Best Nest Box For Parrots 2022 (Buyers Guide)

If you are looking for the best nest box for parrots then read on!

Raising a parrot comes with the added bonus of ensuring they have everything they need in order to live correctly. Whether it’s products regarding their diet, sleep, comfort, grooming, or something else entirely, it’s a complicated subject to figure out what they’ll need.

As far as comfort and their sleep are concerned, most parrot owners will cite nest boxes as being an essential product for you to get for your parrot.

For those who don’t know, a nest box is a box provided for a bird to make its nest in.

Basically, it’s what they use as their primary area where they lay and is essentially another word for a bird house.

Our Award Name Image Check Price
Best Overall Yijiujiu Parakeet Nest Box
Best Value Birdcage Straw Simulation Birdhouse
Best Premium Nature’s Way Bird Viewing House
Easiest To Use SANHOO Bird House
Highest Rated Nature’s Way CWH3 Box House

Since parrots spend a great deal of their time in a cage, you might as well do everything you can to ensure whatever you end up getting them will be more than enough for their longevity.

As a result, be mindful of which nest box is best suited for your parrot, since it can go a long way with their overall health and happiness.

As you more than likely already know, your parrot’s health and happiness should be at the forefront of your mind.

Plus, a nest box is a very straightforward purchase you can make for them that won’t cost you that much.

Nevertheless, down below, we’re going to discuss five of the best nest boxes for parrots, all of which will be in detail. We’ll discuss some of their best features, pros, cons, and an overall summary for each one. Afterward, we’ll go over plenty of other information related to the subject as well, let’s get started!




1. YJJKJ Pet Wood Nesting Bird Best Overall

Nowadays, most people will turn to a standard wooden box as an all-around excellent nest box for their parrot. Rather than make a janky one yourself, considering checking out the YJJKJ parrot nesting box, which is an extremely durable nesting box made out of all-natural wood.

No matter your parrot, it’s a perfect spot for them to relax and sleep, two fundamental needs for any parrot to experience in their life. The top opens very quickly to be cleaned and allows you to remove bedding materials very effortlessly.

Besides parrots, the nesting box itself encourages breeding and nesting behaviors in birds of all kinds. Plus, the price is very reasonable, allowing you to get an affordable and fantastic all-around nest box for your parrot that they’ll surely love as they make it their own.


  • Exceptionally durable and made out of all-natural wood.
  • Easy to remove top for cleaning.
  • Very customizable and allows you to add bedding easily.
  • Encourages natural nesting behavior.


  • Wood might seem a bit too soft as time goes on.


All in all, this is an excellent all-around nest box that should be on the top of your list for your parrot. Although the wood might seem soft as time goes on, it shouldn’t have any other issues besides that.


2. Birdcage Straw Simulation Bird House Best Value

For those of you searching for a nest box that’s under the best value umbrella, consider the birdcage straw simulation birdhouse. You’ll notice how lovely this bird box is due to its naturally small star birdhouse shape it has with it.

If your parrot can fit inside, they’ll be able to hide away from random occurrences in your household that might frighten them. Basically, they can easily relax and get a peace of mind whenever they’re not feeling their best.

Besides being an excellent place for them to hide and relax, it’s a cozy resting place, allowing them to get the much-needed sleep they’ll need throughout their life. As far as the material is concerned, it’s made from 100-percent natural fibers, which is always an added bonus in this particular subject.


  • Made from 100-percent natural fibers.
  • Very cozy and feels great for them to sleep in.
  • Comes with an added straw string to play with.
  • Easy to hang up in their cage.


  • Large parrots can’t fit in it.


As long as your parrot can fit in the Birdcage Straw Simulation Bird House, they’ll have a monumental amount of fun from it. You won’t find a better nest box variation at this price.


3. Nature’s Way Bird Viewing House Best Premium

For those of you looking for the best of the best when it comes to a parrot nest box, check out Nature’s Way Bird Viewing House. Although this falls more under the birdhouse spectrum, it can still operate as a nest box and works beautifully for parrots of all sizes.

Depending on the size of your parrot, you can remove the back of it for them to fit in easier. However, if they’re small enough, they’ll fit in the usual hole of it without any issues. The air vents work beautifully and allow for maximum air ventilation.

It comes with a great pole and flush mount if you want to install it outside for whatever reason, but it can be hung in your parrot’s cage as well. Keep in mind, you might need some extra tools to properly turn it in their cage, but it should work well either way.


  • Excellent air ventilation system.
  • Reliable pol and flush mount.
  • High-quality build and has a great size.
  • Hardware is rust-free.


  • Constructing it might be a bit complicated.


Although the overall construction of the Nature’s Way Bird Viewing House might take you longer than you hope, it’ll be worth it in the end as you won’t find a higher quality nest box for your parrot.


4. SANHOO Bird House Easiest to Use

Simplicity is always ideal for installing and constructing a nest box for your parrot, thus why the SANHOO Bird House is on our list. This nest box is made from a Chinese parasol tree, causing it to be made from all-natural products.

It’s also sprayed with a coating of an environmental protection spray, allowing it to be more beautiful and last longer from a durability standpoint. As for putting together and letting your parrot enjoy it right away, it comes pre-built with a simple hemp rope allowing it to be hung without any issue.

If it’s a bit colder in your house, you can easily add some hay or something else that’s suitable for your parrot to lay in. Either way, your parrot will enjoy it quite a bit, as long as they can fit in it okay since it’s not made for larger parrots.


  • Made from an all-natural Chinese parasol tree.
  • Extremely easy to set-up.
  • Has an excellent hemp rope for it to be hung.
  • Has an excellent environmental protection spray.



  • Larger parrots won’t be able to lay in it.


Although this nest box won’t be able to be used by larger parrots, it still has everything you could hope for in a nest box and more. Definitely check it out and see how your parrot can get some use out of it.

5. Nature’s Way CWH3 Box House Highest Rated

Like the previous nature’s way nest box we discussed, the CWH3 box house from Nature’s way is one of the highest-rated nest boxes available. The entire nest box is crafted from insect and rot-resistant premium cedar, blocking out anything nasty from entering the nest box.

It has an excellent air ventilation system in it, allowing your parrot to feel a great deal of comfort in it. If your parrot is too large for it, you can remove the back of it very quickly, causing them to enter and chill out in it if they want.

It’s very easy to clean-out and will allow you to scrub anything you need to quickly clean-up after your parrot. On the other hand, you can effortlessly add some straw or hay for them to lay in, causing them to feel an all-around comfort in their home away from home.


  • Excellent air ventilation system.
  • Great back door that can be removed.
  • Can be cleaned very easily.
  • Perfect craftsmanship.


  • May run into some issues with its roof.


Although I wish the roof was made a bit better for this nest box, you can’t complain about the overall product as it’s one of the best nest boxes available.


What to Look for in a Bird Nest Box

Before we conclude entirely, let’s discuss some other important areas to highlight what you should look for in a bird nest box. Be sure to look back on the bird nest boxes we discussed so you can find the best option for your parrot.



Depending on your parrot’s size, they’re going to need a nest box that’s best fitted to them. Meaning, you shouldn’t get them a nest box if it’s too small for them. It’s okay if it’s too large, but never get them a significantly smaller one.



Like you can imagine, the material behind a specific nest box is incredibly essential, especially since it’s responsible for the durability of it. As a result, be mindful of the nest box is built out of wood, straw, or another material that’s worth noting.



No matter how wealthy you might find yourself to be, the cost of something is always essential to make a note of since all of us have a different budget that we need to be mindful of. Still, don’t be afraid to spend more if your budget allows you.

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