Are Parrots Legal In Massachusetts?

Parrots are incredible creatures for not only their colorful appearance but for how intelligent and social they are.

As a result, more people have become interested in adopting a parrot of their own more than ever before.

Still, there are many questions related to whether or not someone can adopt a parrot where they live.

With this in mind, are parrots legal in Massachusetts?

To answer this question…yes, parrots are legal in Massachusetts. Although Massachusetts has an extensive ban on some exotic animals throughout its state, parrots are an exemption from the ban. Thus, if you hope to adopt a parrot of your own in the state of Massachusetts, you certainly can. Still, be mindful of any rules you might need to follow depending on the city or town you live in.

If you’re interested in learning more about parrots being legal in Massachusetts, look no further!

We’re going to discuss everything you’ll need to know about the subject.

We’ll discuss if parrots are legal to own, legal to breed, if you need a license, and much more.

By the end of it, you’ll have a wide range of information for you to analyze revolving around parrots and their legality.

Let’s take a look!

Are parrots legal to own in Massachusetts?

As you can already assume with the notion that parrots are legal in Massachusetts, they’re also legal to own in the state.

Keep in mind, there might be extra paperwork or rules you’ll need to follow depending on the parrot species you hope to adopt.

Still, for the most part, you should be fine with adopting a parrot of your own.

The best way to adopt a parrot is to either reach out to a friend who already has a parrot of their own for advice on where to go, or you can go online.

Seeing as just about every parrot option is online nowadays, you shouldn’t find any issue trying to find the perfect parrot for your living situation.

Are parrots legal to breed in Massachusetts?

Breeding and owning a parrot are two completely different subjects, with many wondering if it’s okay for a breeder to exist in Massachusetts.

If you’re one of these people that’s curious in that regard, realize that breeding and owning a parrot tend to go hand-in-hand.

Just understand that there are extra steps to become a parrot breeder.

There are different licenses for breeding, exporting, and importing any kind of bird, but if you only hope to breed parrots, there are specific licenses for that.

All you have to do is head to your local city council to find out more information about it.

They’ll be able to point you in the right direction on where you can begin in the process.

Do you need a license to own a parrot in Massachusetts?

Similar to many other states, needing a license heavily depends on what you hope to do with a parrot.

If you strictly plan to breed, obviously you’ll need to go through the process to obtain a breeding license.

If you hope to adopt a common parrot that doesn’t require anything extra, then you certainly don’t need to worry about a license.

Either way, be aware of any specific requirements that might be in place depending on where you live.

Seeing as every town and city varies in this regard, it’s just something to be mindful of while you search for a parrot.

Regardless, owning a parrot is a monumentally beneficial thing to do, so definitely don’t be afraid to dive deep into the matter.

Are Quaker Parrots legal in Massachusetts?

Quaker Parrots are some of the most polarizing parrots in the adoption world, largely because so many states have it illegal to adopt or breed a Quaker Parrot.

The reason isn’t that Quaker Parrots are evil, it’s because of how easy it is for them to breed, potentially causing an environmental hazard as a result.

Still, not every state has the same reaction toward the legal issues of a Quaker Parrot.

With the subject in mind, it’s completely legal to own and breed a Quaker Parrot without any restrictions.

Seeing as they’re such lovely creatures to raise, it’s nice to have the luxury to actually adopt one if you want to.

Are African Greys legal in Massachusetts?

African Greys are remarkably popular parrots for people to adopt for several reasons.

Those reasons include their communication ability, look, and just all-around high-intelligence.

Keep in mind, African Greys can be a bit high-maintenance, but this doesn’t take away from them being such great parrots.

Fortunately enough, African Greys are completely legal in Massachusetts, with there being a number of options for people to look into.

Depending on where you live, you might need special paperwork to formally own an African Grey, but try not to worry about it all that much.

Wherever you end up adopting an African Grey will walk you through the process.

Are Cockatiels legal in Massachusetts?

If you’ve become interested in adopting a parrot of your own, Cockatiels are more than likely on the top of your list.

These unbelievable and kind parrots add another layer of happiness to just about any person’s life.

As you can imagine, with them being so popular, they’re entirely legal in the state as well. If you’re a first-time parrot owner, definitely look into adopting a Cockatiel.

Are Conures legal in Massachusetts?

Conures are some of the most colorful and magnificent parrots a person can own.

Seeing as their such a versatile and broad species, you can find small or large Conures that vary with their requirements.

Regardless, Conures are entirely legal in Massachusetts, allowing potential parrot parents to adopt a Conure of their own.

Are Macaws legal in Massachusetts?

Macaws are typically looked at as being frightening parrots due to their large size.

This is an unfortunate pre-judgment since they’re actually some of the loveliest parrots a person can adopt.

Macaws are also legal in the state of Massachusetts, allowing you to seek out and adopt a Macaw if you live in the state.

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