How to Parrot Proof A house

How To Parrot Proof Your House

As an owner of a pet, it is up to you to ensure your parrot is safe around your home. Providing safety, be it for humans, properties, or pets can be challenging, and impossible to …

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Do Parrots Attract Mice?

Do Parrots Attract Mice? (Answered!)

For many people who want to keep some parrots, one of the first questions they usually ask themselves is will they attract mice? If you don’t know the answer to that question, don’t you worry, …

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Are Parrots Unlucky?

Are Parrots Unlucky? (Answered!)

You miss the train by two minutes. Your mobile rings in the middle of an important meeting with your boss. Your favorite football team concedes in the last minute. These are all examples of what …

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