Can Cockatiels Eat Oranges? (Answered!)

I was sitting at the kitchen table the other day having my breakfast when suddenly my cockatiel leapt over and swiped a slice of orange right off my plate.

Needless to say, I got it back and only let it have the very small amount it had already eaten.

One because I was concerned for its safety, but two, it was my orange!

It did seem to enjoy it a lot, though, so I decided to find out if cockatiels can safely eat oranges.

Can cockatiels eat oranges?

Yes, oranges are perfectly safe for cockatiels. They are in fact very healthy and come with many benefits for your bird, as well as tasting great. They are very nutrient rich for birds and so should only be fed in moderation, as overfeeding can become problematic.

So, the simple answer is yes.

There are one or two caveats, such as moderation and preparation, but in general, oranges are totally safe for your cockatiel.

They almost always love the taste, too, and so they will be very fond of oranges.

Let’s look into this further to find out how best to feed oranges to your cockatiel.

Are oranges good for cockatiels?

Yes, in lots of ways!

For one thing, they are full of fiber which is really great for your cockatiel’s digestion.

They’re also a great source of protein and carbs.

Other than that, they contain many helpful vitamins.

Oranges are famously rich in vitamin C, which promotes a healthy immune system and prevents your cockatiel from getting ill.

They are also a great source of vitamin B1, which helps turn food into energy.

They are also rich in many helpful minerals, such as potassium and iron.

These help to maintain healthy blood and circulation.

So, oranges are packed with many benefits, as you can see.

It’s for this very reason that you need to be careful about how much you give them.

Too much can quickly become a problem.

Moderation is really important, and oranges should never replace your cockatiel’s ordinary diet.

Adding different fruits and vegetables to your cockatiel’s diet is the best way to get them the balance they need.

Are there any specific dangers associated with oranges, though?

Are oranges toxic to cockatiels?

No, is the simple answer.

Oranges are in no way toxic to cockatiels, except if they ate an extremely large quantity.

Cockatiels are generally smart enough to know when to stop eating.

Nonetheless, you should still be cautious about how much you let them have.

But there is nothing specific to oranges that makes them toxic or poisonous.

You should always be careful to chop up an orange before giving it to your cockatiel, as they could choke on a piece that was too large.

If you keep this in mind, you’ll have no issue sharing oranges with your cockatiels.

Can cockatiels have orange flesh?

Yes, the flesh is the best part and will be what your cockatiel is interested in.

They can eat it no problem, and this is where most of the nutritious benefits are.

Make sure to chop it up first, as I said.

Don’t give them very large pieces, as there is always a chance, however remote, that they could choke on it.

The rule of thumb is that the closer you are to the center of the fruit the juicier it will be, but the fact is that they will enjoy pretty much the whole thing.

Can cockatiels have orange peel?

They will be much less interested in the peel than the flesh, but it is completely safe for them.

If they are showing interest in the peel, then they can eat it with no problem.

That said, you shouldn’t try and get them to eat orange peel if they don’t seem interested.

Certainly, if you have an orange there, they will not be interested in the peel.

In any case, the peel is completely safe, but you should really give them flesh to get the most benefits out of it.

Can cockatiels eat orange seeds?

The seeds are safe for your cockatiel, although they can be quite large and, again, pose a small choking hazard.

Before you give your cockatiels an orange, it’s best to check for any seeds and remove them.

This way, you can give them the seed and know that it isn’t too big.

If they find it themselves, they may just swallow it.

So, be sure to deseed your orange before giving it to your cockatiel.

That said, for some cockatiels, seeds will be the best part—others may ignore them.

Cockatiels are highly individual, so find out what yours likes.


Oranges, the entire fruit, are totally safe for your cockatiel.

Moderation and preparation are always key for any food that is meant primarily for humans.

Too much can become a problem, not to mention chemicals they can come in contact with when being prepared for our consumption.

In any case, they are totally safe when not overfed and come with countless great health benefits.

Share some citrus with your cockatiel.

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