Are Parrots Exotic Animals? (Find Out!)

With their flamboyant colors and intriguing linguistic talents, parrots remind us of Caribbean pirates and tropical jungles.

This makes me wonder, are parrots really as exotic as pop culture leads me to imagine?

Yes, parrots are considered exotic animals. Although they are popular and loveable companions, pet parrots behave very similarly to wild parrots, which makes them exotic pets.

This article will explain what an exotic animal is, and what makes parrots an exotic pet.

We’ll also delve into the rarest, most expensive and best pets you can find in the world of exotic animals.


What is an exotic pet?

We’ll start this article by defining precisely what an “exotic” pet is.

An animal that is relatively rare or unusual to keep as a pet, or is more commonly seen as a wild animal, would be considered an exotic pet.

There are a few ways to identify whether an animal is exotic or not.

Exotic animals exist in their current state in the wild, meaning they are not domesticated.

They are also prone to “wild” or unpredictable behaviors, and might be considered potentially dangerous.

Finally, exotic animals are seen as uncommon or “alternative” compared to less exotic pets.


What animals are not exotic?

Exotic pets exist in contrast to domesticated pets.

Domesticated pets include genetically “tame” animals, meaning they just happen to have characteristics that suit a life alongside people.

However, there are also domestic pets that have been selectively bred by humans to make them friendlier and happier in captivity, such as man’s best friend, the dog!


What animals are considered exotic?

Humans are weird, and there are examples of us trying to make friends with all sorts of animals that you could consider exotic.

Hedgehogs, lizards, marsupials such as wallabies, wild species of cats and dogs, primates, snakes, birds of prey, and of course, parrots are just a few examples of exotic pets!


Why are parrots exotic pets?

While parrots are very popular as pets, they are still classed as exotic animals.

Their natural wild instincts, like screaming and sometimes biting, are very much intact.

This means that your pet parrot can be high maintenance, and require a lot of specific care.

When handled properly, parrots can of course be affectionate and beautiful feathered friends to their humans.


What are the most exotic parrots?

With such an array of fantastically colorful parrots to choose from, some experienced parrot owners may wish to travel even further into the jungle of exotic animals.

If you want an even more stunning bird to flaunt, here are some suggestions!

The Black Palm Cockatoo is a large bird crowned by an eye-catching, smoky gray crest.

However, they aren’t the friendliest, so are best suited to experienced owners looking for a challenge.

The Golden Conure certainly lives up to its name, with striking golden feathers covering its body, apart from its regal, emerald-green wings.

The reason these birds are so hard to come by is, unfortunately, because they have become endangered in the wild, and sales are strictly regulated.

The Australian King Parrot is about as exotic as they get, in fact, it’s the only parrot species in the world with an entirely redhead!

Not only this, but with the right care, they can form close bonds with their owners.


What is the rarest parrot?

Parrots are loveable and interesting for many reasons, their bright colors, intelligence, and their ability to copy human words make them highly coveted and desirable pets.

In some cases, the deforestation of parrots’ mesmerizing habitats, mostly tropical forests, is causing these birds to become endangered.

The rarest parrot in the world is the Glaucous Macaw, which may even be extinct in the wild.

Scientists estimate that there are less than 50 Glaucous Macaws living in the wild today.

However, nobody has actually seen a Glaucous Macaw in the wild since the 1960s, over 50 years ago!

It’s safe to say then, that this makes the Glaucous Macaw the world’s rarest parrot.


What is the most expensive exotic animal?

The business savvy among parrot lovers will know that the rarer a bird is, the more expensive it will be.

These are some of the most expensive parrots to buy!

The Hyacinth Macaw is a huge parrot, with a wingspan of up to 40 inches!

These attractive, bright blue birds have yellow rings around their eyes and either side of their strong, black beaks.

They’re certainly not for the smaller homeowner, and they come with a price tag to match their impressive wingspan.

The Hyacinth Macaw can sell for $11,500 USD!

The Black Palm Cockatoo is one of the most exotic parrots you can own, and they’re also the most expensive!

These birds are rare, large, have long lifespans of up to 90 years in captivity, and have a unique diet of native Australian fruits and nuts.

These features all bump up the value of these parrots, and can make them expensive to care for too.

Your own Black Palm Cockatoo will cost $16,000 USD!


What is the best exotic bird to own?

Parrots are a huge and variable group of birds, and the best pet parrot for you will depend on your home and lifestyle.

That said, there are some parrots that tend to be better suited to the first-time owner than others.

Here are two parrots to consider if you are new to the exotic animal world!

The Budgerigar is the preferred first-time bird of many parrot parents.

There are several advantages to these little parrots, including their small size of between 30 and 40 grams.

They are also very affordable; some Budgies can be bought for under $20 USD!

Cockatiels are also an easy and affordable option as a first exotic pet.

They are easy to train and tend to sing and whistle rather than scream, making them relatively low-demand exotic pets!


Final thoughts

The allure of exotic animals comes from their rarity and their tendency towards natural, wild behaviour.

Parrots are a great example of exotic animals which can adapt well to life as pets.

This article has covered the difference between exotic and domestic animals, and has explored the rarest, most expensive, and easiest parrots and exotic birds we can bring into our homes.

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