Best Cage For Lories And Lorikeets

If you are looking for the best cage for lories and lorikeets, then you’ve definitely come to the right place because we have done loads of research and found the considerations you need to look out for!

These birds might not be endowed with the best talking abilities however they make up for it with their extraordinary, full of life, personalities. Lories and Lorikeets are super intelligent. They can be cocky, comical, fun-loving, and loud in a single evening.

What should I be considering when looking for a cage for lories and lorikeets?

  • The cage ought to be large enough for Lories to move around, climb, and exercise because these parrots are quite active by nature.
  • The cage should have a variety of toys including, ropes, bells, and swings to keep Lories entertained and fill their thirst for fun.
  • Do not place the cage on an unprotected carpet or behind a decorated wall since Lories have a tendency to squirt their waste behind them with some force. It is a result of their specialized diet that is so difficult to maintain.
  • Do not house Lorikeets with other species of parrots since they are known to get aggressive and they never get along.

Cage ought to be large enough to fit all the toys that Lories so cherish; including ropes, bells, and swings.

These little trouble-making clowns are so hard to look after. First of all, you cannot house them with other species since they tend to become aggressive due to their territorial personality.

Secondly, you need to get a cage that efficiently contains your bird’s mess. Lories and Lorikeets have a strict eating regimen and have a tendency to squirt their waste matter all over the wall and floor.

Daily interaction should be a pillar in your feathery pal’s schedule. Thus, opt for a cage with an interactive play-top to spend more time with your bird.

Mcage Large Wrought Iron Bird Parrot Cage Double Ladders Open/Close Play Top

We guarantee that this large enclosure from Mcage will be the five-star-home your Lories & Lorikeets have been waiting for.

The elegant wrought iron construction is coated with a non-toxic powder finish to ensure great durability, sturdiness, as well as your feathery pal’s safety.

Inside this cage, your parrot will definitely have heaps of room to fly and play around comfortably.

The perfectly spaced horizontal bars will provide your Lories with a unique climbing experience.

The cage also features a huge double-ladder play-top with standing wooden perches and two stainless steel feeding bowls at the top. It’s a great place for your feathery pal to exercise or enjoy your company.

Refilling your bird’s feeding bowls can’t get any easier thanks to the swivel solid metal feeder doors that prevent spillage. Not to mention the bottom slide-out grate and metal tray to facilitate cleaning and the 4 heavy-duty casters for easy manoeuvring.

The debris guide is quite efficient when it comes down to containing your bird’s mess. It’s something quite important to have when looking after this species.

Features and benefits

  • Sturdy and durable wrought iron construction, coated with a non-toxic powder finish to ensure your parrot’s safety and great reliability.
  • Provides your parrot with a lot of room to play around and explore. A wide variety of toys can also be sat up inside the cage to keep your bird stimulated.
  • Has a vast play-top area with perches, feeding bowls, and ladders for better interaction between you and your feathery pal.
  • Metal feeder doors facilitate access to the feeding bowls and thanks to their swivelling feature they can prevent spillage.
  • A Bottom Slide-out grate and metal tray to easily clean the cage and look after your bird’s hygiene.
  • The four sturdy swivel casters make moving the cage almost effortless and ensure great mobility and durability.


  • Sturdy and reliable.
  • Quite roomy.
  • Has a fantastic play-top.
  • Easy to access, clean, and move.
  • It features horizontal bars on the sides.


  • Assembly instructions are a bit vague.
  • Feeding doors are large enough for your parrot to escape when they are opened.
  • A Cat can easily reach its claws through the bars of the cage.

Product Details

Size: 32 x 30 x 70”

Bar spacing: 5/8”

Brand: Mcage


Overall this is a fantastic enclosure for Lories and Lorikeets. You can easily look after the cage’s hygiene thanks to the numerous features it provides. However, keep in mind not to place it on a carpet or facing an unprotected wall.

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