Best Pet Insurance For Parrots

As parrot owners, we all understand the need to bring our parrot to a vet, especially whenever a health concern pops up in their life.

Considering parrots tend to have a never-ending list of health issues throughout their life, it’s always ideal for getting them the help they need whenever you can.

Still, like any other area in this modern age, pet insurance tends to be necessary to make sure you don’t spend a lot of money on medical bills for your parrot.

No matter how healthy your parrot might seem, you never know when a trip to the vet will require a decent chunk of change.

As a result, pet insurance has become a relatively broad subject for parrot owners to look into no matter where they live.

Of course, each and every country has different recommendations and preferences tied to pet insurance.

Still, with enough research, you’ll be able to pinpoint what pet insurance is best for your parrot.


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Down below will examine the best pet insurance for parrots in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Although these aren’t the only nations with parrot owners, it’s a good start to see what some of the best options are.

Let’s get started!


Best Pet Insurance for Parrots in the USA

Insurance, in general, tends to be somewhat complicated in the US, with most options being tied to a giant chain.

Generally speaking, there aren’t any local or smaller options in the US, meaning that parrot pet insurance is typically connected to a more massive conglomerate.

Still, this isn’t necessarily a negative as health insurance for any creature tends to be positive.

However, in the US, the process of pet insurance works differently than standard health insurance as it works as a reimbursement process instead of covering the initial cost.

For example, if you bring your parrot to the vet, you would pay the vet directly, with your pet insurance then refunding you the cost after the fact.

Vets never have to deal with pet insurance, making it a touch confusing to understand compared to standard health insurance.

Regardless, of this, let’s take a look at our favorite option for pet insurance in the US.



If you live in the United States, then you’re more than likely familiar with the endless slew of advertisements from Nationwide.

Besides being a massive insurance company, Nationwide offers virtually every type of insurance for people to utilize.

Aside from insurance meant for humans, Nationwide offers an Avian and Exotic Pet Plan covering accidents, illnesses, examinations, lab fees, prescriptions, X-rays, and hospitalizations.

The company offers very affordable rates perfect for any parrot owner in need of pet insurance, and more information can be found on their website.

Besides parrots, the plan includes coverage for amphibians, chameleons, chinchillas, ferrets, geckos, gerbils, goats, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, iguanas, lizards, mice, opossums, potbellied pigs, rats, rabbits, snakes, sugar gliders, tortoises, and turtles.

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Best Pet Insurance for Parrots in the UK

Pet insurance typically operates very similarly in the UK to how it is in the US but tends to help a bit more with costs upfront. Rather than a refund system that relies on you to pay for the initial cost, there is usually more options for helping you right away.

Plus, in the UK, there are plenty of options that’ll actually help you with the bills associated with the passing of your parrot. US pet insurance typically only covers a parrot during their lifetime and ignores everything after the fact.

This isn’t to say either generalization is better than the other, but it’s vital to note the differences for you to see how pet insurance operates in different places worldwide. Still, none of this matters unless it’s about the country you live in. Regardless of this, let’s take a look at our favorite option for parrot pet insurance in the UK.

Exotic Direct

Although there’s many more options pet insurance-wise in the UK, Exotic Direct is typically associated with being one of the best for the number of plans they offer. Rather than offer one plan for everyone to say yes or no to, Exotic Direct offers a number of plans for people to check out.

First off, the insurance company lists their most affordable option as being £4 per month. You can’t get much more affordable than that, but of course, this price has a limit on what it covers, meaning you can always upgrade your plan if applicable.

Aside from the plan variations, you can cover up to three parrots on a single plan, and there isn’t an age limit. Exotic Direct has been in business since 1996, and their exotic animal specialists constitute a significant reason why they’ve been around for over 25 years.

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Best Pet Insurance for Parrots in Australia

In Australia, most pet insurance options don’t offer anything that covers exotic animals, since the country has an abundance of exotic animals compared to the US and UK. Still, this isn’t to say there aren’t options for parrot owners to consider.

Of these options available, most of them pay in part for various vet visits and treatments for parrots. Plans vary from one another like anywhere else, but with enough of a close examination, you should be able to find one that’s suitable for your parrot.

It’s understandable why so many pet insurance companies are wary of covering exotic animals in a place like Australia, but there are options available in this realm. As long as you make sure the company is suitable for your parrot, you’ll be golden. With this in mind, let’s look at our option for the best pet insurance for parrots in Australia.



Similar to Exotic Direct in the UK, PetCover has a massive list of options for parrot owners to choose from, with some being significantly more affordable than others. Still, make sure you take a close look at their plans to ensure it’ll fit for you.

The company offers three main tiered plans: a value plan, a plus plan, and a premier plan. Like you can imagine, the best of the three are under the premier plan, but the value plan should work for some of you if you qualify.

Be sure to look at the cost and age requirements of your parrot to ensure you fit under the specific plan. For more information, don’t be afraid to reach out to the company directly as a way to see where you’ll fit with them.

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Pet Insurance Alternatives

Like you can imagine, some parrot owners and some people who care for a pet of any kind, don’t have any pet insurance. Since pet insurance isn’t a requirement for a pet owner to have, there has to be plenty of alternatives to this.

Of course, like any other area of concern, some alternatives might be more suitable for you if you dive a bit deeper. Whatever the case might be, make sure whatever you route you end going with is best for you and your parrot.

If you try to stick it out in one area, but it turns out to not be enough for a parrot, you might as well try something else. Regardless of this, here are a few common pet insurance alternatives for you to consider:

Pet Assure


Although Pet Assure doesn’t guarantee a particular degree of payment like standard pet insurance does, it’s a useful tool to get discounts on your bills. If you take great care of your parrot and they’re young, you might not have to worry about monthly pet insurance payments if you only go to the vet once a year.

Of course, it’s always better to be prepared than it is to flip a coin to see what happens, but Pet Assure is a useful safety net to consider if you can’t afford or don’t want to waste money on pet insurance for the time being.

Pet Assure only takes a couple of minutes to sign up and guarantees you discounts on specific medical bills for your parrot. Plus, there isn’t a waiting period or deductibles, allowing you to check it out instantly.

Click here to sign up to Pet Assure

Savings Bank Account For Your Parrot

For an older school of thought, consider having a second bank account designated solely for saving money for your parrot. Obviously, this is only really an option if you have the funds to do so, but saving money is always a good idea, no matter the purpose of it.

Plus, if you only have to bring your parrot to the vet once a year or so, your costs associated with them typically won’t be too crazy.

Vets understand that not every person has pet insurance, so they try not to charge a crazy amount for a simple visit.

Obviously, this heavily depends on your vet, but definitely consider having a savings account for your parrot.

At the very least, you can save money to buy them new toys or treats in the future.

Plus, having a good amount of money stored away can give you peace of mind in case a significant vet bill comes up with your parrot.

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