Can Parrots Play With Baby Toys? (Answered!)

Parrots are very intelligent so they should have lots of toys to play with to provide them with the necessary stimulation and to keep them happy and healthy.

Have you ever wondered if your parrot can play with baby toys?

Let’s find out.

The answer to the question is yes. Generally speaking, baby toys are safe for parrots to play with because of the regulation the manufacturers have to adhere to when making children’s toys. It is important to make sure you pay attention to the toxicity of the materials used in relation to the size of your parrot before you give your bird a toy of any kind. Baby toys are typically not very toxic and are relatively inexpensive.

Are baby toys safe for parrots?

Generally speaking, baby toys are safe and great for parrots to play with. 

There are general rules you need to bear in mind, but it is your responsibility as the owner to know about your parrot’s habits and behavior.

If you are buying baby toys second-hand be sure to give them a good clean before giving them to your avian.

It’s also not a good idea to buy anything threadbare or extremely well used, because anything that has inner parts exposed may not be safe for your parrot.

If you’re ever unsure about how your pet will react to a new toy, observe how they interact with it and see if you can see any potential dangers that may come into play.

Use the toys as a kind of treat and only allow your parrot to play with them for a limited time, while you watch.


What materials and toys are safe for your parrot to play with?



Anything that is natural is fantastic for your parrot.

This is because tour bird can chew on wood and exercise their jaw muscles and beak and not get poisoned.

Most birds are attracted to colorful bits of wood strung together.

It’s best not to select heavily fragranced woods like pine or cedar, for example.

Instead, try something like a baby’s wooden rattle.

Wooden blocks are fine if you have only one parrot, but if you have more than one bird its best to not give them anything too big.



Parrots love to play with colorful beads made from plastic or wood.

They can be strung together on a bracelet or be given to them on as single beads your bird can chew on.

Chunky beads from child’s bracelets are always best so that they don’t present a potential choking hazard for your bird.

If you’re worried about letting your parrot play with beads, you can observe how they play with them.



Birds like to play with paper because they can chew on it and like that it makes noise.

Keep to baby paper because this is less likely to be made using any toxic dyes.

Baby paper is a soft fabric toy that makes a crinkly noise when chewed.

Cardboard is also safe for parrots to play with.


Shiny and Reflective Toys

Birds are attracted to shiny toys, particularly anything that reflects or makes light play on the service of the toy.

Shimmery toys are great, but make sure that you don’t buy anything which uses actual glitter, as this can be dangerous to birds.

In the case of reflective toys, these will keep your parrot engaged but bear in mind that it not always suitable to give them mirrors.


Colorful Toys

One of the reasons parrots are attracted to baby toys is that they’re colorful.

Stacking toys are great colorful toys for your parrots to have.



Parrots love to make noise.

Children’s toys that ring or click is excellent and your bird will play with them a lot.

Bells with a quiet ring are wonderful too, as you can ensure your pet doesn’t make too much noise.



Fabric toys are great for parrots, provided you stick to toys made from natural fibers like cotton.

You should also not give your birds anything they could potentially swallow or choke on.

Once a toy is threadbare throw it away.



This is a fantastic material for your parrot to play with.

Birds like to spend hours untying knots made out of leather.

You should only give vegetable-tanned leather to birds, because leather tanned with chemicals may be toxic to your parrot.

Replace leather that becomes wet or dirty to prevent bacteria from growing



If you choose toys with rings for your parrot, make sure that they are of the correct size.

This will ensure that your parrot can’t get its head stuck and choke.


Things to consider when choosing a baby toy for your parrot?


Mostly this is common sense, but if you have only recently become the owner of a parrot, there are a few things you’ll want to bear in mind.


The size of your parrot

Toys made for a baby may be an inappropriate size for your bird or may just be too dangerous for a small bird.


Potential choking hazards

Don’t purchase anything that could present a choking hazard to your bird.

Beads, for example, should be of the right size. Also be careful with threads and fibers, and strings.

Parrots can sometimes get their head or beak stuck if there are certain threads or strings in a toy.


Whether the toy is toxic to birds

Some paints and chemicals used in baby toys may be fine for your baby or toddler but would actually be toxic to parrots.

Some of the glues used in manufacture can be toxic, for instance.

Some materials should be avoided, as your bird could get to metal toxicity.

Metals can stay in your bird’s system and poison them.

There are some safe to use, including iron, steel and stainless still.

On the other hand, you should avoid tin, copper, zinc and lead.


Toys that can easily break apart

Your parrot’s beak is a lot stronger than babies’ hands are, so things that may not be thought of as a potential choking hazard for babies are more dangerous because your bird can break it.

Also, avoid flimsy types of plastic that your bird could break.

You can give your parrot a range of toys as having a variety will help keep your bird engaged and stop it from becoming bored.

Keep a few toys in the cage, but make sure that your pet has enough room to move.

Don’t overwhelm them it with too many toys, particularly ones that are too big.

Observe your parrot and figure out what it likes.


Some available parrot toys

There are various great parrot toys available on the market.

There is a bowling bird toy that stimulates your parrot mentally and physically which is ideal.

Birds love a mirrored, reflective surface, so a mini bowling ball will keep them engaged for hours.

There are also many colorful toys that use sticks and beads to provide stimulation for your pet.

Many of these toys have easily graspable rope which can be stress-relieving and fun for your parrot.

There are also great durable toys that parrots are bound to enjoy because they use a variety of shapes to keep your bird happy.

This type of toy is also easy to clean which is an added bonus.

On top of all that, your feathery friend will also love the bright colors that will capture their attention.

You can even buy a rubber case that you can put treats in and keep your parrot both entertained and mentally stimulated.

With so much choice before you, you’ll soon find the perfect toy for your parrot.


In conclusion, then, most baby toys are safe for your parrot to play with.

Just use some common sense when choosing a baby toy to give to your pet.

Make sure you avoid toys that could be toxic or use highly scented woods or toxic metals or paints.

If you keep a wide variety of toys for your parrot to play with, things that are made from different materials, or have different textures or make different noise your parrot will never be bored.

Your feathery friend will love you for it.

Just make sure you keep your bird’s health and safety in mind when you’re buying your pet a new toy.

If you are ever unsure if it is safe to give your parrot a particular toy, seek advice.

The only thing left to do now is to go and enjoy some time with your parrot.


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