Are Christmas Trees Toxic To Parrots?

The winter holidays are probably the best time of the year for all of us, the snow, the cold, shopping for gifts, groceries, cleaning, preparing for the guests, and so many things.

But this also means a lack of adequate time to attend to other matters.

It is easy to get caught in the festive whirlwind and forget about our feathery companion.

However, with his developed senses, like curiosity, your parrot is aware of all the commotions.

So you take him out if the cage to be with the family, allow him to fly around the Christmas tree.

After all, parrots love trees!

But should you be worried?

Generally speaking, Christmas trees are not toxic to parrot. But your concerns should not end here. Some trees are usually sprayed with preserving agents and insecticide, which could be toxic. So, before buying a Christmas tree, make sure you find out if it was sprayed by any chemicals. Pine and spruce branches are typically safe for parrots.

There are a lot of other things you should worry about apart from the toxicity of the Christmas tree.

For instance, the sap that the tree produces could stick to your parrot’s feathers and cause a mess, prevent your bird from flying properly.

Also, the tree could topple and bury your bird beneath, or your bird may be tempted to nibble on it, leading to a choking hazard.


What are the dangers of natural Christmas trees to parrots?

Besides the pesticides and sap that oozes out from the bark, real Christmas trees come with other sets of risks including:

Allergies; the tree can trigger severe flare-ups with allergies in you and your parrot.

Mold is another serious issue of concern.

Live trees are prone to mold infections, which can affect your parrot.

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Are Artificial Christmas trees safe for parrots?

Artificial Christmas trees are generally safe for bird pets, but you should be cautious as your parrot may attempt to eat the fake thorns, which could result in choking risk.

Fake Christmas trees or artificial Christmas trees may also contain some levels of chemicals such as polyvinyl chloride, flame retardants that can increase the risk of developing cancer, as well as lead and other heavy metals.

It seems the best way to go is just to march into the wildness and chop down your own Christmas tree.

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What else should I be worried about?

Many things go on during the Christmas period and it is not easy to keep a tab of everything in your home.

But when you have a parrot, it is your responsibility to make sure he is safe even amidst the chaos.

Be careful of the ornaments, baubles, and lights, as your parrot may try to chew on them, which could lead to him getting hurt.

So be on the safe, make sure you know where he is all the time.

Other sources of risks include loose cable and strings.


Are Christmas tree decorations a risk to parrots?

We all know the Christmas tree is not complete with some fake snow, glitters, and other decorative; however, this can be harmful to your parrot.

Beware of the Christmas lights and these other decorations as they may break and become a risk to your bird due to sharp edges as well as electricity connection.

If it is possible, you should keep your parrot far away from your Christmas tree as possible, for the good of the bird and also the tree.


Christmas plants and flowers

It is common to have some pretty flowers and plants around the house during Christmas time.

However, you need to be careful about which kind of plants and flowers you decorate your house with because plants like holly, ivy, and poinsettia can be toxic to parrots. Others include yew, mistletoe, and chrysanthemum.

If you want to decorate your home with these plants, the make sure your bird is caged.

But the best thing is to just avoid them altogether.


Room scents and lit candles

Room scents and perfumes make our home smell warm and inviting.

However, for the parrot, these fragrances may affect their sensitive respiratory system.

Some varieties of fragrances can cause breathing difficulties in your parrot.

Burnt candles also release toxic fumes that can be hazardous to your parrot.

If you must use lit candles in your home during Christmas, then you should go for beeswax.



Christmas is also a great period to catch up with family and lost friends and socialize with neighbors.

However, this could have a detrimental effect on your parrot.

The noise and a lot of people suddenly in the house could lead to your bird becoming distressed.

Parrots like a stable environment and any sudden shift will sure upset them, leading to habits such as feather plucking or screaming.


Open doors and windows

When you have got people coming over for Christmas and going to open the doors and windows, make sure your parrot is far away.

Also, ensure your open windows are covered with mesh or blinds.


Is there a safe Christmas tree?

Rest easy, you can still have a Christmas tree that you and your parrot can enjoy.

You just need to understand what to look for as well as how to limit exposure to toxins during the festive season.

Artificial trees are the nearest thing you can get to a safe Christmas tree because they are normally built with extreme quality options and more eco-friendly materials.

You can also have potted Christmas trees, which can be found at farmers’ markets, tree farms, and gardening centers.

But if you are still worried about the well-being of your parrot, you can create your own nontoxic Christmas tree at home.

This way, you have peace of mind throughout the festive season.

Some of the genius ideas for safe Christmas trees for parrots include:


Paper Christmas tree

If you have some rolls of wrapping paper lying around in your house, you can use it to create your own non-toxic Christmas tree.

Attach one roll to an open wall and draw a colorful tree on it!


Bookshelf Christmas tree

This also gives you a chance to rearrange that bookshelf wall you have been meaning to the whole year.


PVC Pipe Christmas tree

This tree will give you the feeling of a real Christmas tree.

The Christmas holiday usually comes with a lot of turmoil.

If you are a parrot owner, it is easy to forget its well-being.

Christmas trees are generally safe for parrots but you need to find out if the trees were sprayed with any insecticides or preserves chemicals.

Remember that your parrot can still get hurt from a Christmas tree and it wouldn’t be because of toxic chemicals.

The tree can topple and bury your parrot or the sap can stick on his feathers.

It seems even the safest Christmas tree may hurt your bird if you are not careful, so make sure your parrot is far away from the Christmas tree as possible during the holiday periods.

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