How Much Do Jardine Parrots Cost? (Answered!)

Having a parrot as a pet comes with a lot of responsibility, but with enough perseverance and patience, anybody can become a proud parent of a parrot.

Parrots are immaculate creatures filled with personality, and every species of parrot is so vastly different from each other.

With this in mind, Jardine parrots are a medium-sized green parrot from Africa that craves attention and makes one of the best options in the parrot world.

However, like any other parrot, the questions rises, how much do Jardine parrots cost?

To answer this question…Jardine parrots cost $500 to $1,200 depending on where you adopt them from. Because of their popularity, people can charge a hefty penny for a Jardine parrot. Keep in mind, this price only includes the initial adoption price and doesn’t include other costs such as food, medical bills, toys, and much more.

 It’s a fascinating subject to look at the specifics of a parrot and see how much it is to adopt one.

Considering all parrots have a range in their rarity, maintenance, and popularity, there’s a parrot for everyone’s budget.

Plus, no matter the specifics of a parrot, they’ll all be an excellent pet to have around.

Nevertheless, down below, we’re going to discuss everything there is to know about the price of a Jardine parrot.

We’ll discuss how much food, vet bills, toys, medical bills, and various other information related to the subject.

Let’s get started!


How much is food for a Jardine parrot?

Jardine’s are medium-sized parrots, which means they won’t need as much food as larger-sized parrots but will need more than smaller parrots.

As obvious as this is, people have a difficult time estimating how much food any parrot will need.

For the broad notion of how much food will cost for a Jardine, expect to pay around $20 per week.

Considering parrots can eat a lot of the food we already eat, it’s relatively straightforward to save money on food for them.

However, parrot professionals recommend feeding them a decent amount of parrot-geared food filled with nutritional benefits they’ll need.

Luckily, parrot-made food isn’t too pricey and is roughly the same price as a standard dog or cat feed. Considering Jardines are much smaller compared to a dog, this bagged food will last them significantly longer.

Plus, fruits, veggies, seeds, and nuts suitable for parrots are great options to feed them that you most likely have lying around already.


How much is a vet for a Jardine parrot?

Aside from medical bills and emergencies, it’s essential to look at the standard cost of a vet visit for a parrot.

For the most part, a Jardine won’t require anything too extra for a vet bill.

Nevertheless, depending on where you live, a standard check-in costs roughly $50 to $200.

Although some might look at the higher end price and think that offers more than a lower-tiered price, vet visits are typically the same no matter where you go.

Prices generally reflect the location of the vet, rather than the actual service.

Of course, some vets might offer severe advantages over one another, but for the most part, this isn’t the case.

Nevertheless, a yearly check-up for your Jardine is a natural part of being responsible for a parrot.


How much are toys for a Jardine parrot?

Technically speaking, you can spend nothing on toys for a parrot, but as you can assume, it’s in your best interest to buy toys for your Jardine.

Considering Jardines absolutely love attention, it’ll be very challenging for them to live properly without extra fun in their life.

Nevertheless, having a toy budget of $30 per month is a good start. Initial costs can be around $100 since you most likely don’t have any parrot toys to begin with.

Even if you have old toys lying around, definitely purchase 3 to 4 toys for them to enjoy.

They’ll greatly appreciate any toys you get them, plus, parrot toys aren’t too expensive and are a simple trick to make your Jardine significantly happier.

If you’re confused about what toys to get them, here’s a list of toys to consider.

Bird Toy Ball

Stuffed Animal

Fake Branch

Assorted Toy Wood Pieces


How much are cleaning and hygiene supplies for a Jardine parrot?

For the most part, parrots don’t require shampooing or fancy grooming requirements like dogs do, but they still require a bit of grooming.

A standard parrot hygiene kit is only $10 or so dollars, consisting of a beak and nail trimmer.

On the other hand, people often bring their Jardine to a professional groomer, which is typically $35 a session for smaller and medium-sized birds.

Since Jardines are medium-sized parrots, expect to pay around $35 for a single session.

Depending on your Jardine’s age or health, you might have to visit the grooming service more than you might realize.

For the most part, a regular visit once every six months tends to be what most people consider to be a good rule of thumb.


How much are medical costs and maintenance for a Jardine parrot?

Depending on your Jardine’s health, medical costs tend to be over $100 if they require additional help.

Like other parrots, Jardines have a ton of severe health issues that can occur as they age.

However, like anything else, having a good understanding of health can do wonders on them before the matter.

Always be aware of your parrot’s health and what potential health concerns can pop up.

Considering every parrot is different, you never know what can go wrong with your parrot.

If you properly take care of your parrot with a healthy diet and lifestyle, they’ll be less likely to experience these issues.

Here’s a list of the most common health issues associated with Jardines:

Calcium deficiency

Psittacosis or parrot fever


Bacterial infection



How much is a Jardine parrot cage?

Jardine parrot cages are around $300 for a decently-sized one.

Since Jardines are medium-sized parrots, they don’t require anything too large, but the larger the cage, the better it tends to be for them.

Never get them one that’s too small or uncomfortable for them.


Jardines are excellent parrots that will surely brighten up any person’s life.

If you have a few thousand dollars available to adopt a Jardine, as well as the additional costs associated with them, definitely look into the adoption options near you or online.

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