Are Toasters Safe For Parrots? (Revealed!)

For me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I love waking up to the smell of freshly scrambled eggs.

Pair that with a cup of orange juice and warm, toasted bread and you have the perfect meal.

Once I became a pet owner, however, I realized that I need to make some changes around my house. I never even considered that my toaster could be dangerous for my parrot.

With the possibility of giving up my daily toast I had to learn if toasters are safe for parrots.

Toasters are not safe for parrots. Most traditional-style toasters feature non-stick coating, such as Teflon. This coating produces toxic fumes for parrots when heated up to high levels. Keeping and using a toaster in a home with parrots can be dangerous and even deadly for your pet.

This article will cover why toasters pose a threat for parrots, what makes toaster so dangerous, whether or not some toasters are safer than others, and which toasters are non-toxic.


Why toasters could be dangerous for parrots

It may surprise you that many common household products are dangerous for parrots.

Parrots have a completely different genetic makeup than humans, so some things that are harmless to humans pose serious threats to birds.

Of these common household items, toasters are often toxic and potentially deadly for parrots.

They can produce an odorless gas that is extremely dangerous for parrots.


What is it about toasters that make them dangerous?

Toasters and other household appliances and cookware that feature non-stick coating are dangerous for parrots.

This is because the coating emits an odorless and invisible gas when heated up.

For example, a toaster with non-stick coating will produce this gas whenever you toast a slice of bread.

While you don’t even notice the gas, your parrot could die from exposure to it.

Many toasters feature non-stick coating, including Teflon, PTFE and PFOA.

When heated up to high levels, the non-stick coating releases fumes.

Unfortunately, most of the toasters you find on the market today feature some form of non-stick coating.

It’s vital that you do some research before purchasing a new toaster to ensure your home is parrot-friendly.


Are there types of toasters that are safer than others?

Not all toasters are created the same.

While you may be able to find a traditional toaster without non-stick coating, many people have found success when choosing a toaster oven or convection oven.

You can still get the warm toast you love in the morning, without producing all of the gas that’s harmful for your parrot.

This does not mean all toaster ovens or convection ovens are safe, however.

As a concerned pet owner, it often helps to call the manufacturer directly to get a straight answer whether they use Teflon, PTFE or PFOA in their products.

Some brands that almost always use non-stick coating in their range of toasters and convection ovens are B&D, KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Oster and DeLonghi.

Even if a product description doesn’t explicitly say the product features Teflon, PTFE or PFOA, it’s worth checking with the brand before making your final purchase.

This list eliminates a lot of name brands which are found in many households.

However, there are a few trusted brands that make bird-safe products you can use in a home with parrots.

This list includes Hamilton Beach, Miallegro and Waring.


Do toasters have Teflon?

Teflon is a brand name for polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which is a part of the PFAS chemical family.

Teflon, and other non-stick coating brands, feature many toxic properties and have been associated with health problems in humans and animals alike.

PFOA is a chemical previously used in the process of creating PTFE, but was considered so toxic that most manufacturers have phased it out.

New chemicals have replaced PFOA but it’s still widely unknown how harmful they are.

Unfortunately, most toasters today feature some form of PTFE non-stick coating.

While you may think the non-stick coating is a nice benefit that makes cooking and cleaning easier, it can be detrimental to health, especially for parrots.

The fumes produced by heated up non-stick coating are toxic for parrots and can cause sudden death.

Avoid non-stick coating whenever possible.

It’s also important to e on the lookout not just for the name Teflon because this is only one brand of this chemical substance.

Keep your eyes out for anything related to PTFE or PFOA.

You should also check with manufacturers before making a purchase to ensure you find a non-toxic toaster without Teflon or anything similar.


Which toaster ovens are non-toxic?

If you are looking for a new toaster that is safe to keep in your home with your pet parrot, consider Hamilton Beach toasters.

They offer a range of non-toxic household appliances.

This Hamilton Beach countertop toaster is not made from non-stick material and features stainless steel.

Another option would be this Waring convection oven.

It’s teflon free and fits all of your toasting needs.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a high-end option this Wolf digital convection oven claims to be PTFE-free and boasts a variety of features.

Even after purchasing a non-toxic toaster, you can take added precautions by heating up the toaster several times without your parrot in the home.

New appliances often have toxic plastics or other materials that need to be burned off before using.

This may be the case with a new toaster.

To make sure your parrot stays safe and healthy, always be cautious when purchasing a toaster.

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