Best Incubator For Parrot Eggs 2022 (Buyers Guide)

If you’ve been fortunate enough to raise a parrot, there may come the moment where you’ll seek out an egg incubator to simulate avian incubation by keeping the eggs warm to hatch.

Considering it’s always a surreal moment when anything is birthed, why not take a step in this realm with your parrots?

Plus, there is a never-ending list of excellent parrot egg incubators out there, allowing you to ensure the parrot’s eggs will safely hatch without the worry of anything else.

It may seem overwhelming to care for the eggs in this regard, but it’s actually a lot more straightforward than you might realize.

Our Award Name Image Check Price
Best Overall Egg Incubator by Backyard Farm
Best Value Magicfly Digital Mini Semi-Automatic Egg Incubator
Best Premium Brinsea Products Small Full Featured Brooder
Easiest To Use Jumbl Clear Egg Incubator
Highest Rated TBVECHI 24 Egg Digital Incubator

As a result, we’re going to discuss five of the best incubator for parrot eggs.

We’ll go over the best overall, the best value, the best premium, the easiest to use, and the highest-rated.

Definitely take a close examination at each as they all often a particular advantage compared to one another.

Let’s get started!


1. Egg Incubator by Backyard Farm Best Overall

For our best overall egg incubator, we have the Egg Incubator by Backyard Farm, a small and portable egg incubator that’s perfecting for hatching eggs.

Keep in mind, a lot of these egg incubators may discuss the subject of chicken eggs other than parrot eggs.

Still, all of it falls under the avian spectrum.

Nevertheless, this incubator is very small and portable, allowing you to learn a lot of information regarding hatching.

It’s great for learning and enjoying the incubation process without risking dozens of precious fertilized eggs at a time.

Plus, it features an auto egg turner, allowing you not to worry about doing anything too extra.

The incubator also comes with a one-year warranty and has a fantastic layout of instructions, allowing you to fully understand what you have to do.

Still, I wish the temperature was a bit better on the incubator, as it seems to take a while to get to the appropriate temperature.


  • Has an auto egg turner.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Great layout of instructions.
  • Great for learning the incubation process.


  • The temperature takes a bit to get warm.



Although the temperature may take a bit to get warm compared to other incubators, it still has an auto egg turner, comes with a one-year warranty, great instructing-wise, and teaches everyone who is involved in the ordeal very well.



2. Magicfly Digital Mini Semi-Automatic Egg Incubator Best Value

Besides the best overall option, sometimes it’s more ideal to seek out the most affordable or inexpensive option.

With this in mind, the Magicfly Digital Mini Semi-Automatic Egg Incubator is the way to go.

This excellent incubator is brand new and has an excellent quality for incubating eggs.

It has a lovely appearance and is made of PVC and PP material, allowing it to be a reasonably durable piece of machinery.

You can theoretically hatch more than ten eggs at a time, but unless you’re a parrot breeder, you shouldn’t worry about this all that much.

The design gives you full visibility to monitor the hatching process and is packaged with a full LED display for clarity to help you rest assure that they’re in safe hands.

Still, I wish the reading of the incubator was a touch more accurate as it can seem off at times.


  • Very affordable.
  • Excellent quality for incubating eggs.
  • Great design and look.
  • Made PVC and PP material.


  • Read of the incubator can be off.



Although the overall reading of the incubator can be a bit off, the incubator is still very affordable, an excellent quality for incubating eggs, has an excellent design, and is made of PVC and PP material.

What more could you want?


3. Brinsea Products Small Full Featured Brooder Best Premium

Sometimes, it’s more ideal for spending a large sum of money and seeking out the very best product for your parrot.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the Brinsea Products Small Full Featured Brooder.

Not only can this unit be transformed into an incubator, but it can act as a medical emergency unit.

It features an accurate digital temperature control with high and low-temperature alarms that are adjustable through an easy to use menu.

It also has a digital display of humidity and fully automatic control with an optional TLC Advance Humidity Pump.

