Can Parrots Eat Nectarines?

When looking after your parrot you want to make sure that you are giving them the best possible life they can live.

After all, they are a beloved pet of yours so caring for them properly is essential!

There are many different types of foods that parrots can eat so you need to make sure that you are feeding you parrot the correct foods.

So, can you feed your parrots nectarines? The short answer is yes you can, in moderation and if prepared correctly.

This article will give you a guide to everything you need to know when feeding your parrot nectarines.

How nectarines can be given to parrots

Whilst you are able to feed nectarines to your parrot, you must make sure that the pips and seeds are taken out of them before your parrot has them.

This is because the pips and seeds contain a cyanide like substance which can be fatal for your beautiful bird.

It is also better to feed your parrot fresh nectarines than dried fruit as dried fruit may contain sulphates which can make your parrot extremely poorly and can sometimes even be fatal.

Also be sure that your fruits do not become a mash or used stewed fruits, as this can change the amount of sugar in your parrots’ diet, and let’s face it, who likes mashed up fruit anyway!

Similarly, it is not recommended that you offer your parrot juiced nectarines as this can also change the way the minerals are represented in the foods.

By juicing nectarines, it can remove the fiber from them meaning that your parrot would not get any source of fiber from them at all.

Preparation of nectarines for your parrot

By ensuring that your parrots’ nectarines are prepared correctly combined with the right amount of pellets and mixed seeds, this will give your parrot a lovely and healthy combination of food for them to try.

You should try and use at least 40% of fresh fruit and vegetables in your parrots diet but be sure to work out the correct amount of sugar when preparing fruits.


As I mentioned earlier, it is not recommended that you offer juiced nectarines to your parrot as it does not offer as much fiber as a fresh nectarine however, if you would like to offer your parrot nectarines as a juice, then ensure that this is added to something to soak it up such as bird bread, cereals etc.

This will allow your parrot to enjoy a treat and be able to consume a fruit as a juice form in case they don’t like chunks of nectarines. It’s almost like a cup of tea and biscuits for your feathered friend!

Feeding nectarines to your parrot

Can Parrots Eat Nectarines?

When feeding nectarines to your parrot, it is important to keep the size of the fruits correct and ensure that they can eat them correctly.

As much as I’m sure it would be funny to watch your parrot why to hold a whole nectarine, this could also cause them to have a negative association with nectarines.

By preparing a nectarine correctly, this will allow your parrot to fully enjoy this fruit.

Parrots can eat the skin from a nectarine so you do not need to worry about peeling them, but you do need to make sure that they are washed correctly to remove any artificial wax or pesticides that may be on the skin.

Whilst parrots can eat nectarines whole, it is better to cut them up into large chunks so your parrot can eat them at their own pace.

This also ensures that you can remove the pip in the middle so that your parrot cannot eat it.

Benefits of eating nectarines

There are many benefits for your parrot to eat nectarines including providing vitamins and carbohydrates as part of their daily diet.

As I mentioned above, you should ensure that your parrots food is a healthy balance so you’re not feeding your bird too much of one thing.

Nectarines in themselves have many health benefits including being a low sugar fruit.

This is essential for your parrot as too much sugar is bad for their diet.

Another health benefit of nectarines is having a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for your parrot’s diet as it gives your parrot vital nutrients that help to stop self-destructive behaviors, such as gnawing, persistent chewing and feather picking.

Vitamin A

Equally Vitamin A is as important to include in your parrots diet as it helps to support their immune systems.


Nectarines have a natural source of fiber in them which is good for your parrot.

Parrots use fiber as a lining of their stomach, which means that it makes their foods more easily digestible.

By feeding your parrots nectarines, this helps with the daily intake of fiber your parrot should be consuming.


Nectarines also have a natural source of potassium, which is another mineral that your parrots need daily.

Potassium is used to help your parrot to produce glucose for their reserves. It also helps to boost protein for their metabolism.

To summarize, you can absolutely feed nectarines to your parrot however it must be as part of a varied diet to ensure that you are not feeding your parrots the incorrect quantities of foods and nutrients.

Make sure you are keeping a balanced for your beautiful bird and enjoy every wonderful moment with them.

By introducing nectarines to your parrot’s diet, this can also allow your parrot to want to try other foods.

By including fruits in your parrot’s diet, this gives them that glorious shine in their feathers because of all the nutrients that are in the fruits.


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