrot might somehow get into the Dettol itself and drink it directly.

This tends to be the worst outcome, so make sure you store the Dettol away properly.


Can Dettol be used to clean around parrots?

Although Dettol isn’t necessarily useful to clean your parrot or clean their cage, you might be wondering if it’s still okay to use it around your parrot throughout your house.

As long as you’re careful and ensure your parrot doesn’t come near the Dettol, it should work perfectly fine for you.

First, make sure your parrot is safely away from wherever you’re using it.

As for yourself, have the proper cleaning attire on so you don’t accidentally rub it in your eyes or anything like that.

Once you’re done, wipe it down thoroughly, and don’t let your parrot near the area for a few days.

Lastly, try not to use overuse Dettol as using it too much can do more harm than good.


What should I do if my parrot eats Dettol?

The last point you should be mindful of is what you should do in case your parrot accidentally eats Dettol.

As long as you’re careful and try to not let them near it, you shouldn’t have to worry about this, but you never know when an accident might pop-up, and you’ll need to address it.

Thus, if your parrot accidentally eats Dettol or comes near it, you should immediately bring them to your vet or pet hospital.

Try calling and explain what happened, and they should manage to get the Dettol out of their system, so they’re fine.

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