Can Parrots Drink Beer?

No matter what time of year it is, drinking a glass of beer is a great way to pass the time and enjoy the end of a hard-working day. Whether it’s a craft, domestic, or just an all-around cold beer, most won’t argue that there’s anything better than a beer. Outside of drinking beer, a lot of people nowadays are taking care of a parrot as a pet. Parrots are fantastic little creatures that can make a person’s life more interesting, fun, and are fabulous all-around buddies to have around the house. However, since parrots are more out of the norm than dogs or cats, it’s a bit difficult to comprehend a lot of the information related to the subject. With the theme of parrots and beer, can parrots drink beer?

To answer this question…no, parrots shouldn’t drink beer. Although it’s technically possible for them to drink small amounts of beer, generally speaking, any alcoholic substance should be avoided for any particular bird. For starters, it’s not something they’re used to in their diet and can significantly hinder their overall health. If you or someone you know has a parrot in their household, make sure all of you are educated on the relationship between parrots and beer. Considering beer is a standard household drink, it makes sense for people to contemplate giving some to their parrot, or any bird for that matter. However, they need to realize it’s not a good idea to give it to them.

Now that you know parrots shouldn’t drink beer, let’s a dive a bit deeper into the subject. We’ll discuss if beer is toxic to parrots, how much beer is too much, and what you should do if they drank some beer. Afterward, we’ll discuss if they can get drunk from drinking beer, if it’s fatal, if they can open beer bottles, and other information related to the subject. Let’s take a look!

Is Beer Toxic to Parrots?

As touched upon earlier, beer isn’t good for parrots to drink. In fact, beer and any alcoholic substances are toxic to most birds. Scientifically speaking, alcohol dulls the organ systems of birds, which can lead to further complications. Considering parrots fall under the classification of being a bird, the same toxicity component applies to parrots.

No matter what the particular subject is, it’s always a good idea to be mindful of what’s harmful and not for your parrot. They’re a bit sensitive when it comes to certain foods and drinks, which is why it’s crucial to understand everything related to the field. Of course, the information pertaining to it can be overwhelming, but that’s where guides like this come in handy. Now you know that beer, and form of alcohol, is toxic to parrots.

How Much Beer is Too Much for Parrots?

As noted above, beer is toxic for parrots, which means it shouldn’t be given to parrots. However, if your parrot has a tiny portion of it, it’s not the end of the world. Of course, always be mindful of where beer is and to make sure they don’t overconsume. If you feel that they had more than a few drops of alcohol, they’ve definitely had too much.

It’s essential to keep in mind that parrots aren’t the same size as us, and shouldn’t consume anything on the same degree. Many people tend to think of any other species, let alone parrots, being able to consume a food or drink on the same level as us. Considering the impact alcohol has on us alone, it makes for tiny parrots (compared to us) won’t be able to consume any alcohol on the same level. Plus, since alcohol is toxic to them, they shouldn’t drink any small amounts too.

What Should I Do If My Parrot Has Drunk Some Beer?

If your parrot has drunk some beer and you’re in a panic, don’t worry. First and foremost, determine how much they actually drank. If they had a few droplets, they’ll most likely be fine and won’t require anything extra other than some water. Like any other species, give them enough water to stay hydrated during an instant that will ensure they’re okay.

On the other hand, if you discover they’ve consumed a lot of beer, bring them to their veterinarian immediately. You never what the damage of beer can do to them until after the fact, which is why it’s so crucial you get them help quickly. Similar to if they barely drank any beer, make sure they stay hydrated on the way to getting help. This will help eliminate any current toxins from the beer.

Can My Parrot Get Drunk from Drinking Beer?

Yes, practically any species in the world can get drunk from drinking beer. However, the amount of beer or alcohol that gets them drunk depends on the species themselves. Plus, it’s important to note that since parrots don’t typically consume beer, they hardly have any tolerance for it. Plus, since they’re relatively small, barely any will get to the state we refer to as drunk.

If your parrot accidentally has a few gulps of beer, you’ll notice them in a state of being drunk. It’ll be a similar act like how humans act from beer, except a bit more mellow. Looking at how their current state will help you understand if they’ve accidentally drunk beer or not. Either way, whether they’re obviously drunk or not, be cognizant of how much they’ve had and get them the help they’ll need.

Can Beer Be Fatal for Parrots?

Outside of just being toxic for parrots, beer can be fatal for them as well. Depending on the parrot, it’s challenging to comprehend how much beer is deadly. With this in mind, always take the proper precautions necessary, so they’re okay. You never know if just a few droplets or a few gulps will be enough beer to be fatal for your parrot.

Outside of just beer, any drink with alcohol in it can be fatal for parrots. Obviously, the percentage of alcohol in the beer will play a factor in how much is too much. For the most, make sure your parrot avoids it. If they happen to get a sip or two, they’ll most likely be fine, but it’s better to be safe than sorry in this particular circumstance.

Can Parrots Open Beer Bottles?

Typically, when people bring up parrots, their beaks are among the first features that people bring up. Since they use their beaks to open a variety of items and a significant aspect of their physical appearance, it makes sense. Outside of just being an excellent appearance look for them, parrots can easily open beer bottles with their beaks.

In fact, a parrot’s beak is so strong it can theoretically smash open the glass of a beer bottle. Obviously, glass can be a significant issue for many species since it can slice something up, always make sure a parrot doesn’t get a hold of a beer bottle. Even if it’s not a glass beer bottle, but a can, they can still get it open. Although a can can’t be shattered like glass, it still leaves the potential for damage.

Can Parrots Drink Craft Beer?

Although some humans fancy craft beer over standard domestic beer, parrots still can’t drink it. Whether you’re extremely into craft beer, or not familiar with it at all, don’t let your parrot have it. It’s still just as bad for them as any other form of alcohol. In fact, most craft beer has a higher percentage of alcohol in it, which means it’s even worse for parrots.

No matter what the case might be, be mindful of where you store your craft beer and try to keep it away. Plus, craft beer is typically brewed with a variety of other ingredients that can potentially be even more harmful to parrots. Either way, make sure your parrot doesn’t have access to your beer storage.

Do Parrots Like Beer?

Depending on the beer and flavor, it’s certainly possible for your parrot to enjoy beer. If we enjoy it, why wouldn’t a parrot like it? Parrots have a general fascination for sweeter drinks, and some beer certainly falls under that category. Even standard tasting beer might satisfy them to a degree.

Since parrots generally never have beer in their lifetime, it’s difficult to say if they genuinely enjoy it or not. From a pure assumption standpoint, they most likely do since it’s typically cool and come as a sweet flavor depending on the beer. No matter what the circumstance might be with their preference toward beer, don’t give into it.

In Conclusion

Beer will remain a popular drink among humans for all of the right reasons and will continue to grow as a general subject in the marketplace. Whether you’re a beer drinker or not, now you know why it’s not a good idea to give to your parrot. As noted earlier, don’t worry too much if they accidentally have a little bit. Just make sure it doesn’t become a habit and know what to do in case a future issue arises.

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