Are African Greys Loud? (Or Are They Quiet?)

There is no doubt that pets bring joy into our lives.

Even with the joy of being a pet owner, some frustrations will arise.

Taking care of a pet is like taking care of a child.

It is one of the most rewarding things you can do, but it also requires a lot of patience.

Learning about your parrot’s behavior will help you understand how to train them and how to deal with them.

Parrots are known for their talkative behavior and also for being quite loud.

Before getting a pet bird most pet owners want to know just how noisy they will be.

Are African Grey parrots louds?

Yes, African Grey parrots have a reputation for being loud. They are considered to be some of the most talkative birds. They generally don’t scream a lot, but they do constantly chatter. They can be really loud when they want to. African Greys are highly interactive birds, meaning they enjoy interacting with their environment and mimicking noises.

Keep reading to learn if African Greys scream a lot, why these parrots are loud, if they are louder than other parrots and how you can get your African Grey to be quieter.

Let’s get into it!

Do African Greys scream a lot?

While African Greys are highly talkative pets, they don’t don’t tend to scream as much as other species.

Even though they are quieter than other parrots, their shouting can get obnoxious over time.

The more they hear loud sounds and noises, the more they will imitate them. If you keep your African Grey in a loud environment, they are more likely to scream a lot.

African Greys are hereditarily prey creatures.

They have natural instincts despite having been domesticated for a long time.

These instincts contribute to their loud nature and their frequent screaming or shrieking.

African Greys will begin whistling, calling and even screeching early in the day and continue throughout.

You should prepare yourself for loud noises if you plan on getting an African Grey.


Why are African Greys loud?

Now that you know your parrot is loud in nature, you may wonder what causes this behavior.

The fact is there are many reasons that cause your African Grey to be extremely loud.

Your pet might start screeching because they are checking up on you.

If you have bonded with your parrot, they will constantly check in on you.

Whether you leave the room or just arrive home, they will begin to shout.

African Greys are affectionate pets and want to connect with you.

Birds typically don’t like being left alone so they will call out for attention.

Another reason they are so loud is because they are ready to eat.

They want food so they will try and communicate this to you by becoming louder.

Just like being hungry, they might call out if they are bored.

A lack of stimulation can lead to frustration.

When your bird is frustrated she will often become louder to get attention.

She might start shouting and screaming simply because she has nothing else to do.

So if you’ve left your African Grey alone for long periods of time and hear the shouting from the other room, it’s a good idea to go to your parrot and play with them or let them fly around.

Alternatively, your parrot might be feeling unhappy.

Perhaps they are not satisfied with their living conditions.

On the other hand, they may feel threatened by something, resulting in loud shouting.

Try to investigate why your bird is screaming to see if there is anything you can help them with to make them feel happier or more comfortable.


Are African Greys louder than other parrots?

Compared to other parrot breeds, African Greys are much quieter.

Even though they are some of the most efficient speakers, they typically don’t scream as much as other parrots.

Cockatoos are often considered the loudest parrot species.

They are extremely vocal and are known in the wild for their high-pitched chirping.

Macaws are another parrot considered to be quite noisy.

They generally use loud calls to stay in contact with their flocks.

So when a Macaw is kept in captivity, its noise levels can skyrocket.

Other parrots who make more noise than African Greys are Eclectus, Amazon, and Conure parrots.

Eclectus parrots are known for their distinctive call.

Eclectus parrots bring out their loud honks whenever they feel jealous or ignored.

Like African Greys, Amazon parrots are known for their amazing ability to speak.

With that being said, they are also well-known for their shrill screams.

Lastly, Conure parrots are small in stature but extremely loud nonetheless.

They are extremely vocal and not afraid to communicate their feelings through loud shrieking.

So even though African Greys are loud and have a tendency to shout, they are not the loudest parrot you can get.

Before deciding which parrot is perfect for you, do lots of research and consider which factors are most important to you.

If you can manage a certain level of loudness, then an African Grey is a good choice for you.


How can I get my African Grey to be quieter?

There are a few tactics that can help you deal with a screaming bird.

The most important tip for helping your parrot shout less is to avoid rewarding screaming behavior.

If you African Grey is shouting for attention, giving them a reward will encourage them to continue screaming.

If you want the screaming to stop do not reward them.

Similarly, you should not shout back at your bird to get them to stop.

Shouting back at your bird to shut up out of frustration is not a helpful response if you want them to stop.

If you shout back to your bird, they will view this as a signal that you are “calling” back to them when they call out to you, just like a member of their flock would.

This will only encourage your parrot to continue shouting for you.

One technique to help a screaming bird mellow out is to give her a bath.

Parrots generally become quiet following bathtime.

Just like humans enjoy a spa day for relaxing and winding down, parrots also enjoy bathing.

Spraying your pet with water gently can relax them, leading to quiet time afterwards.

Some parrots do get really loud and excited while bathing, but will generally mellow out during the time after being bathed.

Give your African Grey parrot a fun chew toy or treat to help keep them quiet.

Even though your bird could still scream with their mouth full, having a fun distraction can draw their attention and quiet them.

If they have something to focus on chewing, like a toy or snack, they will often become quiet because they are engaged.

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