Can Parakeets Eat Spinach? (Is Spinach Safe For Parakeets?)

Spinach is one of the most versatile greens around.

You can eat it raw, you put it in soups, you can fry it on toast, make smoothies with it—the options are endless.

But your list may go further than that if you own parakeets—can they eat spinach?

Yes, parakeets can eat spinach. It is a tasty and healthy addition to their diet, which they will love. Spinach is packed with all kinds of nutrients which your parakeet will love, and it’s totally safe. However, moderation is really important—they shouldn’t have too much.

It’s an ongoing challenge to find enough tasty and healthy foods that are safe to add to your parakeet’s diet and keep them happy.

But spinach is certainly one you can add to the list, so let’s look at some of the benefits of spinach for parrots.


Is spinach good for parakeets?

Yes, spinach is good for parakeets in a whole host of ways.

Generally speaking, parakeets love these sorts of leafy greens as treats.

It can really amazing things for their mood to have a regular supply of a good variety of treats like this, so it’s good for them in that way, first of all.

Beyond that, though, there are many specific nutritional benefits to speak of.

For one thing, they are a great source of fiber for your parakeet.

Fiber can be thought of the backbone of any parakeet’s diet, helping to move everything smoothly through its gut.

Spinach is great for this.

Spinach is also a really good source of some essential vitamins.

Most notably, spinach contains a lot of vitamin K, which performs a variety of functions in the body.

Most importantly, it helps to produce proteins that are essential for blood clotting and the strength of your parakeet’s bones.

Spinach also contains a lot of health minerals, like calcium, iron, and folate.

Calcium again helps to strengthen bones and muscles, and iron helps in transporting blood and oxygen smoothly around the body.

Spinach, then, is rich in many important nutritional benefits, and so it represents a great part of a healthy, balanced diet—but balance is the name of the game here.

Let’s look at some caveats.


Is spinach bad for parakeets?

No, spinach is not inherently bad for parakeets.

It is not dangerous or toxic, and won’t cause harm in the short term.

However, there are several important caveats to keep in mind when feeding your parakeets spinach.

Most importantly is that they should only eat it in moderation.

Given that it is so nutrient-rich, as we have outlined above, is what should give you pause.

Yes, this is really beneficial in the right quantities—but it’s very easy to go over and for them to have more nutrients than their body can use.

Spinach should be seen as an occasional treat, something that they eat once or twice a week in small quantities.

Swap it out for other fruits and vegetables in the rest of the time you treat them.

This will give them the best variety in their feed, as well as keep them interested in what you’re feeding them.

So, if you’ve got that in mind, spinach makes a great addition to your parakeet’s diet—but how should it be prepared?


Can parakeets eat raw spinach?

Yes, they can, and this is the ideal way to feed them spinach.

As I said, parakeets tend to love leafy greens of this kind, if in part because it gives them a good simulation of something they might eat in the wild.

Though in the wild they still eat mostly seeds, leaves, fruits and vegetables do constitute a key part of it.

Obviously, they wouldn’t get any cooked spinach in the wild.

Further, cooking spinach in particular can drain it of a great deal of its nutritional benefit, especially for a parakeet.

But can they eat it cooked?


Can parakeets eat cooked spinach?

They can, but they probably shouldn’t.

It really depends on how it was cooked, though.

If the spinach was cooked with a lot of oil, salt, or spices and herbs in general, these are not really going to agree with your parakeet.

So, avoid feeding it cooked spinach if it has anything like this on.

In general, though, there’s no advantage to feeding even dry fried spinach or any other way of cooking it.

They will prefer it raw, enjoying the crunchier texture. In general, it’s really never better to feed your parakeet cooked veg over raw vegetables.

They will almost always prefer it raw.


How much spinach can a parakeet eat?

It will depend a bit on your parakeet’s individual needs, but no more than a small handful, once or twice a week, as I said.

Generally, parakeets will regulate their own diet and won’t overeat beyond the point it is good for them.

However, it’s still sensible not to give them a great deal more than they should eat.


While I can’t stress the importance of moderation enough, the basic answer to the question is that parakeets love and will get lots of benefits from eating spinach.

It’s healthy, easy for them to break up, and is exactly the kind of thing they might snack on in the wild.

Leave it raw, though—don’t bother cooking it, and follow our advice, and you’ve got a great addition to your parakeet’s diet.

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