Can Parrots And Pigeons Live Together?

First of all, to make things right, pigeons are creatures often misjudged by society. We don’t welcome them much and we consider them to be a constant wellspring of annoyance and dirt. They have all the earmarks of being idiotic, particularly when they’re littering the entire city with their dung. However, this couldn’t possibly be more off-base. Well…  Sorry to disappoint you. Pigeons are a lot more brilliant than you might suspect, likely significantly more brilliant than you are (No offence though). It’s just a fact that you must admit.

All things considered, we should get straight into the point. Suppose you own a household pigeon or possibly a dozen more. However, you need to add more bliss to the environment surrounding you. The main thing you consider is purchasing a parrot. What’s better than an insane keen pet that can talk and may even outlive you? (Literally nothing).  Yet, are you sure these two species can live together in harmony?

The answer to can parrots and pigeons live together is yes they can.  Parrots are monogamous; they choose a mate and form a tight bond. Pigeons are so smart, so are parrots. They’d make a great bond together. Once the first contact is made, you’ll tell whether they will get along or not. Make sure to supervise them carefully to avoid the worst case scenario.

Two Main Traits Shared by Pigeons and Parrots:

The shared traits between the two species can encourage positive interactions and build stronger bonds. The pigeons and parrots share two main traits.

A Great Intelligence

For a fact, pigeons are war heroes. They saved millions of lives during the First and Second World Wars by carrying messages across enemy territories.

They also understand time and space. Once they have been trained well, pigeons can pretty much do anything.

Parrots are quite smart as well. They can mimic human beings, and they’re able to associate words with their meanings.

Parrots’ cognitive talents and intellectual abilities are as good as a man’s can be.

Violence and aggression are the traits that push predators to hunt down their prey. Contrarily, parrots and pigeons share a great trait which is intelligence.

This trait will unite individuals. You can easily tame both of them .They won’t go crazy and try to eat one another.

A Very Docile Character

They are mild, sweet, and social animals.

Another shared trait is being monogamous.

If they get along once, be sure that a strong bond will be built between them and they will never try to harm each others.

How Do I Make Pigeons and Parrots Get Along?

There are quite a few techniques you can use when it comes down to making the two creatures get along.

They have been tested and proven to work well each time.

Do not force the first contact

The first contact is always the most important step towards building a strong bond.

You should not rush it. These creatures will feel insecure and tend to get aggressive as a defense mechanism.

A useful technique would be leaving both of them in two separate cages next to each others for the first couple of days.

Being in the same state of captivity will create a sense of equality among both species.

It’s been proven that, once released, these two creatures will make a much friendlier interaction.

Feed Them Well and Regularly

A good diet will ensure that the birds stay in a very good state of mind.

Better nutrition can provide an overall boost to the mood and a less hectic lifestyle.

Stress can get birds to become anti-social and develop a much more aggressive behavior.

Exchange Toys

Birds are well known for their playful behavior, they like anything that can be used as a toy. Wooden beads, bells and swings are quite handy when it comes down to adding a greater bit of fun to their lives.

Yet, the magic lies in exchanging these toys. It might sound weird for the bird at first as he won’t recognize the smell.

However, by getting used to the toy, the bird is at the same time getting used to the smell of the other bird.

That’s like a safe interaction from a distance. It ensures that both species will recognize each others as play mates instead of enemies.

How Do I Avoid Trouble Between The Two Creatures?

Once the two creatures get along, make sure to avoid anything that might create trouble between them and destroy their bond. As intelligent as these birds might be, they are still hypersensitive. Hurt their emotions once and they’ll learn how to bite.

Show them love, equally, yet not too much

As mentioned before, these birds are monogamous. If the pigeon chooses the parrot as a mate, it will do anything to protect it.

Of course these birds won’t see their owner, the one who hand fed them, as an ‘enemy’. Yet, they can become jealous.

They will try to bite you and end up ruining the whole relationship.

Do not force a bird to play while in a bad mood

Birds in a bad mood can get quite aggressive. Especially pigeons, they will transform into bullies and harm the parrots as soon as they approach them.

Likewise, the parrot will lose trust and try to avoid the threat.

You can notice when the bird is in a bad mood when he’s not playing with the toys he has in the cage.

A bird in a bad mood is not, in any case, ready for interaction. Just release one bird at a time until they’re both feeling better.

Do not leave them at home unsupervised

No matter what happens, make sure not to leave the house until both species are in their cages.

Freedom can be fun but coming back home to find your pigeon killed the parrot (or seriously injured him) is not.

When Should I Separate the Two Species For Good?

When things tend to get serious and the friendship bonds are destroyed for good, do not try to fix anything. You have to separate the two species immediately. It might sound like a tough choice however it is the best for everybody, including you. The last thing you want is two crazy genius birds trying to kill each others.

In case you do not have enough space to put each species in isolation, when it comes down to choosing who to stay, always go for the parrot. It is the weakest creature and won’t survive alone. Contrarily to the pigeon which can join its specimen at anytime to litter more landmarks in the city.

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