It’s very remarkable the number of features it has.

Plus, it comes with an air filtration unit to remove airborne bacteria and fungi from the chamber.

All in all, you can’t get much better than this unit. Still, I wish the price wasn’t so steep as this out of the price range for most people.

However, if you can afford it, don’t hesitate as it has everything you need and more.


  • Very versatile for all parrots.
  • Accurate digital temperature control.
  • Can be used as a medical station as well.
  • Excellent air filtration unit.


  • May not suit all budgets.



Although the price may seem out of this world for most people, if you can manage to afford it, definitely consider it as it’s challenging to find a better unit than this option.

It has everything you need, and there’s a reason so many people try to seek it out.




4. Jumbl Clear Egg Incubator Easiest to Use

Compared to the Brinsea Products Small Full Featured Brooder, the Jumbl Clear Egg Incubator is on the opposite end of the spectrum as being one of the easiest to use units in the world.

Plus, it’s clear screen allows users to see the incubating process occur very easily.

Feature-wise, it’s LED display has a built-in temperature stabilization, allowing you to program the precise temperature and setting you need.

Plus, it has a unique feature that allows you to test each embryo’s viability and visually monitor the egg development while learning about the process.

It has an excellent optimization of airflow, and the smart system maximizes the egg comfort and minimizes human disruption.

Plus, it has built-in water channels for controlling humidity levels.

The only real issue with this unit is its size, as it’s a bit too compact for my liking.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Great LED display.
  • Built-in temperature control.
  • Viability testing on each egg feature.


  • Touch too small.



Although this unit may seem a bit too compact for most of you, it should still operate with how you hope it would.

It’s very easy to use, has a great LED display, has built-in temperature control, and a viability testing feature.




5. TBVECHI 24 Egg Digital Incubator Highest Rated

For the last option on our list, let’s take a look at one of the highest-rated incubators, the TBVECHI 24 Egg Digital Incubator.

This unit has a high hatching rate and is equipped with a low noise function.

It can automatically turn the eggs with an egg-shaped motor, allowing the eggs to be evenly heated.

The LED electronic display can directly display temperature, humidity, allowing all of it to be effectively monitored and closely cared for at your convenience.

It also has intelligent chip control, automatic temperature control, humidity control, and an alarm.

Lastly, the unit can use household electricity at ordinary times and can connect the power supply through the battery line after power failure.

All in all, it’s a great incubator, but I do wish the top was clear so you can see the incubation process happen a bit clearer.


  • Can incubate up to 24 eggs.
  • High hatching rate.
  • Equipped with low noise function.
  • Great LED electronic display.


  • The top isn’t clear.



Although the top isn’t clear, this is still an excellent incubator for parrot eggs because of its size, high hatching rate, low noise functionality. And excellent LED display.




What to Look for in an Incubator for Parrot Eggs

Before we conclude entirely, let’s take a look at a few key areas you should be mindful of while examining parrot egg incubators for your parrot.

Considering there’s a lot of confusion and overall unknowingness when it comes to picking the best one, it may seem overwhelming where to begin.

However, with these three primary areas, you’ll be on your way to selecting the best one.



First off, make sure you take a close look at how the incubator operates.

Is it an automatic incubator? Is it a circulated air incubator? Or is it a still air incubator?

Whatever the case might be, make sure you know what you’re dealing with and how the functionality of it all will operate for you in the long run.



Besides the functionality, the next step is to be aware of the actual size of the incubator.

Depending on the purpose you’ll need it for, some may have slots large enough to house dozens of eggs.

However, if you only need one for your parrot’s egg, you won’t need anything larger than a smaller one.



Lastly, the cost is a significant area to be aware of since it’s such a decision-maker in which incubator people purchase.

People tend to go with the cheapest option they can find, but you need to be aware that sometimes it’s not in your best interest to go with the cheaper option.

Definitely weigh out the pros and cons of everything.

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