Are Parrots Legal In New York?

Parrots are incredible creatures for people to consider adopting since they add so much to any person’s life.

Whether it’s a family that wants to add a fun pet to their life or just a single individual looking for a best friend, parrots can fit in just about any living mold.

Still, there are a lot of questions related to parrots being legal where you live.

With this in mind, are parrots legal in New York?

To answer this question…yes, parrots are legal to own in New York, resulting in many New Yorkers to look at where the closest parrot breeder or pet shop is to them. Keep in mind, not every parrot is legal to own in the state without special licensing, while some parrots are entirely illegal. It also varies depending on which city you live in.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in learning more about parrots and if they’re legal in New York or not, look no further.

Down below will take an in-depth at whether or not parrots are legal to own in New York, if they’re legal to breed in New York, if you need a license, and much more.

By the end of it, you’ll have a good idea about a multitude of information related to parrots and their legality.

Let’s get started!

Are parrots legal to own in New York?

As we discussed already about parrots being legal in New York, the same rules apply to actually owning a parrot.

For example, if you were to look for a straightforward parrot species that doesn’t require anything special to it, you can adopt one very easily without any extra paperwork attached to the matter.

On the other hand, more exotic and rarer parrots will require some additional information from you.

This also varies depending on where you live in the state since larger cities typically have stricter rules than more rural areas.

Either way, you should be fine with caring for a parrot of your own.

Are parrots legal to breed in New York?

Since parrots are legal in the state of New York, you more than likely want to know if you can breed them or not.

As you can imagine, any time someone wants to become an official breeder, there is a level of paperwork and requirements for you to do so.

Having two of your parrots randomly breed is one thing, but setting up shop to put parrots up for adoption is another.

So, to answer this, yes, parrots are legal to breed in New York. Even though most of you aren’t too worried about becoming breeders yourself, it’s still nice to know that breeding is legal.

It allows for a better system for parrots to thrive in while expanding the population in a healthy manner.

Do you need a license to own a parrot in New York?

Although there are certain licenses to own certain rare parrot species, the primary license in New York has to do with breeding.

The breeding license usually requires a background check of who you are and a $100 investment to become a breeder.

That license lasts five years where you can apply for a new one once the time is up.

Keep in mind, there might be certain licenses you need depending on where you live in the state since there is such a wide range of laws that vary from city to city.

Either way, be aware of what a license is for parrots, why you might need one, and if you don’t need one at all.

Are Quaker Parrots legal in New York?

Believe it or not, Quaker Parrots are illegal in several U.S. states due to how fast they multiply and breed.

The states where they’re illegal regard them as an environmental hazard, meaning people don’t have the proper tools and ability to care for them properly. Thus, why they’re illegal.

As for their legality in New York, they’re entirely legal in the state, but every person or breeder that has a Quaker Parrot needs to band them.

A band means they have a tag so the state can keep track of them in case they breed too quickly or something of that nature.

Are African Greys legal in New York?

African Greys are some of the most intelligent and thoughtful parrots in the entire world, causing many people to inquire about adopting them.

However, since they’re such an expensive and valuable parrot to adopt, there are sometimes legal questions related to African Greys that not every parrot owner knows about.

However, African Greys are completely legal in New York, with there being plenty of breeding and pet store options for finding an African Grey.

Keep in mind, if you hope to adopt an African Grey, realize that’ll be a decent chunk of change since they’re such expensive parrots.

Are Cockatiels legal in New York?

Similar to African Greys, Cockatiels are some of the most sought-after parrots because of their natural kindness and lovingness that’s attached to the species.

If you’re wondering if Cockatiels are legal in New York, the answer is yes.

Be sure to look into a Cockatiel option sooner than later since they’re such magnificent creatures.

Are Lovebirds legal in New York?

Lovebirds are very common parrots for people to consider adopting since their natural small size and cuteness go a long way for having such a splendid parrot.

You’ll also be happy to know that Lovebirds are entirely in New York, with there being a wide range of options to find the perfect Lovebird for you.

Are Macaws legal in New York?

Macaws are very popular parrots for the reason that they’re so large and diverse compared to one another.

Macaws are also completely legal in New York, which is magnificent since Macaws are lovely creatures to be around.

Are Parakeets legal in New York?

Parakeets, or budgies as they are known overseas, are yet another parrot species that are incredibly popular for people to adopt because of their friendliness and easygoing personality.

Like you can expect with such a low-maintenance parrot, they’re entirely legal in New York.

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