Are Rosellas Good Pets? (Answered!)

A friend of mine had to put his dog down recently and is now on the lookout for a new pet.

He didn’t want to get another dog as he didn’t want to feel like he was replacing his recently departed best friend, so he thought about getting a parrot.

He told me that he liked the look of a rosella but was wondering if rosellas made good pets.

I wasn’t sure so I told him I would look into it for him. 

The answer to this question is yes, rosellas make great pets! They are fairly easy to tame and they can be taught to do tricks. Although they may not enjoy snuggling with their owners, they do want attention but can be skittish with people they are unfamiliar with. They also often chatter and sing when they are happy.

It appears then that rosellas do indeed make good pets.

Let’s look a bit more in detail to see if a rosella is really a good choice for my friend.


Are rosellas friendly?

Rosellas are considered to be one of the friendly species of parrot with their friendly demeanor. 

While Rosellas are technically wild animals, they are very tame.

They love to play with humans and they are fun and exciting to watch.


What colors are rosellas?

There are many species and subspecies of rosellas and they all have different colors.

Rosellas are known for their brightly colored feathers, which can be blue, green, or red.

Some rosellas also have black markings on their heads and wings.


How many different species of rosella are there?

Rosellas are in a genus that consists of 6 species and 19 sub-species. 

The most common are the Western Rosella, Crimson Rosella, Green Rosella, Pale-Headed Rosella, Eastern Rosella and Northern Rosella.


How hard is it to tame a rosella?

It shouldn’t be too hard to tame a rosella, they have been known to be aggressive when in captivity. 

One problem you may have when trying to tame a rosella is that rosellas can be shy and it may take some time before they come to trust you.

They are social birds but as already mentioned, it may take a while before they come to warm to you and trust that you won’t hurt them.


Can you train a rosella?

A lot of people believe that rosellas can’t be trained, however the opposite is true.

Rosellas can be trained to do a wide variety of tricks.

One of the best ways to train a rosella is by using positive reinforcement. 


What is positive reinforcement? 

Positive reinforcement is when you reward your bird for good behavior with lots of treats and praise. 


Make sure you keep the training short and fun so the rosella doesn’t get bored or frustrated.

If you are consistent with your training, your rosella will soon learn how to behave in a way that pleases you.

Training a rosella can be a fun and rewarding experience for you and your bird.


Are rosellas good pets?

One thing to take into consideration is whether rosellas are noisy or not.

This could be a major factor when deciding if you want to get a rosella as a pet.

Well the answer is kind of.

They can be noisy.

Not as noisy as like a cockatoo, but pretty noisy.

Noisy or not, rosellas are beautiful birds.

They are also known for their loud, chatter-like calls.

While some people may find the noise annoying, others find it charming.


How long can rosellas live?

Rosellas usually live between 15 – 20 years although there are some that have been known to live longer.

Rosellas in captivity will generally live longer than rosellas in the wild because they are protected from any dangers and the elements.


Are rosellas expensive?

The initial cost of a rosella can be between $300 and $600.

This is just the cost of adopting the parrot.

Then you have additional costs on top, like the cage, food, vets bills and toys to name just a few extras.

$300 to $600 may seem expensive but it is actually reasonable compared to the cost of other species of parrot and can you put a price on love?

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Are rosellas a one person bird?

Rosellas can be very devoted birds and mostly need a lot of one on one time.

They can be quite skittish when around unfamiliar people but this can be overcome over time.


Are rosellas good with children?

Rosellas are mainly a one-person bird and loyal to them.

They are also very shy so I would say they may be good with children, but the children and the bird would need to be supervised, ideally by the bird’s owner.


In conclusion then, rosellas make great pets for those who have the time and patience to train them.

You should probably think about you as a person and your individual circumstances like have I got enough time for a Rosella.

Do I have the patience and the time to love this bird and have a relationship with it? 

They are very social birds and enjoy interacting with their human companions.

Although they can be loud, they are a joy to own and are sure to bring happiness into any home.


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