Can You Give A Parrot Aspirin? (Answered!)

While researching parrots, a thought came into my mind.

Do they also feel pain like humans?

I came to know that birds have pain receptors, so that means they also feel pain.

Some parrots may stop socializing when in pain.

While it is quite reasonable for parrots to try to conceal any signs of illness, birds in pain are unable to completely hide their discomfort.

Birds may close their eyes and have fluffed feathers.

If you notice such signs, you should know what to do if you cannot go to any bird specialist there and then.

Human beings, when suffering from pain, take pain killers.

Aspirin is one of the most widely known painkillers.

It is a safe medicine to use by humans.

Is it safe for parrots too?

Can we give aspirins to parrots?

The answer to this question is yes. Make sure that you are giving your parrot aspirin in a very minute quantity. It will be beneficial for birds in lesser quantity, and they will get relief from pain. But also these cute little parrots are tiny and fragile. So it is best to seek a piece of avian vet advice before self-medicating.  

The birds might show moderate activity sometimes due to irritability or aggression.

If you give your parrot aspirin without any issue, it might severely affect your parrots well-being.

In this article we will go over the following things:

How can you give aspirin to parrots?

How much aspirin is considered a standard dose for your parrots?

What are the side effects of aspirin on parrots?

Which painkillers can we give to parrots other than aspirin?


What is aspirin? 

Talking a lot about aspirin, first of all, it is essential to know what exactly it is.

Aspirin is a medication that is used to relieve minor pain or inflammation.

It will also bring a fever down.

It is an anti-inflammatory that can also cause blood-thinning.

Parrots are tiny creatures, so a very minute quantity will be sufficient for them.

Over-dosage can cause some serious health issues and even death in parrots.


What are the different forms of aspirin that we can give to parrots? 

Aspirin comes in a variety of different forms.

Let’s start with some of its kinds that are safe for parrots.

Aspirin also comes in a low dose ranging from 5 grains to 60 grains.

But in the case of parrots, a dose of less potency is beneficial.

Its low quantity will be safe to use.

It also comes in powdered form that can be easily dissolved in liquids.

Ibuprofen is also similar to aspirin.

It can also be given to parrots.


Can I give other medicines along with aspirin to parrots?

No, it is not safe for parrots’ health to give different medicines along with aspirin at the same time.

Parrots are sensitive living creatures.

Their body and system are not so strong to handle the chemical reactions of different medicines.

Aspirin may react with other medications and can affect the kidney or liver of the parrot.


How can we give aspirin to parrots?

There are two main methods to give aspirin to parrots, such as direct and indirect methods.

It is essential to follow medical advice from a fully qualified veterinarian before providing aspirin to parrots.

If you talk with them gently while giving them aspirin, parrots might respond better.


Direct method of giving aspirin to parrots

Try to give a tiny chunk of aspirin tablet directly to your parrot.

Keep an eye on the parrot as it swallows the medicine.

Try not to provide more than your parrot can consume at a time.

Your parrot may not be cooperative because of its unusual taste.

You can use a harmless syringe or a dropper to give that aspirin if you are using the soluble form of aspirin.

It is essential to take care that you do not give too much aspirin as over-dosage is harmful to parrots.


Indirect method of giving aspirin to parrots

If your little feathered friend is eating well, then simply you can mix the aspirin in their favorite food item.

You can also provide the aspirin inside something that can be consumed in one gulp, for example, inside a small piece of fruit or vegetable.

You can also mix aspirin in water or juice and can give it to your parrot.


How much aspirin can we give to parrots per day?

There is no such specific fixed dose of aspirin that you can give to parrots.

Parrots and humans have entirely different physiology.

The very lighter dose will affect parrots too.

Some vets may suggest few grains in a gallon of water.

It depends on how well or bad is the condition of your parrot.

It is better to follow any birds’ specialist instructions to avoid any kind of mishap.


When can I not give aspirin to parrots?

If your parrot has a loss of appetite, then it is not recommended to give aspirin to parrots.

Like humans, parrots also have different moods.

If your parrot is not playful for a while, do not give them aspirin considering them sick.

Carefully notice your parrot activities and then give aspirin or any other medication.


What are the side effects of aspirin on parrots?

Aspirin is safe enough, but still, it may not suit some breeds of parrots.

Aspirin can cause some breathing problems such as an increase in respiration and heartbeat.

It can also affect the digestive system of parrots and cause problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

Besides, some researchers have also found that excessive use of aspirin can cause gastrointestinal ulceration and bleeding.

It is better to seek medical assistance before self-medication.


What are some natural pain relief elements other than aspirin?

As aspirin is an anti-inflammatory so it may reduce the pain but can also cause some other complications.

To avoid complications, you can also try some natural pain relief herbs other than aspirin.

One of them is valerian, which is used as a sedative and relieves pain.

It is more reliable than most other herbal pain relievers.

It should be used only with the advice of an experienced herbalist.


Is aspirin secure enough to self- medicate to pet parrots?

Aspirin can be given to pet parrots but always check with your avian vet before giving aspirin or even any medication to your parrot.

Also, never even try to overdose with the idea that if a little is good, more must be better.

Birds are tiny as compared to people, and so the margin of inaccuracy when it comes to medications is slimmer.

Follow your bird specialist directions carefully on any medication sent home with your parrot.

Parrots are smart and exceptionally interested in exploring and tasting everything they see.

Keep medications away from their reach.

Never leave your little feathered friends free to explore in areas where such products may be kept.


Is buffered aspirin safe for parrots?

Do not give buffered aspirin to your pet parrots.

Buffered aspirin is used to treat upset stomach and heartburn.

Parrots are susceptible and small, so they cannot tolerate medicines of high potency.

It is extremely harmful to your parrots.

Make sure you check whether you are giving plain aspirin or buffered aspirin to your parrots to avoid any woe.


In conclusion, aspirin can be given to your pet parrots.

It is safe to use.

But it is very difficult to feed aspirin or any other medicine to parrots. 

Because of its bad flavor, they may spit out even if it is hidden in their food.

Whichever method of giving aspirin to your parrots you are using, just make sure that your pet parrot takes medicine in.

Often food gets stuck in their beak.

Only self-medicate your parrots when you have no other choice.

The best thing is to visit an experienced avian vet in case of any health issue.

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