Are Amazon Parrots Good For Beginners? (Answered!)

All my friends and family know that I absolutely love parrots, and because of that they often ask me for advice about their own bird parenting journeys.

The most common question I get is what type of parrot would be best for a first-time owner?

When people think of parrots they often think of beautiful colors, lively personalities, and high intelligence.

After doing some research people ask me about the Amazon parrot, one of the most beautiful and lively birds out there.

However, they are also relatively large and boisterous.

Let’s look at the different aspects of owning an Amazon.

Are Amazon parrots good for beginners?

Yes, Amazon parrots can be a great fit for beginners! However, you must do lots of research to make sure that an Amazon will be a good fit for your lifestyle. Amazon parrots are very sociable and outgoing. They love to play and receive attention. On the other hand, Amazon’s are medium to large in size with a strong bite that can intimidate beginner bird handlers, leading to larger behavior problems.

It is also worth taking into account life span.

Amazon parrots live for about 60 years, but some even up to 80!

It is truly a lifelong commitment to bring one into your family, even if you adopt an adult.

This bird could be a lifelong partner for you and maybe even your children.

One should also consider their environment, including children and other pets.

Amazon parrots have larger than life personalities and can become dangerous if not handled properly.

Children or other pets like dogs may be too high energy to keep around your Amazon, so the safety of your family and other pets should also be taken into account.


What is an Amazon parrot’s personality like?

Amazon parrots are well known for being the center of attention, the light of any room that they’re in.

They play a lot and are very high energy.

They love to swing on toys, tear things apart, and play with their owners.

Amazon parrots are relatively easy to train, thanks to this outgoing personality.

They love to learn and spend time with their owners.

However, for a new trainer their size and dominant personality can present challenges.

This high energy personality can be both a pro and a con for new owners.

On the plus side, it means that your bird will be very outgoing and will love to interact and work with you.

On the downside, they may play too hard, injuring and intimidating their owner.

Amazon parrots are also known for having very expressive body language.

For a new owner willing to put in the hard work, this can be a major plus.

Clear body language, like pinned eyes, raised feathers, or a broad stance can tell you a lot about how your bird is feeling.


How loud are Amazon parrots?

Amazon parrots are excellent talkers, making them a very popular choice for bird owners.

They are great singers and will repeat a melody and even can learn to imitate words and sounds.

This noisiness is another personality trait to consider.

While their energetic love of chatting and singing can be charming,

Amazons can also be loud screamers or make other noises when happy and upset.

Is the high energy and noise something you will be able to tolerate?

Do you live in a place where you can have a loud bird?

It is important to consider all aspects of an Amazon’s personality before deciding to bring one into your family.

Happy or sad, upset or playful, you can always be sure that your Amazon will be full of life and noise.


Are Amazon parrots aggressive?

Amazon parrots are not inherently aggressive, but like any other bird they can show aggressive behaviors when stressed or if their body language isn’t respected.

If they get a little too carried away during playtime even the sweetest Amazon could nip.

A negative side of Amazon’s confident energy is that they can become dominant.

These are very smart birds, and they will learn how to get responses from their owners just as we train them.

This dynamic can be especially hard for beginner handlers to understand.

You must learn to recognize if your bird is training you, rather than the other way around.

Good training is vital to stopping aggression before it starts.


Amazons are also known for going through a phase of hormonal aggression.

Between 5- and 12-years old Amazons get more aggressive, a little like a teenager.

Aggression can also resurface during mating season.

Males are especially likely to experience this change in behavior, and their attacks will likely be more intense.

If hormonal aggression persists then see your vet, there are some medications that can balance out their hormones if really necessary.


How big is an Amazon parrot?

Amazons are considered medium- to large-sized parrots, depending on the type of bird.

An adult Amazon will likely measure about 10 to 20 inches (about 25-50 centimeters) in length from beak to tail.

Birds this size will require a lot of space.

A cage for an Amazon should be at minimum 36 inches wide and 48 inches tall, though larger is better.

The ideal environment would be an aviary, where they can safely fly free.

Amazons will also need play space outside of their cage, like a play gym, ladders, and rope to encourage exercise.

You will need to provide lots of toys both inside and outside the cage.


Do Amazons have any common health problems?

While Amazons will live about 60 years if kept in good health, there are a few issues to consider when choosing a parrot.

The most common health problem is obesity.

This is caused by poor eating habits, too many treats, and not enough exercise.

This risk is a main reason why Amazons need a large space to move about.

Because they are so high energy Amazons can also be prone to feather plucking and anxiety.

They must get enough physical and mental stimulation.

As the owner this would mean committing to lots of daily interactions.

While there’s no such thing as an “easy parrot” it is clear that Amazons will require a large commitment.

They are noisy, boisterous, loud, and require good training.

However, these traits are why many bird lovers are attracted to Amazons.

If you are ready to adjust your lifestyle and put in the work, an Amazon will make an excellent addition to the beginner bird owner’s family.

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