Can Parrots Eat Chicken? (Revealed!)

Unless you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, the vast majority of us love chicken.

Whether it’s fried chicken, roasted chicken, chicken wings, and so on, meat-eating humans have a certain love and affinity for chicken.

On top of our love for chicken, some chicken can actually have a lot of health benefits.

If you’re reading this article though, you’re probably wondering if parrots can eat chicken?

Can parrots eat chicken? Yes they can. Although they shouldn’t eat it in large portions, some of the ways chicken is prepared can be very healthy and nutritional for them. On top of the health benefits a parrot receives from eating chicken, some of them tend to have an affinity for eating it.

To understand more about parrots eating chicken, this article is going to take a closer look at the subject.

It’s going to go over the benefits, negatives, what chicken they can and can’t eat, whether they even enjoy eating chicken, and other information pertaining to the subject.

Let’s get started!


What are the benefits of a parrot eating chicken?

With any kind of food you feed your parrot, you’re probably wondering what the benefits some foods hold over others.

With chicken, there are certainly a variety of benefits it has for feeding to parrots.

Let’s go over what those benefits are:



For starters, chicken is packed with protein.

Any diet of a parrot should get a decent amount of protein in it.

If you can feed your parrot a little bit of chicken, they’ll get a days worth of protein in one sitting of eating it.

Having enough protein in their diet will keep them energetic, happy, and fulfilled. 


Healthy bones

Another positive of your parrot eating chicken has to do with their bones.

Not the chicken bones, but the bones of your parrot.

Eating chicken has been shown to help bone health which is very important for a parrot.

As your parrot ages, they lose bone density which hinders their ability to live a healthy life.

Eating something like chicken might help their bone health which can possibly help them later in health.


Helps with stress

With chicken, most of the ways it’s prepared isn’t filled with sugar or harmful toxins to a parrot’s body.

If a parrot ate too much sugar or something toxic to them, it can cause them stress or hurt their overall health in a multitude of ways.

Since chicken hasn’t been shown to cause stress, it’ll help their stress levels which will lead to a healthier and longer life.


Helps boost the immune system

No matter what the animal is, the immune system of any animal is very important.

We’ve all read articles about drinking tea, eating fruits and vegetables, and other ways that can help our immune system.

For parrots, their immune system is important for getting rid of viruses, staying healthy, fighting off infections, and so on.

Since chicken is high in protein, a parrot that receives enough protein is more likely to have a stronger immune system.

The combination of protein from chicken and antioxidants from other sources will lead to healthier and happier parrots.


What are the negatives of a parrot eating chicken?

With as many positives there are for a parrot eating chicken, there are just as many negatives.

Let’s go over what those negatives are:


The poultry industry hurts the environment

A lot of people have risen concerns over the food industry and the negative toll it takes on the environment.

With regards to your parrot, some have noted that feeding your parrot chicken will increase the overall demand for chicken.

Thus, it’ll cause further environmental damage caused by the poultry industry.

Although your parrot won’t need a lot of chicken to eat, over their lifetime, it’ll add up.


Parrots aren’t usually on a diet that has cholesterol

Although parrots are technically omnivores, they generally lean more toward the vegetarian side of things.

This means that a parrot who all of a sudden is eating large portions of chicken will have cholesterol introduced to their diet.

It’s important to monitor your parrot’s diet and to not overdo it with certain foods, even if they do have some benefits.


It can upset their stomach

Since a parrot isn’t flying around swooping up chickens to eat, an introduction of chicken into their diet may cause their stomach to upset.

When their stomachs get upset, they’ll have worsened fecal matter, bad moods, and might even attack other parrots or humans.


May cause complications

Although this isn’t 100-percent proven for every parrot, some parrots can’t have any form of chicken introduced to their diet.

If you plan on introducing a new food into your parrot’s diet, always double chicken with their veterinarian first.

They’ll make sure it’s okay for your parrot to eat it beforehand.

As you can tell, there are just as many negatives to a parrot eating chicken as there are positives.

Whether you want your parrot eating chicken or not, it all depends on your parrot and if you think it’s okay for them to eat.


Can parrots eat fried chicken?

The main issue with fried chicken is the grease that comes with it since it’s fried.

If you can pick off the skin and let it just be the meat and bone, then your parrot will be okay to eat it.

However, remember to not feed them an abundance of chicken at once.

Just like humans, if they get overfed, they can get an upset stomach which will cause them more than good.

Generally speaking, fried chicken should be avoided with a parrot because of how greasy it is.

If you insist on feeding it to your parrot, try peeling off a small bone with meat on it.

This should satisfy your parrot and give them enough meat to eat.


Can parrots eat roasted chicken?

Out of all of the ways chicken can be prepared, roasted chicken is probably the best way to give to your parrot.

If you can peel off a little bit of meat for your parrot, they’ll more than likely be able to stomach it and eat it very easily.

However, with any food, make sure you monitor your parrot while they eat roasted chicken. It’s always good to play it safe than it is to just see what happens.

You never know what might upset your parrot which is why it’s important to keep a close eye on them whenever you give something new to eat.

Even after they’re finished eating, double-check to make sure they’re processing the food okay.


Can parrots eat chicken skin?

Since chicken skin is usually the greasiest part of a chicken, a parrot shouldn’t eat chicken skin.

Although some parrots would probably be okay with eating it, for the most part, it’s better to avoid it all together than it is to how they’d react to it.

After you prepare and cook chicken, peel back the skin, grab a little bit of meat and give it to your parrot.

As long as their veterinarian said it’s okay for them to eat, see how they like it.


Can parrots eat chicken flavored chips?

Just like humans, parrots can technically eat anything, but there’s a lot of food they shouldn’t eat.

As for chicken flavored chips, parrots shouldn’t eat them.

They’re very unhealthy and will cause a parrot to have an upset stomach.

If a parrot were to eat chicken, it should be a lean healthy chicken that was prepared in a way that isn’t unhealthy or filled with grease.


Can parrots eat chicken salt?

For those of you that don’t know, some chicken salts contain chicken, some contain chicken flavoring and some just contain a blend of herbs and spices.

As for whether parrots should be eating chicken salt, it’s a no.

They should try to avoid it.

Just like humans, eating too much salt is very bad for their diet, whether it’s regular salt or chicken salt.


Do parrots like chicken?

For the most part, yes, parrots enjoy eating chicken.

In the wild, parrots never eat chicken and their diet consists of fruits, plants, seeds, and insects on occasion.

When they’re part of a household that feeds them chicken, they’ve been known to enjoy it.

Then again, who doesn’t love chicken?

If parrots are fed a piece of chicken, they tend to pluck it all of the way down to the bone.

The bone itself is their favorite part since they enjoy smashing it with their beak.


What kind of chicken is best for a parrot?

As noted earlier, the least greasy and leanest kind of chicken is best for a parrot.

On top of the chicken needing to be lean and not greasy, their diet isn’t used to something like chicken which is why they should eat it in small increments as well.

As noted earlier, feeding a parrot too much chicken will do more harm than good.

You should now understand what kind of chicken and how much chicken a parrot can eat.

They’re omnivores which means they can eat certain meats like chicken, but just like most food, it’s best in moderation.

Next time you’re cooking some chicken and have a bit of extra meat from it, consider feeding it to your parrot for a nice treat for them.

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