Can Cockatiels Eat Grapes? (Answered!)

I bought a big bunch of grapes the other day, as it felt like a day where I would sit on the sofa eating grapes and watching TV.

I was right, and that was very much how my day went, and I was so relaxed.

I think some of this rubbed off on my cockatiel, however, as he came over and clearly desperately wanted to share a grape.

It occurred to me that I’d never seen him eat a grape before, so I decided to give him only a small piece and then look into it.

So, can cockatiels eat grapes?

Yes, they can! Grapes are great as an occasional treat, and your cockatiel will love them. They are very high in sugar even when compared with other fruits, so moderation is really key. If you feed them too many, they will become sick. They should not replace their regular food, but only be an occasional treat.

So, as with pretty much any fresh fruit in a cockatiel’s diet, the name of the game is moderation.

Fresh fruit is a really important part of your cockatiel’s diet, but it is still nonetheless a small part. knowing the health pros and cons is a good first step.

Let’s look further into this.


Are grapes good for cockatiels?

Yes, in lots of ways.

First and foremost, cockatiels will almost certainly love grapes as a treat.

Fresh fruit is an important part of their diet, and grapes are a good and efficient way to get this to them.

It should always be swapped out with other treats, but in moderation grapes are great.

First of all, grapes are reasonably high in fiber.

Fiber is essential to healthy digestion, so grapes will help your cockatiel digest the rest of its feed.

They’re also packed with many healthy nutrients, like vitamins C and K.

These are powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants combat oxidative stress on cells which can damage them and leave your cockatiel susceptible to illness and disease.

Grapes can help prevent that.

They are also beneficial to respiratory health in many ways.

They are very high in minerals like potassium, which can be really helpful for maintaining healthy levels of blood pressure.

They can also help reduce cholesterol, which can also be problematic for birds.

There are many beneficial plant compounds in grapes which help achieve this.

They also contain many compounds that aid in keep the eyes healthy.

Birds, you may not be surprised to learn, use their sight for a lot of sensory processing.

Keeping them healthy is really important, and grapes can do this!

Let’s look at some of the potential downsides.


Are grapes bad for cockatiels?

Again, the number one most important thing to remember is moderation.

If you feed them too many, then yes, the effects will be very bad.

Very, very small amounts of grapes is totally fine, but any more can be a serious problem.

For one thing, as I mentioned, grapes are uniquely high in sugar.

It’s part of the reason why they are so attractive and tasty to us.

Indeed, the same is true of cockatiels—they enjoy the sweet fruit.

However, these sugar levels mean that it only takes a reasonably small amount to be harmful.

Cockatiels are small animals, and too much sugar can cause extremely high blood pressure and heart rate.

So, grapes are not inherently bad for cockatiels.

Like anything, too much can be a bad thing.

However, I stress this especially with grapes because the correct amount is even smaller than other fruits.

Overfeeding on grapes is very easy—so you really shouldn’t give them more than a small grape or two per day.

Switch their treats out with other fruits during the week—this will keep them from getting bored.


Can cockatiels eat green grapes?

Yes, cockatiels can eat green grapes.

They’re perfectly safe.

However, they do contain a deal more sugar than red grapes, and a deal fewer antioxidants.

There isn’t a huge amount of difference between feeding red or green grapes, but if you were looking to choose one, red grapes are probably your better option.

It’ll depend on what your cockatiel prefers, though—they can be very fussy!


Can cockatiels eat red grapes?

Yes, red grapes are really the best option to feed to your cockatiel.

They contain less sugar, and more antioxidants, meaning those healing qualities are even stronger in red grapes.

Ultimately, though, there’s not a huge deal of difference, and your cockatiel will likely be pleased with whatever it gets.

Moderation is equally important no matter which color you’re feeding them, though.


So, across the board, grapes are totally safe for cockatiels as long as strict moderation is kept in mind.

They’re highly sugary, and while this is beneficial in small amounts, too much will cause serious problems.

Just as with any fresh food, moderation is really important to keep your cockatiel out of trouble—very often, they won’t know their own limits, especially with delicious foods like grapes.

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