Can Parrots Eat Cake?

One of my neighbors frequently puts out food scraps for the wild birds in her garden.

While we were chatting this week over the fence, I noticed she had put out what looked like cake.

After a chuckle about it, I asked, are the birds getting a premium cake for snacks now?

She said they had a family birthday recently, and the cake went stale, so she put it out for the birds.

My parrots get a lot of variety in their diet, but I had never considered giving them a cake.

Let’s find out, can parrots eat cake?

No, parrots cannot eat cake. A cake is full of refined sugars, high fat concentration, and even salt. All of which are toxic to parrots and can cause serious health problems.  Chocolate cake is even worse. The blunt answer is, do not feed your parrots cake.

Parrots are curious creatures and suffer from the fear of missing out.

It is advisable not to eat cake in front of your parrot as they will only want some if you’re enjoying it.

Parrots are much like children, and you have to lead by example instead of the old saying of doing as I say.

This article will discuss what toxic food means for parrots, how cake ingredients affect your parrot, if cake can cause behavioral problems in parrots, and much more.

Let’s find out all the answers about our parrots eating cake.


What does toxic food mean for my parrot?

The word toxic doesn’t mean poisonous.

The toxic food list for parrots really means it is highly advised to not feed your parrots these foods.

Your parrot will not fall down dead if they accidentally eat a small amount of cake.

If a parrot eats foods from the toxic list regularly, they will suffer health complications that can cause them to develop other illnesses or diseases if they have prolonged exposure.

It is precisely the same for us humans.

If we eat excessive sugar and processed fats for a long time, we can develop weight gain, illnesses like type 2 diabetes, and suffer from high cholesterol and heart attacks.

The word toxic basically means a more substantial synonym than just being bad for you.


Why is cake so bad for parrots?

Cakes can contain many toxic ingredients for your parrot, depending on the recipe.

The top list of no-go foods for your parrots is chocolate, cocoa powder, avocado, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, and high salt intake.

Cakes can have all these ingredients, and many other cake ingredients are included on the toxic food list for parrots.

Another question is if the dairy used in cakes is bad for parrots.

Dairy is not toxic for parrots, but the lactose in dairy products can upset their stomach.

Parrots are commonly lactose intolerant.


Can I give my parrot a diet-friendly cake?

You can indeed make your parrot a bird-friendly cake.

It is not my idea of a cake I would enjoy; however, it is nice to include your parrot in celebrations or offer a parrot-friendly cake on their birthday.

Online there are a few alternative recipes you can try involving grating things like carrot, mixing in parrot kibble, and adding dried coconut or oats to form a cake-like structure.

This will involve baking like a regular cake but skips out the toxic ingredients to ensure your parrot maintains their healthy balanced diet.

If you decide to make a parrot-friendly cake, always remember to allow the cake to cool before offering it to your parrot.



How do cake ingredients affect my parrot?

Here is a typical list of foods found in a cake that is classed as toxic to parrots and the reasons why they badly affect our birds.


Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine.

Both are classified as methylxanthines and are linked to hyperactivity, increased heart rate, tremors, seizures, and sudden death when ingested in high quantities.

The darker the chocolate, the worse it gets.

Dark chocolate is potentially more toxic to your parrots, and dark chocolate is commonly used in baking.  


High sugar and high fats

High sugar and high fats are technically not toxic, but foods with this label can cause parrots serious health concerns when eaten regularly.



Dairy ingredients contain lactose, and it is lactose that can cause painful stomachs and diarrhea in parrots. Excessive exposure can cause dehydration, fatigue and lead to other health complications.  



Caffeine can also be found in cake depending on the recipe, which can excessively increase a parrot’s heart rate causing their heart and body functions stress.



Why does my parrot like cake?

Well, who doesn’t like cake, right?

The ingredients in a cake are highly addictive.

It is a natural response as it is a high-energy source.

It’s a sweet tasty treat that we all love, and that is why your parrot likes it.

Your parrot doesn’t have the understanding they need to balance their diets.

It’s hard enough for us humans to recognize that sometimes. 

As caring owners, we need to restrict what our parrots eat to maintain a healthy balanced diet.


Why does my parrot keep stealing my cake?

The ingredients of a cake are tasty, yummy, and addictive.

Parrots are like young children, and if they want it, they will find a way to get it if it is insight.

The advice is to not eat things like takeaway, sweets, cake, or anything that could be toxic for parrots in their presence.

Tricky, I know.

Especially when your parrot does the ‘what about me pose.’

Not only will your parrot do the loving parrot stance, but they can also demand some cake due to their ability to talk.

I guess you wouldn’t eat cake in front of your friend who is on a diet. It’s the same idea.


Can cake cause behavioral problems in my parrot?

Research shows there is a correlation between toxic food and your parrot’s behavior—parrots have shown excessive screaming and aggression with the consumption of high-fat, high-sugar foods. 

These foods can contain addictive qualities, and due to your parrot’s lack of understanding, they just know they want that tasty treat and can end up demanding it.

It was like my children when they were toddlers.

They would want yet another chocolate button but refuse to eat a home-cooked meal.


Is everything in cake toxic for my parrot?

Pretty much, yes.

Once the cake is baked, it’s not like you can remove the eggs.

It has become one structure in the form of a yummy treat.

The individual ingredients can be categorized into toxic or safe, but it all becomes a forbidden treat when together.


The direct answer is cake is bad for parrots, and they should not eat it.

However, if they eat a small amount in error, there is no need to panic.

It is if eaten frequently and regularly, it can cause health concerns.

There are a few recipes online for cake alternatives for parrots that they will thoroughly enjoy—this way, they can be included in family activities and celebrations.

If you are concerned about your parrot eating too many sweet treats, discuss with a professional vet who can safely help your parrot.

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