Are Parrots Legal In India? (Answered!)

Parrots are some of the most interesting creatures that people can keep as pets, prompting many people to seek out and adopt a parrot.

Seeing as any parrot will add a layer of excitement to someone’s life, it’s nice to see how happy someone feels once they adopt a parrot.

Still, there is a lot of confusion related to the legality of owning a parrot.

With this in mind, are parrots legal in India?

To answer this question…no, parrots aren’t legal in India unless they’re an exotic or foreign parrot from another country. Any parrot that’s actually from the country is illegal for someone to cage and keep as a pet. This has been the case since 2003, after India enacted the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 as a way to stop the exploitation of animals in the country. However, this doesn’t stop people from being parrot owners.

The notion of owning a parrot in India can be confusing since the law isn’t enforced all that much with parrots.

The law is mainly focused on endangered birds and other animals that poachers try to get their hands on.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in learning more about parrots being illegal in India, you’re certainly in the right place.

We’re going to discuss if parrots are legal to own in the country, if they’re legal to breed, and if you need a license to own a parrot.

Let’s take a look!


Are parrots legal to own in India?

As touched upon earlier, any species that’s native to India is technically illegal to cage and keep as a pet.

Seeing as this law has been in effect since the 1970s, it doesn’t appear that it’ll change any time soon.

However, since so many people are interested in adopting a parrot of their own in the country, it’s entirely legal for adopt an exotic or foreign parrot.

As a result, many people have brought in parrots to breed and open up the market for parrot adoption in the country.

There are some rules and regulations attached to the matter, but there are certainly parrot owners in the country.

Like anywhere else, there are some points every parrot owner should be mindful of while raising a parrot.

For starters, make sure your parrot has more than enough room since parrots need quite a bit of room to move around in.

Second, always ensure your parrot has more than enough toys and is on a healthy diet.

Both of which will do wonders for the longevity of your parrot.

The last main point to highlight has to do with their cleanliness.

Seeing as parrots are fairly messy creatures, always take the time to clean up after them.


Are parrots legal to breed in India?

As you can imagine with a country that has such strict laws about native species, the same rules apply to breeding those species.

Although breeding isn’t technically outlawed, you need a license and the proper paperwork to breed parrots legally.

Breeding is most commonly done for foreign parrots since these are the parrots that people are allowed to adopt.

There is another group of people who seek out and breed Indian parrots as well to help with their population levels, but that’s very rare.

Either way, make sure you take the time necessary to see that whatever you’re doing is legal.

If caught, you can potentially face jail time or a hefty fine, which should always be avoided.


Do you need a license to own a parrot in India?

Seeing as India has fairly strict rules for exotic animals as a whole, they typically enforce license requirements for owning a parrot.

Although this isn’t the case with every animal, the license usually ties into the adoption of the parrot.

If you’re confused about the matter, the breeder or an avian vet will be able to point you in the right direction.

Whatever the case might be, definitely check online to see what you can do, since there’s an endless source of resources online for you to make a note of.

Also, keep in mind that local municipals don’t enforce parrot license laws as much as other exotic animal requirements.

Still, definitely make sure whatever you’re doing is legal.


Are Indian Ringnecks legal in India?

Are Parrots Legal In India?

Indian Ringnecks, also known as the Rose-Ringed Parakeet are some of the most extraordinary parrots in the entire world, causing many to wonder if they can adopt one in India.

Seeing as the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 makes it illegal to cage any native species, it’s technically illegal for people to own an Indian Ringneck in India.

However, this doesn’t stop some people from owning an Indian Ringneck since there are ways around the process.

It’s a bit difficult to totally figure out how to do it, but if you absolutely insist on owning an Indian Ringneck, a breeder or avian vet should be able to point you in the right direction on what to do.


Are Quaker Parrots legal in India?

Quaker Parrots, also known as Monk Parakeets, have an odd reputation attached to them, where many people wonder about the legality surrounding them.

Although Quaker Parrots are illegal to own in some countries due to their breeding habits, there isn’t any law that outlaws Quaker Parrots in India.


Are African Greys legal in India?

As far as popular parrot species are concerned, African Grey parrots are certainly on the top of this list.

African Greys are incredible creatures that are filled with personality and everything there is to love about a parrot.

African Greys are also technically legal in India, but many activist groups shame against people adopting them in India since it’s a challenge to bring them over to the country.


Are Cockatiels legal in India?

Are Parrots Legal In India?

If you’re a first-time parrot owner, you more than likely know that Cockatiels are some of the most popular parrots for first-time parrot owners.

These parrots are extraordinary creatures that are filled with personality while being extremely easy-going.

They’re also completely legal in India, making them an exceedingly popular parrot for people to adopt in the country.

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