Do Parrots Like Music?

If you were to look at something practically that humans could reach an agreement on, it’s our overall enjoyment of music.

Obviously, people have different tastes in music.

Still, as for the broad spectrum of music, there aren’t many people who have a distaste for it.

As a result, we tend to wonder what animals and our pets think of the music we enjoy.

With this in mind, do parrots like music?

To answer this question…yes, parrots like music, with some studies suggesting that music can actually significantly benefit them in many ways. Still, it’s vital to note that similar to humans, the preferred music taste of a specific parrot will vary greatly. Meaning it might take you a bit of time to figure out what they like.

It’s fascinating to learn about how another creature can enjoy the same kind of activities we enjoy, especially when it comes to listening to music.

As we all know, music can a long way in someone’s life, and is equally as correct with parrots.

Still, many people are confused about this subject and why parrots like music in the first place.

Thus, it’s vital to discuss the topic as a whole for anyone interested.

With this in mind, down below, we’re going to discuss everything there is to know about parrots and their enjoyment of music.

We’ll discuss if all parrots like music, what music they tend to like and not like, as well as the benefits of music for parrots.

By the end of it, you’ll be an expert when it comes to your parrot listening to music.

Be sure to utilize this information to help you in the long run with raising your parrot.

Let’s get started!


Do all parrots like music?

Asking if all parrots enjoy music is the equivalent of asking if all humans enjoy music.

Although most certainly enjoy it, there are definitely a lot who don’t for whatever reason.

For starters, if your parrot has a natural distaste for loud noises, that could be a sign they don’t like music.

Still, the spectrum of music can be comprehensive, meaning there are probably several artists you can play for your parrot they’ll enjoy.

If your parrot happens to fall under this categorization, try playing ambient or acoustic-oriented music to see how they react to it.

Playing something more on the Brian Eno spectrum or a Nick Drake record may have them feel calmer due to these particular genres’ natural quietness.

Keep in mind, this experiment might not go as planned, so be sure to adjust if it doesn’t.

Whatever the case might end up being, don’t be afraid to do what you can to help your parrot.

Considering music can go a long way and has endless possibilities to search through, there’s certainly something out there your parrot will enjoy.

Also, be sure to check out ambient environmental pieces that might trigger an evolutionary enjoyment for your parrot.


What music do parrots like?

As you can probably imagine, the music tastes of parrots are expansive, similar to how it is with humans.

As a result, it’s particularly challenging to pinpoint what they like and don’t like.

If you’re someone who refers to themselves as a music fanatic, you’ll get a lot of enjoyment going through various records for your parrot.

Keep in mind, studies have actually shown that parrots have a comprehensive spectrum of what they enjoy music-wise.

Still, sticking to albums most people enjoy, like a Beatles record or something similar is a right place to start.

Beginning with something more polarizing might be a bit harder to sell to your parrot.

No matter what you end up doing, you never know what they might end up liking.

Regardless of this notion, parrots do tend to enjoy quieter acoustic music or ambient pieces when they’re trying to sleep.

With this knowledge, definitely do what you can to see what fits your parrot niche.

Plus, you more than likely have a general idea about what they enjoy with how they are as a parrot.

If they’re incredibly outgoing, try putting on some energetic music for them.

The same can be said if they’re shyer and so on.

Obviously, these are broad generalizations, but you get the point.


What music do parrots not like?

Similar to wondering what parrots like, the same can be said with what they don’t like.

Thus, it becomes a game of trying to figure out what you should avoid.

Generally speaking, you can make it broader with genres as parrots don’t listen to things as intently as humans do.

So, if you try a metal record with your parrot and they don’t like it, you can assume it’s probably not a good idea to put on another metal record for them.

The same can be said with any other genre, as it’s ideal to stay broad with parrots regarding music.

The reason why broadness is good when it comes to music with parrots is you don’t have the ability to speak with parrots directly.

For example, a human who loves metal music more than likely has several metal artists they hate.

With parrots, it’s challenging to dive into the nitty-gritty of it all.

However, as subjective as music is for parrots, there is one genre that seems to distaste by all parrots.

That genre is dance music for whatever reason, as parrots seemingly get annoyed and angry when they hear it.

Although this might not apply to all parrots, it tends to be more common than any other genre for what parrots don’t like.


What are the benefits of parrots listening to music?

Now that we’ve covered the broadness of parrots like and don’t like, you more than likely want to dive into the nitty-gritty of what the benefits are with a subject like this.

Several benefits were associated with music and parrots listening to it if you hadn’t guessed it yet.

Keep in mind, the specifics of the benefits vary from parrot to parrot, making it a bit of a broader area for us to analyze.

Still, as long as you find a piece of music your parrot enjoys, you should be able to see these specific benefits apply to your parrot.

Just remember to be patient, and the results will come.

The best way to obtain these benefits is to not worry that your parrot isn’t changing monumentally from the music itself.

Play the music, see what happens, and adjust if your parrot isn’t enjoying the music you selected.

If your parrot is listening to music they don’t enjoy, they most certainly will experience several negatives, something that should always be avoided.

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at a few expected benefits tied to music and parrots listening to a piece they enjoy:


Music puts parrots in a good mood

As you can imagine with a piece of music, it tends to be whoever is listening to it in a better mood.

Even if that music has gloomy or dismal lyrical motifs, it still promotes a level of satisfaction from the listener.

The same can be said with music for parrots.

If a parrot is listening to a musical piece they enjoy quite a bit, it’s fair to assume the music is putting them in a much better mood.

Considering the mood of your parrot can go a long way in their longevity, and how they act, it’s safe to assume that something putting them in a good mood is always beneficial.


Music makes parrots calm

Calmness is always crucial to raising a happy and healthy parrot.

If your parrot is constantly having anxiety issues or isn’t able to keep still, they more than likely will experience worsened matters down the line.

Thus, it becomes a matter of trying to ensure your parrot is calm.

Again, similar to how it makes humans feel, music does a fantastic job at calming parrots.

Whether it’s late at night and your parrot wants to fall asleep, or they had a long day and want to relax, all of it can be done with music.

Obviously, you’ll need to find the right music for them, but once you do, expect to see them calmer.


Music makes parrots not as bored

Parrots spend a great deal of their life in a cage, meaning they tend to get bored a lot.

If this is the case with your parrot, don’t be afraid to throw on their favorite tunes.

A parrot listening to their favorite tunes will go a long way in their boredom, compared to them sitting around doing nothing.


Music helps parrots sleep

As touched upon earlier, music can help parrots calm down, meaning they can get a lot more sleep than you’d typically expect.

Thus, with a subject like this, it’s easy to see why so many people play music like its background noise for their parrot when they’re trying to sleep.


Music gives parrots energy

Similar to parrots trying to sleep and be calm, the same can be said with energy.

Loud and exciting music can go a significant duration in giving your parrot energy.

Thus, it’s essential to do what you can to help your parrot be energized when they need to be.


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