Do Parrots Fart?

Parrots are magnificent creatures that share a lot of the same characteristics that humans do.

Whether it’s how they communicate, show affection, or their fun all-around personalities, it’s remarkable how human-like parrots are.

In fact, there are plenty of parrot traits and characteristics that most parrot owners wonder about from time to time, some being more grotesque than others.

With this in mind, do parrots fart?

To answer this question…no, parrots typically don’t fart since their digestive systems aren’t built like humans are for building up gas. However, some parrot owners have heard a fart noise from their parrot before, leading many to wonder if some parrots do it in secret when we’re not paying attention. Plus, parrots can mimic farting sounds, but not from their rear ends.

As odd of a subject as it might seem, wondering whether or not your parrot can fart is a natural part of raising such a unique creature like a parrot.

After all, farting may seem like a natural part of any creature, seeing as any animal has to go to the bathroom.

Still, we have to realize not every animal is built like humans, no matter how human-like they might seem.

Regardless, we’re going to discuss everything you’ll need to know about parrots and their relationship with farting.

We’re going to discuss a few parrot species and farting, why parrots can’t fart, why parrots mimic fart sounds, if any parrot can fart, and much more.

By the end of it, you’ll have a detailed understanding of parrots and farting. Let’s take a look!


Do Macaws Fart?

There are 17 different Macaw species, making them one of the most versatile and unique parrot breeds in the entire world.

Despite their large and colorful size, many might suspect them to have farting capabilities like humans.

However, Macaws can’t fart like most other parrots.

Still, some Macaws enjoy having fun with their owner and can mimic a fart noise with their mouth.

This is remarkably similar to how a person will make a fart noise with their mouth as a funny remark.

Basically, if you hear your Macaw make a noise that’s similar to farting, realize it’s most likely not an actual fart.

Do African Greys Fart?

African greys are some of the most popular parrots to adopt in the world, primarily due to their incredible communicating abilities.

Considering just about every person wants a parrot that can speak well, it makes sense why so many seek out an African grey.

However, African greys are quite costly, making them a challenge to adopt for most people.

Although African greys are great at communicating, what about their farting ability?

Obviously, farting is what’s most important when discussing a parrot.

All joking aside, African greys also don’t have the ability to fart.

Some avian vets say if an African grey does fart, it can be a sign of an infection, so definitely be mindful of that.


Do Cockatoos Fart?

Similar to Macaws, cockatoos make-up a large portion of parrot species, with there being over 21 different Cockatoo species in the world.

Their light color with spiky mohawk appearance makes them such an extraordinary parrot to consider adopting.

Thus, the question remains, do cockatoos fart?

As you can assume, with just about every other parrot we’ve talked about, cockatoos can’t fart.

Although their diet might make you assume they have the ultimate farting capability, this is not true with them.

Yet again, if they do make a farting sound, realize it’s either them mimicking the sound with their mouth, or it’s because of an infection.


Why Can Parrots Not Fart?

As touched upon already, parrots can’t fart since they digest food much quicker than humans do.

The primary reason humans fart so much is because we take a much longer time to digest food than parrots do.

Parrots and most other birds go to the bathroom every few minutes, whereas humans take a few hours.

Besides going to the bathroom much more often than we do, parrots also don’t have the stomach bacteria that develops up gas in their intestines.

It’s possible some parrots can produce a fart if they have an odder diet than most other parrots, but the odds of that are improbable.


Why Do Parrots Mimic Fart Sounds?

As you more than likely are aware of by now, parrots are excellent communicators that are filled with joy when talking to us.

Although parrots don’t necessarily know what they’re saying, they get a lot of pride in communicating in such a way that makes us respond to what they do.

The same rules apply to them making fart sounds.

If you can make a fart noise with your mouth and do it around your parrot, expect them to do it back if they’re trained enough with communicating.

Keep in mind, communicating skills vary from parrot to parrot, so not every parrot will have the capability of mimicking a farting noise.


Can Any Parrot Fart?

As you can assume by now, most parrots can’t fart.

Still, some of you might be wondering if any parrot has the possibility of farting.

In some cases, a parrot can fart due to an infection.

Although this is incredibly rare, some avian vets have said they witnessed it from a parrot before.

Now, if you happen to hear a fart sound from your parrot, don’t immediately think there’s something wrong with them.

Your parrot more than likely mimicked the fart sound for fun, or they happened to make an odd sound from their body.

Either way, it’s practically impossible for a parrot to actually fart.


What is a Fart Sound from My Parrot?

If you haven’t read it yet or are just skimming through, the primary reason there’s a fart sound coming from your parrot has to do with their ability to mimic the sound as a joke.

Parrots are humorous creatures and love nothing more to make us laugh.

Thus, if you happen to hear the farting sound from your parrot, realize it’s not them passing gas.

Again, it’s possible an infection or other stomach issues can cause them to fart, this is very much not in the norm with parrots.

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