Are Alexandrine Parrots Loud? (Answered!)

A friend of mine lives in an apartment building, and has been looking into getting a parrot for a long time.

They’ve got experience with owning parrots, but they’ve never had one in this densely populated building before.

So, as you can expect, the big question on his mind has been about how much noise the parrot makes.

It can’t be so much that it bothers his neighbors.

He asked me about one particular species, the Alexandrine parrot, as he had heard they were quieter—so I decided to look into it.

So, are Alexandrine parrots loud?

No, Alexandrine parrots are comparatively quiet. All parrots make some amount of noise, but as parrots go, Alexandrine parrots are considered quieter than a lot of other common species. They do tend to make a lot of noise in the morning and afternoon, though, so prepare yourself for that.

The bottom line is that any parrot is a loud pet.

Vocalizing is part of how a parrot lives, and this will not be any different in your house.

Alexandrine parrots are considered much quieter than many species, but still louder than a lot of the quieter species.

Let’s look further into this.


Are Alexandrine parrots noisy?

It depends on how you look at it.

As parrots go, they’re really pretty quiet.

Some parrots will make loud noises all throughout the day, more or less relentlessly.

The noisiest parrots just don’t shut up, and they are very loud.

Alexandrine parrots are not this extreme.

They don’t generally spend the whole day making lots of noise, but will instead do a lot of vocalizing at a couple of times.

They make a lot of noise in the morning and in the afternoon.

Often, this is their flock call, which can be very loud.

It’s important to stress, though, that all parrots are noisy.

While Alexandrine parrots fall around the average and are not as noisy as the loudest parrots, they are still very noisy.

They won’t be a very good fit for you if you like peace and quiet throughout the whole day.

So, just be prepared for that.

A big question on a lot of people’s minds, though, is about when they make the most noise.

I can handle the noise during the day, for example, but what about at night?


Are Alexandrine parrots loud at night?

No, usually not. Again, their flock call can sometimes occur in the evening, but this shouldn’t go on all night.

It’s important to be sure that you are attending to all of their needs, though. Because they are flock birds in the wild, they will need a great deal of socialization from you.

If they don’t get this, they could become more vocal as they try to attract their flock back to them.

A happy, healthy Alexandrine parrot that has all of its needs met will be much less likely to make noise at night, so be sure that you are capable of meeting all their needs.

They can become restless very quickly, and one of the ways they will let you know about this is through vocalizing more than usual.

But the one thing that parrots are truly famous for is their ability to talk.

Do Alexandrines make good talkers?

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Do Alexandrine parrots talk?

Yes, they do! With a bit of training, Alexandrine parrots make excellent talkers, and are highly intelligent.

The best talkers among them can learn dozens of words and phrases, sometimes even stringing entire sentences together.

While, on their own, they’re not as likely to pick up as much actual speech, with training, they will talk loads.

If you just leave them to it, they will mimic some speech, but they’re just as likely to mimic the microwave going off, sirens, or a truck reversing.

Again, spend a good deal of time sitting with your parrot every day, and talking to it.

This is the first step in getting it to talk.

Then, start engaging positive reinforcement when it does talk.

Give it a treat or shower it with praise, and it will start associating talking with these things.

This will encourage it to speak more.


Why do Alexandrine parrots scream?

It depends what you mean by scream, really.

Often, the flock call is the one thing that people are not able to handle, and can indeed sound like a scream.

But it’s really, generally, nothing to worry about. Again, vocalizing is part of who parrots are.

If you think it is screaming excessively, the most likely issue is that it is bored.

It will scream to get your attention, probably to let you know it wants to play or just hang out.

It could be something simpler, like a lack of adequate food or not getting enough sleep.

Once you’ve eliminated all of these basic possibilities, you may want to speak to a vet if the behavior continues.


If peace and quiet are what you strive for in your life, then the simple fact is that any parrot is probably not the right choice of pet for you.

That said, if you can deal with noise but just not the noisiest of parrots, then an Alexandrine parrot could be a great choice of pet for you.

They make most of their noise during a couple of times of the day, and are a lot quieter for the rest of the day.

Still, though, all parrots are loud to some extent.

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