Can African Greys Eat French Fries? (Answered!)

While a small amount of the right kind of French fry might not do your parrot much harm, there’s also really no reason to get into the habit of giving them fries. If they are deep-fried in oil then they are absolutely off-limits in all cases. Homemade, unadorned French fries may be fine but are still best avoided.

So, the short answer is that you should not really give your African grey French fries.

They will pose a lot of potential risks for only a small nutritional benefit in return.

Any benefit that your African grey might get from French fries can be obtained just as easily elsewhere in their diet, so there’s really no reason to give them French fries.

Let’s find out more.


Are French fries good for African greys?

The short answer is no, French fries are not good for African greys.

The problem with answering this question, though, is that there are many different ways to prepare French fries.

It is a separate question to ask whether or not African greys can eat potatoes—certainly, they can, in the correct moderation.

But when we talk about French fries, most of us are not imagining raw, unadorned slices of potato.

So, to get this point out of the way first, your African grey can indeed eat potato, but it’s in everything else we do to make a slice of potato into a French fry that the problems arise.

Let’s consider the potential benefits of an actual French fry firstly, to illustrate how unnecessary it is to give them French fries in the first place.

One possible benefit of French fries could be the fiber that is found in the potatoes.

The truth is, though, that you can find fiber in great quantities in virtually all fruits and vegetables.

So, again, even raw potato would be a good source of fiber, before you’ve turned it into a French fry.

Potatoes are also a good source of vitamin C, so fries can be somewhat good for your African grey from this point of view.

Again, though, vitamin C can be found in all sorts of fruits and vegetables, like pepper, strawberry, oranges, broccoli and papaya.

None of these foodstuffs come with the potential problems of French fries, while providing all the same benefits.

Vitamin C is also a great antioxidant, so there are some who suggest that eating French fries can reduce oxidative stress on your bird’s cells.

Again, though, this can simply be obtained from other sources in your African grey’s diet.

One thing is perhaps certainly true: your African grey will very much enjoy eating French fries, and you shouldn’t underestimate the value of a good treat and the effect it will have on your bird’s mood and thus its physical health.

Once again, though, there are countless things in nature that are readily available to you that will excite your parrot just as much if not more.

Always be providing them with a balanced range of fruits and vegetables, and these will be all the treats it needs.

Clearly, then, there’s no real reason to give your African grey French fries over any other food which contains the same nutritional value; now let’s turn to the real risks and dangers.


Are French fries bad for African greys?


When we talk about French fries, again, I would stress the point that we are usually not talking about raw potato that has not been seasoned.

Typically, we are talking about potato which at the very least has been deep fried, probably covered in salt, and then potentially also spiced with lots of other ingredients that will not agree with your African grey.

This is where the real problems are.

Your African grey should never eat deep-fried food.

The fat content will be far too much for it, and over time this will cause very serious issues.

Again, one or two here or there won’t be a problem, but it also won’t be of much benefit, either.

Indeed, cooked food of virtually any kind should never really be on your African grey’s menu.

Fries tend to be very high in trans fats, which can lead to heart disease and diabetes.

The question, really, is where you get the French fries from and how they’re prepared.

Again, if you took a potato home, chopped it up into French fry slices, and fed that to your parrot, that would not be a problem—but in what sense would these be French fries?

If you were to buy French fries in a bag at the store, there’s no telling what risks the added ingredients might pose to your African grey’s health.

If you bought them from a fast food place or takeout, then they have certainly been deep fried.

So, again, there’s no reason to give your African grey French fries and lots of good reasons not to.


Can African greys eat raw French fries?

Again, depending on where they are from, if there is one safe way to feed French fries to your African grey, it’s raw French fries.

If you’ve made them yourself out of a potato, and haven’t added anything else to them, then this is quite safe for your African grey—though moderation is still really important.

But anything bought from the store is best avoided.

They are formulated for human consumption and thus it’s hard to know what potential risks they pose for your African grey.


Can African greys eat roasted French fries?

The short answer is no, but again, if there were a safer way to give your African grey French fries it would certainly be roasted French fries.

It’s easy to make French fries in your oven at home, but again for your own consumption you would want to coat them in oil and spices—neither of which are going to be good for your African grey.


Can African greys eat deep fried French fries?

Can African Greys Eat French Fries?

Your African grey absolutely cannot eat deep fried French fries.

The oil-coating deep-fried French fries is going to lead to all sorts of problems, and even a very small amount may cause serious short-term discomfort.

In the long term, they pose very serious risks of health problems and so you should not only never feed your African grey deep-fried French fries—you should never feed them deep-fried anything!


Can African greys eat sweet potato fries?

Can African Greys Eat French Fries?

Again, it really all depends on how they are cooked.

Sweet potato, by itself, is perfectly safe for your African grey and even makes a great treat for them.

But when they become fries, whatever that involves—coating in oil and spices, deep frying—then all the same problems apply.

If you want to feed your African grey sweet potato, just give them chopped-up sweet potato and skip turning them into fries.


Can African greys eat skin on fries?

Potato skin poses no specific problems for African greys and again, if you were to simply give them raw potato, they would happily eat the skin and they’d likely get a good deal of benefit from doing so.

But it’s all the steps between this and turning them into what we would call “fries” where the real problems are going to arise.

Skin-on fries cause all the same issues as regular fries would, so it’s best to avoid them.

The skin-on aspect really makes no difference—they are not good for your African grey either way.


Can African greys eat spicy fries?

Spicy fries are a problem in themselves.

You already have all the accumulated issues with deep frying, but when you add spices into the mix, this again is just going to end up causing your parrot serious discomfort.

Spices are generally not very good for them and will make them feel unwell, so you should definitely avoid spicy fries—they will cause short term issues even more than other types of fries will.


Fries, then, are simply best left out of your African grey’s diet.

There’s no specific benefit to giving them French fries that they wouldn’t get elsewhere, and any benefits are already far outweighed by potential issues that they will cause.

Of course, African greys can eat potato, so in the sense that you could chop potato into the shape of fries and feed them that, they can eat French fries—but it’s in all the other things that turn a sliced potato into French fries that the problems arise.

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