Do Parrots Like Attention?

No matter who you are or your background, the vast majority of us enjoy widespread attention to a certain degree. Although some of us are significantly more introverted than others, there is the occasional congratulatory moment, in which every person wants a bit of attention. Every individual is indeed different from one another in their own regard. Still, even the biggest fatalists aren’t entirely against attention. Everyone wants some form of attention or recognition for their work or something particular. In contrast, others want it for everything they want. Basically, we all vary in that own regard despite our apparent similarities. Nonetheless, we’re not here to talk about humans, but parrots. Now that we’re on the subject of attention, do parrots like attention?

To answer this question…yes, parrots like attention. Although every parrot is their own and has an individualistic identity similar to humans, the majority of parrots love attention. Whether it’s spending time with their closest human friend, being fed, and getting time outside of the cage they sleep in, parrots need attention. In fact, most parrots crave attention to the point that it becomes a necessary staple. If you’re looking at adopting a parrot, but don’t have the proper time set aside for them, don’t waste your time. Only consider adopting a parrot if you are dedicated to the concept of giving them a happy, fun, and healthy life, in which attention is a big part of.

With the subject of attention-craving and parrots in mind, let’s take an in-depth look at the matter. Whatever you’re wondering about in this field, don’t worry, this article will have it covered. Whether it’s answering why they like attention, why they might not, and a variety of information related in the field. By the end of it, you’ll be more educated on parrots and their constant craving for attention. Let’s get started!

Why Do Parrots Like Attention?

The real question should be, why wouldn’t parrots like attention? In all seriousness, parrots are incredibly extroverted animals. For those who don’t know, an extrovert is a general term to describe someone outgoing. Whether it’s in a social setting, meeting new people, and generally thought of as the life of the party, extroverts are talkative and friendly individuals. Outside of just the human aspect, as a whole, parrots are extremely extroverted.

However, it’s essential to note parrots need daily attention. Since they’re social creatures and generally live in the wild as a flock, they need to be continuously fed attention every day. Plus, giving them enough attention will help them be friendly to other birds and parrots. Not doing so can cause them extreme anxiety and social issues that’ll hinder their overall longevity. Basically, make sure you spend a reasonable amount of time every day with them. It’s not difficult to do, and after a few days, you’ll get used to it.

What Do I Do If My Parrot Doesn’t Want attention?

Since parrots are generally thought of as extremely social creatures, something more serious can be wrong with them if they don’t want any attention. Although this isn’t always the case, it’s more likely something than not. Regardless of why they’re upset, there are a few solutions you should consider doing to help them. First and foremost, try to be social with them and see how it goes. You might just have to ignite it first for them to be back to normal for all you know.

On the other hand, if they don’t react to what you’re doing, try going down their other list of needs. Start by giving them food and water to see how they react. From there, try cleaning their cage and going through the rest of their general needs. If nothing seems to work, that’s when you should consider reaching out to their veterinarian. Even if nothing is wrong, it’s better to be safe than sorry in this particular situation. You never know when something might be wrong.

Is It Bad If My Parrot Doesn’t Want attention?

As noted, it’s a well-agreed upon the notion that parrots love attention. Since they’re incredibly social and extroverted creatures, it usually isn’t in the normal realm for them to not want attention. Although every parrot has their own identity, it’s generally not thought of as a commonality. Usually, if a parrot isn’t expressive and in need of attention, something more serious is at bay.

No matter what the situation might be, you need to make sure your parrot is okay before anything else. If it turns out your parrot is more introverted than most parrots, that’s totally fine. As long as they’re magnificent and happy in that regard, you don’t have anything too complex to worry about. Just make sure you take the proper time necessary to help them when they need it.

How Do I Give My Parrot Attention?

Similar to humans, there are countless ways to properly give your parrot attention. Although each parrot has a particular set of required attention requests, for the most part, they share a lot of similarities. As long as you make an effort each day to give them enough attention, you’ll be in the clear for their attention requirements. Just make sure you give them the proper amount of attention and don’t neglect them.

Neglecting them and avoiding their general need for attention can cause them serious issues. Whether it’s anxiety or a social problem, it’s always a bad scenario for your parrot to deal with. Thus, you need to make sure your parrot is comfortable with their entire living setup. Whether it’s how they sleep, what they eat, and their interactions, all of them need to be positive and good for them.

Nonetheless, here are a few examples of you can give attention to your parrot.

  • Brush them and spend time gently petting them and giving them affection.
  • Buy them toys and play with them.
  • Give them a branch or other similar things they can bite down/enjoy.
  • Bring them to meet other parrots and see their interactions with one another.

Is It Good to Constantly Give Your Parrot Attention?

Although human quality tends to think of constant attention as unfavorable in some circumstances, it’s not with parrots. In fact, parrots have a difficult time understanding right from wrong, so you mustn’t ignore them when they do something wrong. There is a proper way about teaching them what they did was wrong, but not by neglecting them. Ignoring them can only worsen other issues and make matters significantly worse.

No matter what the situation might be, just make sure you develop a general schedule for giving your parrot attention. You don’t have to dedicate your daily life to them, but make sure they get the love they deserve. Think of how you want to be treated by others and make sure your parrot receives a similar act in return. Parrots are affection and loving creatures, why wouldn’t you want to give them attention?

When Do Parrots Want Attention Most?

Depending on what a parrot is doing and their overall day, it might vary on when they actually want attention. However, it’s easy to reconcile; they’ll seek out attention at any time. Unless they don’t feel right or are in the middle of eating, parrots won’t mind a bit of attention. Plus, after certain activities, parrots will actually crave attention more than other times. It all depends on your specific parrot, but as long as you give them the attention they seek, they’ll most likely be outstanding.

Although parrots require 10 to 12 hours of sleep, they’re quite alert and active during their waking hours. During those hours is when they’ll be looking for attention and love, especially if the two of you have a close relationship. Obviously, don’t wake them up in the middle of the night to give them attention since that’d be cruel. Nonetheless, here is a quick list of when they want attention:

  • After they eat, spend a bit of quality time with them.
  • After they wake up, give them a happy morning greeting.
  • Before they fall asleep, give them a friendly goodnight farewell before they drift to sleep.

Do All Parrots Like Attention?

As noted above, the general broad spectrum of parrots like attention. However, this doesn’t mean all parrots like it or seek it. Depending on your specific parrot, they might be a bit more independent compared to others. No matter what the case might be, it’s terrific for your parrot to act who they are as their own self. Although giving them attention and being sociable will help them, don’t rush into it and force them to do anything.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you’re now able to have a more in-depth knowledge of parrots and why they like attention. Remember that they’re very social and extroverted creatures seeking specific qualities such as attention and spending time with others. No matter what, make sure you give them the happy life they deserve.

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