Are Parrots Edible? (Answered!)

Most pet owners develop a close, personal connection with their animals and would never think of eating them, right?

You’ve heard the saying, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!”

Some people, not necessarily pet owners, do actually eat all types of meat, including horse, lizard, and even parrot.

So with that in mind, are parrots edible?

Parrot meat is edible, although it is not commonly consumed, especially in developed countries. This is because all but four species of parrots are protected under the CITES agreement, with many countries having their own rules. As a result, domestic parrots are mainly kept as pets, although people hunt wild parrots for meat in places like the Amazon rainforest.

With over 350 different types of parrots throughout the world, it is no surprise that a hunter saw one with their bright colors and thought to himself, ‘look, dinner.’

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about consuming parrot meat of all kinds, including if you can eat raw parrot meat, what it tastes like, and the legal rules surrounding the consumption of parrot meat.

Let’s not waste another minute!

Can you eat raw parrot meat?

In a survival situation with no option other than starvation, sure.

Typically, you will want to cook most types of meat thoroughly to kill any parasites or bacteria before consuming.

You will also want to prepare the meat in the most sanitary conditions possible, depending on your situation.

Although eating raw parrot meat is not recommended, a person could do it to stay alive in an emergency.


What does parrot meat taste like?

It will depend on the type of parrot and their diet throughout their lifetime, but most people say the taste of parrot meat is similar to chicken.

This is not surprising, considering they are both parts of the bird family and are relatively similar in terms of physical qualities.

Other factors that could affect the taste of parrot meat would be the size of the bird, the overall health of the parrot while alive, and how it is prepared for consumption.


Can you eat any kind of parrot?

Yes, you can eat any type of parrot species as long as it is properly prepared and free from any parasites or diseases.

Although this is not common in developed countries, some native people in the Amazon hunt wild parrots for food.

As mentioned, you might notice a difference in taste between different breeds of parrots.


How do you cook parrot meat?

Parrot meat, just like all other meats, can be broiled, stewed, roasted, cooked over a fire, or prepared by any other contemporary meat preparation method.

It does not matter what cooking method is used as long as it is prepared in a sanitary condition and cooked fully.

Some other popular ways to prepare parrot is by marinating it and using a smoker or a crock pot.


Are there parts of the parrot you can’t eat?

Other than the beak, feathers, bones, and organs, the parrot meat should be cooked thoroughly before being consumed.

To use different parts, such as the bones, you might consider soaking the carcass in broth and making parrot soup.

Other leftovers, such as the organs, can be prepared and consumed at your discretion.

For example, it is typical that butchers will save the heart, liver, gizzard, and kidneys of birds for consumption and discard the rest.


Is it uncivilized for people to eat parrots?

The idea that it is ‘uncivilized’ to eat parrot meat most likely comes from cultural norms, particularly in developed countries.

Since there aren’t wild parrots everywhere and it is not a main source of meat proteins like chicken or beef, it is often labeled as ‘strange,’ ‘exotic,’ or ‘uncivilized’ to eat parrot meat.

It is not ‘uncivilized’ to eat parrot meat, just uncommon.


Is it illegal to hunt and eat parrots?

Guidelines will vary from country to country.

For example, CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) regulates the over-exploitation of all but four species of parrots by setting controls on international trade.

The United States has the U.S. Wild Bird Conservation Act (WBCA), and Canada has the Migratory Birds Convention Act.

Then there are places like China, where there is currently a ban on eating any wild animals at all.

Places like the Amazon rainforest where people still hunt and eat parrots, especially if they are a nuisance to their crops.

Ultimately, if you are looking to hunt parrots to consume, we recommend checking with your local wildlife division first.


Can you eat parrot eggs?

Yes, you can eat parrot eggs, but most parrot breeds only produce a few tiny eggs at a time.

For example, budgies lay one egg at a time in a day and then need a day or two before producing another egg.

This process means it could take a budgie up to two weeks to lay 6-8 tiny eggs.

Parrots lay eggs even less often, so if you get a parrot to consume their eggs, you will only be having an omelet on special occasions.

Parrot eggs are safe to consume as long as the egg is fresh and properly cooked before eating.


How do you cook parrot eggs?

You can prepare parrot eggs precisely as you would a chicken egg.

Popular cooking methods include boiling, frying, poaching, or making an omelet.

Keep in mind since parrot eggs are smaller, you will need more eggs to get the same effect as if you were eating a chicken egg.

Typically 3-5 parrot eggs will be the same as one chicken egg.

For smaller breeds like budgies you would need more like 6-8 eggs to get the same amount as one chicken egg.

These numbers will vary based on how often your parrot produces eggs, how big they are, and the environment the parrot lives in.

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