Best Avian Vet In Baltimore (Revealed!)

Besides having a physical football team and a mediocre baseball team (sorry Orioles’ fans), Baltimore is an all-around great city with an abundance of activities for people to explore and do while venturing around the city.

Still, what does Baltimore have to do with parrots?

Well, if you’re moving to the city, then you’re going to need to get your parrot an avian vet in your new home.

On the other hand, you might already live in Baltimore but don’t know where to begin vet-wise for your parrot.

Either scenario is applicable to this article, thus it becomes an important area to highlight since a vet is so heavily needed for parrots.

Plus, you never should wait to get your parrot an avian vet as that can be extremely dangerous for their health.

No matter how you look at a situation like this, it’s always useful for you to take the time necessary to see which avian vet is best for your parrot.

You never know when an emergency might pop-up for your parrot.

Nevertheless, down below, we’re going to take a close examination at five of the best avian vets in Baltimore for you to consider.

Let’s get started!


1. Academy Animal Hospital

First up, we have the Academy Animal Hospital, one of the best options for those of you interested in a high-quality vet team that can do everything for your parrot and more.

They genuinely care about your parrot and want to make sure they receive the best care they can get.

They offer dental care, diagnostics, surgical procedures, pet laser therapy, and much more.


Address: 5915 Belair Rd, Baltimore, MD 21206

Phone Number: (410) 483-5162


2. Charm City Veterinary Hospital

Besides having a great name, the Charm City Veterinary Hospital is an excellent option in the Avian world as they have everything your parrot will need and more.

They offer several services, such as wellness care, diagnostic services, surgery, dental care, and much more.


Address: 3600 O’Donnell St #160, Baltimore, MD 21224

Phone Number: (443) 873-8431


3. Belvedere Veterinary Hospital

Belvedere Veterinary Hospital prides itself on being one of the best options in vet-care in the city of Baltimore.

They care for all animals and offer a wide range of services such as pet exams, dental care, vaccinations, and much more.

You won’t find a better team of vets in the area.


Address: 5857 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212

Phone Number: (410) 999-3300


4. Maryland Avian & Exotics Veterinary Care

The Maryland Avian & Exotics Veterinary Care offers everything you’ll need for just about every pet.

Some of their services include consultations, annual wellness care, diagnostic care, emergency care, and much more.

Plus, they have a great team of vets ready to care for your parrot when they need it.


Address: 5915 Belair Rd, Baltimore, MD 21206

Phone Number: (410) 483-5162


5. Doc-Side Veterinary Medical Center

The Doc-Side Veterinary Medical Center is regarded as a premier animal hospital located in the historic fells point district.

They have a wide selection of advanced services that’ll be great for you to note and consider for your parrot down the line.


Address: 1705 Bank St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Phone Number: (410) 522-0055




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