Best Cage For Cockatiels

Are you looking for the best cage for cockatiels? I can presume you are because you wouldn’t have found this article otherwise! Don’t worry, we have done lots of research to find out what are the requirements for cockatiels and what they like and found an ideal cage that meets those requirements.

Minimum Cage Size For A Cockatiel

After a lot of research we have concluded that the minimum cage size for a cockatiel is 20″ x 20″ x 24″

Bar Spacing For A Cockatiel

The bar spacing for a cockatiel cage should be 1/2″ to 5/8″

Things To Look For When Choosing A Cage For A Cockatiel

  • The cage should ideally be placed near the family in a living room or bedroom since Cockatiels are lovely sociable creatures who enjoy being around their owners.
  • Cockatiels are extremely touchy to scents and smoke. Make a point to get them far from the kitchen since certain gases may be harmful to them.
  • Cockatiels appreciate living in pairs or in groups. In the event that you have enough time and resources, your little fluffy buddy would value some company from his own sort.

Cockatiels are not a choice for first-time bird owners. They are profoundly social birds with entangled necessities, and unless you are willing to keep more than one Cockatiel, you’ll have to spend plenty of time with your feathery pal to compensate for his lack of company.

Cockatiels are likewise very dynamic and need a great deal of exercise. Therefore you must provide a cage that enables your parrot to get his fair share of exercise; a cage with some horizontal bars would be an ideal choice. Here’s our top choice.

YAHEETECH 53.5″ Medium Open Play Top Bird Cage

We highly recommend this Yaheetech medium parrot cage for your Cockatiel.

The decent dimensions of this cage, which is 18.5 x 18.5 x 53.5 inches, provides plenty of living space for your lovely Cockatiel.

The most important feature would probably be the interactive play-top which helps keep your bird stimulated and gives you the chance to interact with your feathery pal way easier.

There’s also one more thing about Cockatiels, they are easily scared. However, Yaheetech thought about it in advance and came up with a convenient feeding system. Feeding bowls can be assessed outside the cage through small feeding doors for an easy seed refilling without scaring your parrot.


Features and benefits

  • Has an interactive play top to ensure better interaction between you and your Cockatiel which is something your feathery pal truly appreciates.
  • A convenient feeding system to avoid scaring the parrot when refilling his bowls with seeds.
  • Cage has heaps of flight space and a lot of room for toys.
  • Hook lock on the main door to ensure your parrot’s safety by preventing him from breaking out.
  • A perfect bar spacing that makes it easy for your Cockatiel to grab and climb.
  • A slide-out tray for easy disposal of your parrot’s droppings and easy cleaning.
  • A detachable rolling stand that makes it effortless to move the cage from room to room.


  • A thoughtful design and feeding system.
  • Offers a better interaction.
  • Has plenty of space.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Easy to look after.

  • The plastic tray is a little flimsy

Product Details

  • Size: 18.3 x 18.3 x 53.5
  • Bar spacing: 0.6”
  • Brand: YAHEETECH


Overall, this would make a great enclosure for Cockatiels. Thanks to the perfect size and brilliant design, all the things your cockatiel needs have been taken into consideration and implemented in the construction of the YAHEETECH 53.5″ Medium Open Play Top Bird Cage.

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